Chapter 72 To get love with gratitude

Karin stares at the tip of the shoes. After a while, she looks up and says, “Barry, we have broken up. It’s not a matter of anger. We are not well matched.”

“Why are we not matched? Do you think that you are well matched with Charlie?” Barry sneers, “Don’t dream anymore, to repeat the mistake of your grandmother.”

There is a shock in her heart, this is the second time that someone mentions her grandma in front of her.

Everyone seems to think her grandma is a bad example, but she only remembers what someone says, “The same encounter does not mean the same fate.”

“It has nothing to do with him. You think too much.”

“Why is that? Just because I almost accepted his check last night?”

“I said, we are not matched.”

“If we are not matched, how can we start the relationship? I really regret having sent you abroad to study!”

Speaking of studying abroad, Karin should be grateful to Barry. If he hasn’t sponsored her, her father wouldn’t let his daughter to study abroad.

It is that he has never dreamed that one day he would push his girlfriend to someone else.

“Even if I don’t come to Zurich, it doesn’t mean we will come together.”

“But at least it won’t be the same as it is now!”

Barry is very emotional. He takes out his mobile phone, “Are you sure you want to break up? Okay, then I’ll call and tell your dad, believe it or not, he will fly over tomorrow?”

Karin stops quickly, “Calm down, my dad’s heart is not good!”

“I promised my uncle that I would definitely take you back. Since I can’t keep my promise, I can only tell him the truth.”

Realizing the problem is serious, she eases her voice, “Let’s find a place to talk about it.”

She finds a coffee shop and negotiates face to face with him. In fact, she has already thought of a way.

As long as the master’s application is approved, she can return home to confess to her parents. At that time, regardless of how Barry threatens her, she can ignore it.

“Karin, where’s your conscience. Who help you take care of your parents when were away these few years? Who is backing you behind?

Oh, now, he is already threatening her with his kindness to her parents.

“Yes, I know you’re good to my family, and I appreciate it.”

“I don’t need your gratitude. You are the one I love. I’m willing to do this, but I don’t do this for you breaking up with me.”

She grits her teeth and says unintentionally, “Okay, we can put the breakup aside, but you have to promise me one thing.”

Barry is overjoyed, so long as she doesn’t break up, let alone one, ten or one hundred, he would agree.

“No problem, you say it!”

“You go home first.”

The smile on his face suddenly cools, his eyebrows frown, and he says firmly, “To go back together, or to stay together.”

“I have to wait for a while, and I haven’t gotten the relevant certificates yet.”

“Then I’ll wait with you, I’ve waited for these years anyway. I don’t care about waiting a few more days.”

Barry doesn’t leave, in order to stabilize him, Karin steps back again, “Well then, but you have to promise me, don’t call my parents.”


In the evening, a few classmates gather together until the late at night.

Karin and Billie come out of the KTV, worrying that they couldn’t get a car at midnight, and a familiar figure comes into their views.

She shouts indeterminately, “Robert!”

Robert is about to sit in the car, and when he hears someone calling him, he turns in doubt, “Miss Karin?”

Pulling Billie excitedly over there, “Why are you here?”

“Oh, I’m here with Charlie to accompany two customers. How about you?”

“Our classmates have a gathering. By the way, can you take us back to school? It’s not easy to call a taxi here.”

“Okay, no problem.”

Robert opens the door, and the two quickly enter.

The car moves forward slowly, and Karin pretends to carelessly ask, “Is Charlie very busy these two days?”


“What is he doing?”

“You should be clear, right?”

Karin embarrassingly looks out of the window, “How can I know.”

“Don’t fool me, I’m Charlie’s confidant. I know everything about him.”

He knows the relationship between the two.

“Did you contact each other?” Seeing that she is silent, he asks.

“No, I have been very busy these two days.”

“What are you doing?”

“Applying for Master’s and Ph.D.”.

Robert turns his head in surprise, “Really? Does Charlie know?”

“He hasn’t known yet, I haven’t had time to tell him.”

“If he knows, he would be very happy.”

Billie pretends to be a lady for a long time, and this time she can’t help but interjects, “Don’t be happy too early.”

“Who is this?”

“She is my good friend, Billie.”

Robert glances casually from the reflector, “Why did Miss Billie make this statement?”

“Ask Karin,” she answers lazily.

Karin nudges her with her arm, “Nothing, don’t listen to her.”

“I am not talking nonsense.”

Billie raises an eyebrow, and tells everything out about Barry’s affairs.

After listening to this, Robert thinks deeply.

“I think you might as well get your boyfriend back first, and leave the application to Charlie. Isn’t he an investor in our school? He has the final say of this.”

Billie thinks the suggestions are very good.

“But it’s not an easy thing, though.” Robert is ambiguous.

“What do you mean?”

“Charlie is speeding up to resolve his relationship with Mia in the past two days. This matter has a relatively large impact. He has shocked several of his uncles. The situation is very stiff. If Charlie comes forward to resolve the application for Miss Karin, Milan must know this. At that time, she would ask her uncles to interfere into this, and the result would be conceivable.

Karin is silent. Billie asks inexplicably, “What will happen?”

“Charlie will have quarrels with his uncles for Miss Karin.”

“Is that so serious?”

Indeed, this result is quite unexpected even for Karin. Fortunately, she never thinks of relying on Charlie to help her with her degree.

“Don’t tell him this.”

She reminds solemnly and Robert nods.

It has long been thought that it would not be easy for two people to come together.

“Hey, who’s Mia? Can Charlie’s uncles support her all? Billie pulls the sleeve of Karin.

She shakes her head and snorts, “Don’t ask me, I don’t know.”

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