Chapter 71 Willing to gamble for you once

Charlie doesn’t answer her immediately, but approaches her and whispers, “Someone follows me, find a place to hide first.”

Karin is startled, her hands are clenched tightly by a big palm, and the two run on the dark streets of Zurich.

As soon as they run, the sound of catching footsteps really come from behind. She only believes that he is not kidding.

“No, I can’t run.”

The strength of a woman can’t be compared with that of a man. Charlie just gasps slightly, but she is out of breath.

Looking around, he says, “Come here.”

He pulls her into a small alley that could only accommodate two people.

The two face to face, and the alley is so dark that they can barely see each other’s faces, but can clearly feel each other’s breath.

A few dark shadows flash from their right. Karin holds her breath and her heartbeat is fast. If she remembers correctly, this is the third time that she has experienced life-and-death run with Charlie.

“Are they all gone?” She asks, lowering her voice.

“Almost, go out later, for fear they don’t go completely.”


Raising her chin slightly, she stares at the man in front of her with the bleak starlight. Despite the background of the two, it is still a big difference between Charlie and Barry.

A gust of wind rises and the weather tonight is very bad with signs of rain.

She cannot help but shakes a bit, Charlie immediately reaches out and hugs her in his arms.

“Are you mad at me?”


“Then I apologize to you.”

“Why apologize?” She pauses, “Admit that you did it on purpose tonight?”

“No intentional, but I don’t think it is wrong. At least, that check proves that your boyfriend’s character is not good.”

“What kind of person he is, even if you don’t use money to verify it, I know it well.”

With a sigh, she knows that the cruelest fate is that you have a bad boyfriend, but God also arranges a good man to seduce you from time to time.

“Since you know it, don’t feel wronged, okay? I can’t accept the fact that you stay with such a man.”

Charlie strengthens his hug. Originally, he thinks, he could let her go as long as she is happy. But to see Barry’s greediness tonight, he changes his mind. No matter what, he couldn’t let her go.

“Then who am I with that you can accept it?”

“What do you think?”

She knows it well, but she could only say, “Now, I have no other choices. My parents are the biggest concern in my heart. Only with their consent can I choose the way I want to go.”

Charlie is deeply lost, but he is surprised to hear, “But for you, I am willing to gamble once, with the happiness of my life.”

As soon as Karin’s remarks end, he leans down and kisses her lips. She apparently doesn’t expect him to be so anxious, subconsciously resists him, puts her hands on his chest, and at the same time pushes him a little harder. He remains motionless and still kisses her ruthlessly. First, he just kisses her lightly on her lips, and then slides into her mouth flexibly. The lingering kiss seems to last for a long time, and when she feels that she is about to suffocate and is about to be deprived of oxygen, he finally lets go of her.

“If you think that loving me is a bet, then I will never let you lose.”

This is the only promise Karin hears, the most beautiful one.

She tries to escape again and again, but approaches again and again. Until this moment, she realizes that she has been poisoned by Charlie, with his heart

In the darkness, the two hug each other tightly. The warmest thing in the world is the temperature of the lover.

Charlie sends her back to school. When they are going to set apart, she takes his arm and wants to say something.

“What happens?”

He asks softly.

“Can we not announce the relationship for the time being?”


“Because we all need to solve each other’s problems separately. The problem between Barry and I has not been resolved, neither you and Mia. I don’t want others to scold me behind my back that I interfere in other’s happiness…”

Her worries are not unreasonable. Charlie nods, “Okay, I listen to you.”

Back in the dormitory, Billie looks at her with her hands around her chest.

She unconsciously blushes and asks softly, “Why haven’t you slept?”

“To be honest, are you in a relationship with Charlie?”

She opens her eyes wide and asks how does she know.

“Don’t try to hide from me. I saw it.”

“What did you see?”

“Just at the school gate, he kissed you.”

“Why didn’t I see you?”

“Oh, you only have him in your eyes, of course you can’t see me.”


“So you admit it?”

She has to confess, “Well, yes.”

Billie stretches her arms excitedly, “Yeah, great.”

She smiles, “What is that great?”

“Of course I am happy that you can find true love. Don’t forget, I am your best sisters.”

Sighing sadly, she says, “It’s too early to be happy. I still don’t know whether my parents will accept him…”

“It’s not that serious. Whose parents don’t expect their daughter to be happy? Like my parents, they dream of me marrying a wealthy man.”

Karin shakes her head, “You don’t understand the situation in my family. I am the only child in my family. They won’t let me stay in a foreign country.”

“That’s easy. Will you just take them over?”

“That’s even more impossible. They won’t come.”

Billie asks, “What are you going to do?”

“I haven’t thought of a good solution for the time being, but I will work hard.”

The next day, Karin quietly prepares a MBA-DBA application and gives it to the school. She waits patiently for the result.

At noon, Barry calls her. She hesitates and presses to answer, “Karin, can you come out? I’m at your school gate.”

She hesitates for a while, and says, “Okay.”

After leaving the school gate, she sees Barry standing under the sycamore tree in the distance, and walks straight forward, asking, “Why?”

“I’m sorry for what happened last night.”

Barry apologizes as soon as she comes. His expression looks very tired, and he must have not slept all night.

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