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Who Is an Outsider?

A light flashes across Lily’s eyes. Looking at the scarf in the hand of Marina, the smile on her face is stiffened.

Is she too sensitive?

It’s the first day that Marina moves into this house, but what does she mean by introducing herself as Rex’s childhood sweetheart and gifting him a scarf.

If she really regards Rex as her brother, why does she ignore her brother’s wife?

The emotions that have been suppressed by Lily come alive again. She can’t see through Marina and this which makes her upset.

Rex seems to feel Lily’s emotions. He doesn’t put on the scarf; instead, he holds it at hands and studies it for a moment, and then thanks her in a calm voice, “Thank you. But since you’re in poor health, you’d better not do these works. You should have a good rest.”

Hearing his words, Lily gradually calms down and adjusts her attitude and emotions.

She glances at Rex with the corners of her eyes, thinking, “Humph, you’re fairly resolute in your stand.”

Marina is a little bit embarrassed. But she doesn’t insist on this thing, since she is clear that she is a new comer to the house, so she must not make Rex feel that she is obnoxious. Therefore, she must be patient. Anyway, she will have a long time, so she doesn’t needs to be too eager at present.

When they finally tidy up the rom, it is already late. So Rex and Lily come back to the master bedroom and prepare to have a rest.

With pajamas and clothes at hand, Lily walks into the bathroom to have a shower, while Rex is checking the documents in mobile phone in the bedroom. Since Marina is living in the house, he doesn’t need to stay at home all the time; otherwise, there might be some unnecessary troubles. Although he has said something to console Lily, he is clear that Marina has a special affection for him.

Therefore, he has to keep himself apart from her.

At this moment, a loud scream suddenly comes from outside the door. Rex frowns, puts away the phone, and walks outside with a few strides.

Obviously, Fanny also hears the scream. Following the sound, she walks upstairs to the second floor and knocks at the door of the guest bedroom, asking, “Miss Marina, are you okay?”

But the person inside doesn’t reply.

Worrying that there might be an accident, Rex quickly walks over, asking, “Marina?”

Still, no one replies. There is even not a trifling sound.

Rex’s heart sinks. He uses more strength on his waist and opens the door. But Fanny quickly pulls his arm, and says in a low voice, “Mr. Rex, Miss Marina is a lady. Let me take the lead to see what happens.”

In Fanny’s mind, maybe it is because she has a bad impression on Marina, or maybe it is because she likes Lily more, she thinks Marina is not that lovable. She should have kept silent on this thing, but when she thinks of Lily, she speaks out.

Rex is stunned for a moment, but he soon nods, saying, “Okay.”

In the bedroom, Marina stands in front of the bathroom. She didn’t hear their conversation. Seeing that the door is being opened slowly, she quickly shifts her sight and gazes at herself in the mirror. She only wears a big, white bath towel. It just covers her body from the armpits to the middle of the thighs, leaving other places naked. The hair she washed just now cascades over her shoulders with droplets falling down. Although she is skinny, she is still a woman, so she still has some charms.

Thinking that Rex will see her present appearance when he comes in, she fails to restrains herself and becomes excited and shy secretly.

With a cold wind from behind, the door is opened. Realizing that someone is waling over, Marina turns around with high expectations. But she freezes when she sees the person.

Fanny is also stunned for a moment when seeing her appearance. She thinks, luckily, it is she that walks into the room first, otherwise…

“Miss Marina, what happens?” When asking, Fanny shifts her sight from Marina out of courtesy. But such action makes Marina like a mawkish fool.

With her mouth tightened into a line, she looks at the direction behind Fanny. She knows that Rex is standing outside, but he doesn’t come in.

Marina secretly clenches her fists, pretends to be panic, and points at the bathroom, saying, “The water suddenly turned cold when I was taking a shower, so I was startled.”

Fanny nods, saying, “Let me check it for you.”

Fanny walks over the bathroom. She doesn’t take a glance at Marina, but when she passes her, she reminds her with a kind voice, “Miss Marina, please put on your clothes and don’t catch a cold. The weather is cool.”

She deliberately raised her voice when saying these words, so that Rex, who stands outside the door, can hear these and will not come in.

Marina originally intends to procrastinate for a while, but as Fanny says so blankly, she unwillingly finds cotton white pajamas from the closet and puts them on.

There is so much water on the ground of bathroom; some of it even splashes onto the ground of the bedroom. Fanny has rich life experience and figures out what happened with just a glance. It is just because Marina turns off the hot water valve that it suddenly flows out cold water.

However …

Fanny’s expression is a little bit strange. She turns on the hot water valve, walks out of the bathroom, and says to Marina with a smile, “Don’t worry, Miss Marina. It is just because the hot water valve is turned off, and I’ve turned it on again.

After saying these words, Fanny pretends to be wondering and murmurs to herself. “It’s really strange, I remember that the hot water valve is on…”

Marina secretly frowns and raises her hand to tuck the wet hair beside one ear, saying, “Oh, maybe I turned it off accidently. I don’t remember.”

Fanny thinks, “You were just flushed by cold water, why did you let out such a loud scream? It startled everyone in the house.”

But since she is a patient, who is always more sensitive than normal people, it is understandable.

Rex still stands in front of the door. When he is hesitating whether to come in or not, his left hand is grasped by a warm, soft hand.

He is stiffened, and turns around to see who it is. It’s Lily. Her face turns pink-and-white because of the water vapor in the bathroom. There is no pore in her skin, which seems to shine in the light. With an absorbent towel wrapping her hair, her face with handy size and a beautiful lantern jaw is unveiled.

“Finished?” Rex raises his hand and wipes the droplets falling down from the hair to the forehead.

“Yes.” Lily nods and peeks at the crack between the door and the frame, asking, “What happened?”

Fanny seems to hear her. She walks out of the bedroom and a true smile finally appears on her face when she sees Lily. She replies, “Mr. Rex, Miss Lily, it’s just a trivial thing. The hot water valve was accidently turned off when Miss Marina was taking a shower, so she was a little bit startled.”

Lily was taking shower just now, so she didn’t hear the scream. She ponders that he comes here to fix the water heater, so she doesn’t mind it. When she wants to take the hand of Rex and come back, Marina suddenly walks out.

“Rex…” Marina wants to say something, but stops on a second thought. She looks at Rex, and then takes a glance at Lily and Fanny. Her expression tells a sentence – “It’s inconvenient to say this to you, since here are two outsiders.”

Lily thinks that this is really funny. She slightly snorts, and says before Rex can react, “Since she wants to talk with you in person, I’ll not bother you and I’ll wait for you in the bedroom.

After finishing these words, she turns around without a little trace of reluctance. She just wants to sicken Marina and tells her she doesn’t care about it!

The man frowns, with his straight eyebrows come close to the middle. He sees Lily walking into the bedroom, and then looks at the face of Marina, asking, “Do you have any other matters?”

“Rex, why are you so impatient to me?” Marina’s eyes slightly turn red. She looks at him incredibly, asking, “Are you unwilling to let me live here? Then you can tell me and I will not come here. Lily is also cold to me, you…”

“Marina.” Rex interrupts her. His eyes are so dark that she can’t see through his mind. Then Rex adds, “Don’t think too much. We all welcome you.”

“I don’t want to bother you. But I just move here and it’s the first night that I live in this house, so I inevitably feel anxious, I…” She pauses, as if she is really helpless.

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