Chapter 188 Darling, You Are so Sensitive

Lily has no idea about what Rex has paid only for this meal. Seeing Rex insists on accompanying her to the cafeteria, she even refuses.

“They will eye on me if you come with me, how can I eat?” Others are earnestly trying to hide it, while he is dying to put her under the eyes.

Put it in the usual occasion, of course, it does not matter. But now, it’s in the company, being high-key might not be the best choice.

After thinking about it, Rex also seems to think that it is not very appropriate. However, this improperness is not afraid of others knowing, but he does not want others to be their third wheeler.

After thinking for a moment, he picks up the internal phone and unexpectedly calls the cafeteria directly, “Send some dishes to the president’s office.”

He hangs up in just one sentence. The person in charge of the cafeteria looks at the phone and is still out of spirit. Looking back at the caller ID, it really turns out to be…. the president’s office!!

For the first time in his life, he receives a phone call from the boss himself. Not to mention how excited he is, he immediately asks the chef to cook today’s dishes and sends it upstairs.

Six dishes, one soup, and one bowl of porridge are all eaten by the two of them. By looking at the steam yet fragrant dishes, although Han Yu’s cafeteria is not bad, Lily knows only by a glance that he has opened the small stove.

She usually eats so delicately, the emerald shrimp still has its green leaves as a garnish…

Rex hands the tableware to her, “Eat it.”

Lily takes over and deliberately teases him, “So what you mean by having lunch together, is just eating the cafeteria’s dishes?”

Rex slightly furrows his eyebrows, “If you don’t like it, I will let Joe order it next time.”

“Just kidding.” Lily purses her lips and chuckles. How can it impossible that she doesn’t like it? This meal is specially prepared by the canteen, it is better than the takeaway food.

With a ‘click’, the chopstick is put on the edge of the bowl, “Well, Lily. Now you start to make fun of me.”

Lily presses the smile on her lips and shakes her head seriously, “How can I.”

The man crosses his hand on his chest and looks at the woman who is eating little by little, his heart is softened up, “It doesn’t matter if you do it, as long as you don’t get mad by yourself, or just hide and cry.”

If teasing him will make her feel better, it does not matter.

Lily’s chin, that is chewing the rice, pauses, and then swallows it quickly, as if afraid that she will delay him, “Really?”


“Then I’ll discuss something with you.” She also puts down the spoon in her hand and adjusts her sitting posture so that she does not look casual.

Rex rarely sees her so serious and nods, “Say it.”

“Isn’t it just a month left before Chinese New Year? Look, I’m taking care of you and Marina lately. Shouldn’t you be more grateful?” While saying it, she looks at Rex’s expression. All kinds of explicit hints are not mentioned directly.

Rex understands once he heard it, but… he plays dumb and asks her, “What do you want to say?”

Lily tilts her head to look at him. When she hears this question, she clicks her tongue exasperatedly, “Stop playing dumb, you know what I mean, don’t you?”

“I know.” Rex laughs and looks at her in satisfaction, “But it depends on whether it’s business or personal matter.”

“Of course, it’s business.” Lily is tired of beating around the bush, and he will still pretend to be a fool. She simply acts recklessly and makes it clear, “Isn’t the New Year award is coming soon, I heard that it has been listed?”

Rex presses his smiling expression. After evading the subject under discussion, it is about the New Year award in the end.

He presses his smiling expression and nods solemnly, “Yes, It is listed.”

“How much is mine?” Lily’s eyes are about to pop up. This is her first time receiving such an award. Even though she has only joined the company not long ago, Crystal says that even the newcomers’ award is quite much.

“You want to know?”


Rex spreads his legs apart, with one arm lying across the back of the sofa, while the other points at his face, and turns his head to the side.

Lily is too familiar with this gesture. For the sake of the award… She grits her teeth and leans over, bluntly touching the side of his face, “Can you say it now?”

Rex gets up to walk to the desk and takes one of the documents out, then slightly flips over. After finding their group, he briefs through it and puts it back again.

Lily follows him, both hands on the table, and asks him while half-climbing, “How much is it?”

“Not much.” Rex shakes his head after finishing his speech, “To be precise, it’s pitifully less.”

“What?” The smile on her face goes stiff and she blinks in surprise, “I… did I get the least?”

“Yes.” Rex sees her disappointment and sadness as if she is going to cry. He then drags her onto his lap, “You keep on asking for leave and absence, it is good enough for you to get it.”

Well, it makes sense. Lately, she has been intermittently absent. How can she forget about this?

Lily originally thought that after taken care of a few cases, she will get some bonuses. However, she has forgotten that her low attendance is outrageous.

“Hmm, okay then.” Lily sighs for a long time, being blow away, “I suddenly lose the expectation of New Year.”

“Didn’t you still have something left from Tim’s family, how can you not survive?”

“That’s different.” Lily’s face is bitter, “I don’t want to spend that money for myself. I already give it to my parents.”

Now when it comes to divorce, as if a long time has passed, she has no more turmoil inside when thinking of Tim.

Rex could not bear to look at her low-spirit and comforts softly in her ear, “Chill, although the new-year award can’t be given more, I will still give you a red envelope.”

In the company, he is the boss and cannot do any favoritism. However, back in the house, he is just her man. He can do whatever he wants.

It is just a small new-year award, he will double it.

Lily is sad, “You don’t understand. The new-year award is a kind of recognition of us as an insignificant employee. Everyone hopes to get more. Besides money, there will be a sense of accomplishment.”

“Why, being my woman has no sense of accomplishment, huh?” he suddenly opens his mouth to bite her earlobe. Without much effort, he taps it with his teeth, “I’m more difficult to conquer than any job.”

Lily’s ears are more sensitive. She immediately freezes her body, as though there is an electric flowing across her body, making her whizzing. She quickly turns her head to the side, blushing by what he said just now, “Stop messing, we still have to work later!”

“Relax, lunch break is too short for me to use.” Rex does not let her ear go, and keep on sucking his mouth. In exchange, the woman on his arms shivers.

He laughs. With a husky voice, he says, “Darling, you’re so sensitive.”

“…” Lily blushes and pushes him, “Stop talking!”

“Why do you get so easy to be shy? I haven’t done anything and you are blushing just in two sentences?” he deliberately teases her, his breath is puffed on her white neck.

Lily is conservative and cannot hear such words in daylight, “You’re a hooligan!”

“I kiss my own woman, how can I be a hooligan?” Rex watches as her ears gradually blushing, and bites hard with some effort as if he’s punishing her, “Two faces.”

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