Chapter 187 The Meaning of a Diamond Ring

Lily is gloomy because of Marina’s attitude. On the way to the company, she looks out the window without saying a word. Rex knows that it is useless to soothe her. Thus, he lets her calm herself down.

The car drives into the company’s basement parking lot. At first, he thinks that their journey is enough for her to calm down. However, he does not expect that Lily unfastens her seatbelt and wants to leave.

Rex twists his brows and grabs her wrists, “You won’t even say goodbye?”

He could accept all her emotions, but he could not accept her ignorance of him.

Lily responds in an extremely perfunctory manner, “oh, bye.”

“….” The cerebral hemorrhage comes suddenly that Rex chokes the dilemma on his chest, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

Now, this little girl is brave enough, she even dares to oppose him.

Seeing that he does not speak, Lily also deliberately asks him, for fear that he is not sulky enough, “Can I go now?”

Rex slightly tilts his head and smiles; he does not expect that he also has this day. He then raises his hand in compromise and unlocks the car, “Work hard, let’s have lunch together.”

Lily opens the door and walks to the elevator without looking back. She has a valiant yet spirited posture, as if the words ‘I’m in a bad mood’ is lacked on her forehead.

Just as soon as she enters the elevator, she grimaces and stomps her feet in annoyance.

“Marina, Marina, Marina!” she shouts three times in a row and pats her head madly, “Blame yourself, you overflow sympathy and do this unnecessary thing, have you regretted it now? It’s too late!”

Reminiscent of the morning scene, she really feels revolted. When she is pulling her hair, with a ding sound, the elevator reaches the fourth floor. The office worker in a suit and professional skirt enter in. One of them is her colleague. When she looks at her pulling her hair, she is stunned for a second.

Lily petrifies for a second but soon returns to normal, pretending that something has fallen on her head, and gently pats it twice then puts it down.

“Lily, it’s been a while. I heard that you have taken your leave. Is it the end?” Her colleagues, Lacey, greets her politely.

Lily nods, “Yes, it has almost been two weeks. It is ridiculous to be longer.”

“You’re good enough. I can’t even ask for two days’ leave, let alone two weeks.” Lacy says with a sigh, “It will be better to be like you. I haven’t been home for years, I never had that time.”

Hearing her words, Lily is a little embarrassed, she could only comfort her, “New Year is on the brink. You can take a break with the annual leave. I’m a local here. I’ll help with your duty.”


“Yes, if there are no emergencies.”

“You’re so kind!” Lacey smiles immediately and talks to her about many things that happened in recent days.

Put it before, it is impossible for anyone to tell her this, but it is too late to hide.

On the way to the office, she happens to meet Mary, who has not talked with her for a long time. Encountering her this time, and with Lacey’s presence, it is lousy to pretend not to know.

“Good morning.” Lily is the first one to break the awkwardness. There is not much turmoil inside her. Rex once told her, as long as it is not a deep hatred, you do not have to show it if you can endure it.

It has been a long time since the last time she met her. Those grudges in the past had long forgotten.

Mary also greets her symbolically. However, when her vision sweeps across the diamond ring in her hand, she could not hold the smirk, “You’re ring is so beautiful, is it new?”

Lily lowers her head to glance at it before reaching out and places it before her, “Thank you, but I didn’t buy it myself.”

“Wow, is it given by someone else? This style is very beautiful, and the diamond is very high in clarity, how much is it?” Lacey is very straightforward, she does not think much, then elbows her and asks, “Is it from Rex?”

Lily barely smiles and says nothing. Lacey seems aware that her question is somehow inappropriate and says immediately, “Oh, look at me, the ring is very gorgeous, who cares about the sender, Hehe. Impressive, wait till my next salary and I’ll look for a ring….”

Lily does not take it seriously and barely smiles.

It is Mary, who feels a little more complicated. She watches Lily’s leaving back, her formal dress is from A brand, which costs at least ten thousand. Her shoes are also a limited edition one from J brand. Money cannot guarantee you can buy it. However, she does not bother to pay attention to it. She is only a toy for the rich. In her point of view, one day, Rex will get tired of her.

However, by looking at the ring today… that’s a diamond ring! It is completely different from giving clothes or shoes. It is impossible if Rex does not know what it means and gives it to her. It is more than just playing with her.

Mary does not dare to think further. Thinking of what she had done to Lily before, she suddenly feels a little scared. There is a cold sweat all over her body.

On the other side, Rex returns to the office and is greeted by a stack of documents, and also various meetings that come one after another. From the moment he arrives at the office, telephone conference, video conference, various remote conferences, plus the company’s director meeting, they basically do not stop. He spends the whole morning at meetings.

He keeps on talking and reading the report. The coffee send by the secretary is the same as before, but he does not even have time to take a sip.

“Rex, you’re scheduled to have lunch with Ray from the Landy Group at Z tower. The estimated time to end is about two o’clock.” Joe reads on the schedule and reports.

Rex raises his hand and pulls the tie, then says without lifting his eyelids, “Postpone it.”

Joe’s mouth twitches, “Rex, it’s eleven o’clock now. There is only one hour before it starts. I’m afraid that it is not easy to say….”

Ray can be regarded as a prestigious figure. Even though the he needs them, after all, this is business. Through this matter, it is more than enough for him to exchange some useful information from Ray.

But now, he wants to… postpone it?

Joe swallows hard, “Rex, do you have any other arrangements at noon?”

Rex slightly thinks of it and his words almost choke Joe to death, “Yes, eat with Lily.”

Joe thinks that he is hallucinating. He is shocked and subconsciously asks, “Wha… what?”

Rex glances at him and he immediately changes his tone, “Rex this… you can have dinner with Lily anytime, but Landy is….”

Joe unforeseen that one day, his superior, Rex, would fail to differentiate which is important and which is not.

“This is her sensitive period, I cannot neglect it.” Rex does not feel guilty at all. As a businessman, he values the interests of the company as well as personal benefit. Now, he cannot think of anything else except for cooling down Lily’s temper.

It might be because of his persistence, Joe somewhat nods pitifully, “Okay, I’m going to contact Landy right now.”

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