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Chapter 186 As If She Is the

The lips and tongues are intertwined, touching the softest part of each other. Most men are self-taught in this aspect. Even though he does not have much sentimental experience, Rex’s kissing technique is exceptional. Soon, Lily is defeated by his fierce kiss.

Only a kiss, she is already gasping for breath. Her cheeks are blushing, her big eyes are hazy.

Rex likes this appearance the most, which is pure and innocent with a little bit of charm. This charm is full of inexhaustible youngness, which always makes people have the urge to swallow her up.

He leans to her ears and frequently touches her auricle while speaking with his thin lips, “You can only show me this look.”

Lily is completely unaware of how charming she is at this moment. She has not recovered, yet just nods with his words.

On the first night when Marina moved in, the two of them had restrained themselves. Even though their room is far apart, they still feel something strange.

It is also rare for Rex to hold Lily in such a decent way. However, since their breaths are entangled together, it is not that bad to fall asleep at ease.

Lily comforts herself. In fact, it is nothing but only an additional person to eat and sleep in the house. Perhaps, she has worried too much.

As long as she believes Rex, everything will be fine.

It is a pleasant sleep. The next morning, Lily and Rex have to get up early for work. The alarm is set at seven o’clock, and they are awakened by the loud ring.

Lily opens her eyes and looks at the man who is still lying on the side, then asks vaguely, “You didn’t go to the gym?”

“Yeah, I’ll start tomorrow,” Rex says and kisses her forehead gently. It’s a light morning kiss.

Compared with the usual intense energy that he gave, Lily prefers this soft yet gentle manner. There is a sense of discrepancy that can always make her heart thump in an instant.

After a lovey-dovey, the two get out of bed and wash up. Rex has the habit of taking a shower in the morning. As for Lily, after washing her face, she goes downstairs, intending to prepare something to eat.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she walks to the living room, she hears Fanny and Marina arguing, “Miss Marina, let me do it, you don’t have to do anything. Just tell me what you want and I’ll cook it.”

“Fanny, I know you can cook it, but I want to cook it by myself. It has a completely different meaning!” Only after a night, Marina starts to respect people and treats Fanny politely.

But what’s the use of the polite word since her belittle tone is still there.

Fanny does not like her. Even though she cannot say anything as a servant, she still will not obey her, “Miss Marina, don’t make me hard. This is what Rex told me to do. You may do it if Rex agrees. I definitely will not stop you.”

After her sentences, Lily is right at the door. The two were stunned by her attendance, especially Marina, her face slightly changes.

Their gaze meets each other. Marina is the first one to recover and greets her with a smile, “You wake up early.”

“Morning.” Lily nods at her and looks at the pan in her hand, “What are you guys doing…”

Fanny anxiously yet helplessly recounts, “Miss Marina got up early and wanted to make breakfast. You also know that Rex will definitely not allow it, so I stop her. But she insisted on doing it. It is really hard for me to stand in the middle……”

Her tone is similar to the one she spoke to Marina just now, but it makes people feel more intimate.

Lily reaches out for the pan and puts it back at the stove, her vision then turns to Marina who is standing opposite her, “Marina, you have just recovered. Better don’t do these things, moreover, the kitchen is oily and full of smoke, it is not suitable for you.”

Marina smiles, “It’s fine. Before Rex went abroad, I often cooked for him and my parents. I’m used to it.”

Her words are full of feeling. By hearing it, she can almost picture the scene of happiness at that time.


Lily blinks gently and says intimately, “You’re indeed used to it, but Rex might not. If he sees this, he will be mad. At that time, he would blame Fanny, which will be worse. You have to be more considerate.”

Lily looks at Marina’s numb expression, could not help but snort inside. Who can’t beat around the bush? Does she think that since she has no idea about their past, so she can talk about the past to irritate her, what then?

“It’s okay. I’m much stronger than before.” Marina does not seem to hear their persuasion, and takes the egg next to her, then opens the stove and pours some oil on the pan.

Looking at her willfulness, Fanny does not know what to say. She can only stand aside and watch, afraid that she might have an accident.

Lily watches as she wanders around the kitchen in her apron. It seems that she has replaced her position to take care of Rex.

She feels a little upset. However, she could not snatch the pan away from her. She could only sit aside and watch her busying around.

When Rex is ready and goes downstairs, Marina has just positioned the egg, bread, and jam in an exquisite gold-ceramic plate. There are also several kinds of fruits and vegetables that are all placed very delicately. It is not cooking but only frying bacon and eggs.

Rex looks at the breakfast in front of him, thinking that the other one is not ready yet. As usual, he puts it in front of Lily.

Marina notices his movements, and says embarrassedly, “Rex, I cook it for you.”

Rex freezes, his hand stops for a few seconds before puts it back and places it in front of him, “You cook this?”

Looking at his gesture, she feels happy, “Yes, try it, do you like it?”

Upon seeing this, Fanny hurriedly brings some breakfast she made earlier to Lily. There are sandwiches, fruits, and milk, which are not particularly exquisite, but it is enough to make people full.

On the same table, their breakfast is prepared by different people. Lily does not know what Marina is thinking.

Is it because it has been a while since she socializes that this makes her feel weird?

Marina deliberately wants to distinguish her from Rex!

Rex does not show any strangeness for the whole process. However, all the meals on the plate are eaten. There is no much left, which makes Lily has a load on her mind. After two more bites, she goes upstairs and changes her clothes.

After seeing her leave, Rex puts down the cutlery and picks up the coffee on the side to sip it, then slowly says, “Marina, don’t do this next time.”

Marina is still immersed in joy. Hearing his word, there is a moment of unresponsiveness, “What?”

“Don’t do this next time. Fanny is here, you don’t have to take her role.” He deliberately stresses the word ‘take her role’, pointing out what he meant.

Marina bites her lips, still pretending to be innocent. But he blocked her before she could open her mouth.

“I know exactly what you think. Having you here is for the sake of your treatment. If you want to take this chance to do something else, you have made a wrong decision.” Rex rarely utters a harsh word to her. Every word stabs in Marina’s heart. It is barbed and she could not get it out.

She conceals the panic in her eyes, “You, how can you think of me so…..”

“What I think doesn’t matter.” Rex stands up from the seat, looking at her deeply, and then turns around while leaving a suffocating sentence, “What matters is your action.”

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