Chapter 185 If You Dare to Cheat on Me, I Will Rape You and Then Kill You

Seeing her helplessness, Rex finally softens his voice. He raises a hand and pats her on the shoulder, “No one regards you as a trouble. Don’t think too much. Promise me.”

“Sorry, Rex, you’ve work hard to deal with my illness. You must be tired…”

“Marina.” Rex lays a particular emphasis on the word and interrupts her, adding, “You know that I don’t want to hear these words from you the most.”

In addition to sympathy for Marina, there is also guilt for her parents.

Marina knows that this is a burden in his heart. She stops talking about this topic and tells him her innermost thoughts and feelings.

She also wants to sicken Lily, even though she can only do this by postponing the time for him to come back to the bedroom.

Fifteen minutes later, Rex opens the door of the master bedroom and walks in.

There is a bulge under the quilt on the bed. Lily wraps herself in the bed clothes, without even showing her hair.

It seems that Rex has expected the scene. He sighs helplessly and walks over the bed, leans forward, and gently pats the person under the quilt, asking, “Are you asleep?”

She answers his question with a wriggle with resentment. She violently waggles her shoulders, as if she intends to waggle his hand off by doing this.

Rex stands up and walks over the door. He raises a hand to turn off the light and then walks back and. He sits beside her, reaches out his big hand, burrows into the quilt and suddenly pinches her waist.

Lily immediately rolls to the other side and looks a cat whose tail is stepped on by someone. Her hair is messy. She stares at him with anger in her eyes, asking, “What are you doing?”

“You don’t want to get up, and this method is the most effective one.” He says faintly in a helpless yet righteous tone, as if he’s educating a disobedient child.

Lily is perturbed now and doesn’t have the mood to joke with him. She quickly pulls the quilt and wants to warps herself into it again, but she is stopped by Rex.

She says with impatience, “Put away your hand.”

The man looks at her with his dark eyes and such sight somehow makes her nervous and panic-stricken.

“No.” He replies faintly. And she simply can’t do anything with him!

Lily widens her eyes and stares at him. But after a while her eyes get sore, but the man remains unchanged. He even doesn’t change his expression.

She is impatient and aggrieved. After keeping silent for a while, she gets up and sits on the bed. Her eyes are really sore, so she doesn’t want to compete with him in such a trivial thing. She complains, “You make me mad!”

Seeing that she gives up, Rex also loosens his hand and puts the quilt aside, and then puts his hand on the bed, leans forward until his face is only 4 inches away from her, asking, “Are you angry at me, or at Marina?

He is so shrewd that he has understood her mood earlier.

Lily becomes nervous and subconsciously evades his sights, saying, “I am not angry. Why do you say it?”

“You pout so high that I can even hang a cloth on your mouth. In this way, you still say that you’re not mad?” The man slightly raises his thin lips and tries hard to hide the smiles in his eyes.

He is not annoyed by her jealousness; instead, he thinks that this jealous Lily is really cute.

As the old saying goes, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” Maybe he is in such a state.

As he leaning forward and enquiring, Lily moves to the corner of the bed. Then she makes a decision. She looks at other place and tell him all her inner thoughts and feelings, “Originally, I was not angry. But your sister’s words were so annoying. Does she also talk in this way in usual? Or does she only act like this when she’s talking with me?”

Lily speaks slowly, weighing what she would comment. She doesn’t want to be too harsh. Anyway, no matter what kind of person Marina is, her parents are very important to Rex.”

“She hasn’t got along with others for a long time, so you may feel weird when talking with her. But Lily, you should know that she has been tortured by the illness for five years. No one accompanied her; and she could not get in touch with the outside world. Even a normal person would become abnormal after suffering these.” Rex really hopes that Lily can understand this. At present, Marina still has a weak contact with the outside world.

Lily closes her eyes and softens her voice, saying, “Yes, I understand this. But I somehow have some psychogenic disorder. What’s more, I don’t know whether it is my illusion, I feel that she is hostile to me.”

As for her words, Rex has also thought of them. Marina once expressed her love to him, which is the love between a woman and a man. But he immediately interrupted her. But this doesn’t means that she will thoroughly give up Rex.

Now, when seeing the intimacy between him and Lily, it’s impossible for Marina to keep calm.

He only hopes that she can’t accept the reality and then gradually change such morbid emotion.

If Marina is not a patient but a normal person, he would have told her all the gains and losses. He would not evade solving this.

“She grew up with me since childhood, and her parents passed away because of me. Therefore, for things related to me, she might be possessive and extreme. After all, I am the one that her parents defended with their lives.

Lily sighs heavily, thinking that it’s really difficult to deal this sophisticated relationship. She says, “I don’t know your story, and I also haven’t involve in your affairs. I just feel a little bit suffocating. Just leave me alone and I will feel better later.”

After finishing these words, she lies down on the bed and gets in a trance, with her two big eyes staring at the ceiling.

Rex pulls her hand to his lips and kisses her finger, where there’s a ring around it. His thin lips swipe across the sharp cutting of the diamond. He says, “What are you afraid of. I’ve book your rest of your life from you.”

The sweet words some suddenly and pulls Lily back from trance. Her face turns red, and she subconsciously moves her fingers, “I haven’t agreed.”

When hearing her words, the man slightly narrows his eyes, and uses more strength on the hand that grasps her small hand, asking, “What? Do you have another choice? Who is better than me?”

Lily just plays dumb, replying, “Who knows. What if someone suddenly shows up…”

“Say it again.”

“I say… Oh, oh no, it hurts! Be gentle!” Lily hurriedly pulls back her hand. She feels that the bones in her hand are almost crushed up to two parts by him.

In fact, Rex only uses a little force, and he loosens his hand when hearing her complaint. He says, “If you have another man, I will kill him.”

Lily feels incredible that he would say such words. She states, “You are a lawyer.”

“So what? I can exonerate myself from the charge even if I kill him. Do you believe it?” His sharp eyes reflect the light of the wall lamp, which is so thrilling.

Lily flinches, asking, “I believe it. So what are you going to do with me?”

“You?” He smiles and pretends to think over this question, and then answers, “I will rape you and then kill you.”

“…” What the hell? He is so cruel.

Lily imagines the scenes. Oh, it’s really bloody and inhumane! As they talks, the atmosphere between them is alleviated. And Rex doesn’t restrain himself anymore. He leans forward and bites her lower lip when she is in a trance.

“Hmm!” Lily is startled and doges back subconsciously. But a big hand presses on her back her, which controls her and leaves her nowhere to go.

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