Chapter 182 Her Love Rival Moves into the House

When Rex returns to the villa, it is almost 11 o’clock. As expected, she is waiting for him. When he opens the door of the bedroom, he finds that the wall lamp is on, and that she is leaning against the head of the bed, with a pile of documents in hand. These are documents about the case that she is responsible for. Beside her, the laptop on the desk is opened, with two words on the word text document – “Final Report”.

And the woman, who said that she will go to sleep when he comes back, falls asleep. With her head bowed, her neck vertebra also stoops in a posture that makes her very uncomfortable.

Rex walks over her and takes the documents in her hands away. He slights leans forward to protect her neck, and slowly puts her down onto the bed. He doesn’t want to disturb her repose, but she is still awakened.

Lily vaguely feels that someone is moving her body. She opens her eyes in a daze, and sees the sexy lower jaw of the man. Then she subconsciously hooks his neck with her arms, murmuring, “What’s the time?”

“It’s almost 11 o’clock.” Rex pulls the quilt over her, saying, “You are sleepy, just have a good dream. Does your neck hurt?”

“I said that I will wait for you. Luckily, it’s not too late.” Lily doesn’t release her hold. She affectionately rubs against his neck with her face like a kitten, and then asks, “Are you hungry?”

Rex feels warm when hearing her question. He has been dreaming that someone would ask him such question when he comes back home for years. He replies in a soft tone, “I’m not hungry. I ate the noodles you cooked for me earlier. Do you forget it?”

“Oh, that’s it. I forget it.” Lily rubs at her eyes, replying. It seems that asking whether he has had a meal has been a habit for her.

“Go to sleep now. I’ll take a shower first.” Seeing that Lily is really sleepy, Rex doesn’t have the heart to tell her that thing. He has been a determined person, and never hesitates in doing things, but this time, he hesitates.

Lily grabs his hand, saying, “Go and change your clothes. I’ll prepare the water for you. You must be tired after today’s work, just have a bath and relax yourself.”

As she saying, she wants to snatch the covers off, but Rex presses her shoulders to stop her. His eyes become scarlet. He didn’t go to the company today, so his hair is combed casually. He is thankful that his bangs in front of the forehead are long enough to cover his eyes, which also cover his embarrassment.

“No, I’ll do it by myself.”

In usual, Lily never acts like this, but today… Thinking of the things happened in the North Villa, Lily feels distressed.

Particularly, he bows his head, sitting beside the door. And such look almost let her heart skip a beat.

“Rex.” Lily calls his name in a serious tone, asking, “You want to tell me something, right?”

Having staying along with each other for half a year, they understand each other well. He is not gloomy when he is home in usual, but today he is very low-spirited. Therefore, something that he cannot handle must happen.

Rex doesn’t expect that she is so sensible. He doesn’t want to talk about that thing with her today, but she breaks the ice, he has to tell her.

“Lily.” With his throat tightened, he feels painful when he utters these words, which cut his vocal cords like blades. He keeps silent for a moment, and then tries hard to speak out, “The attending doctor from the United States suggest me to accept Monica’s request and let her move into our house.”

The arcs at the corner of her mouth are stiffened. She is not unhappy, nor happy. But… she just didn’t expect this.

She thinks that this thing has been solved, and she doesn’t expect that here comes a follow-up.

Lily is emotionally flustered. She never expects that it is this thing that makes him low-spirited.

So, is he asking her to make a decision?

Does she have another choice?

Lily doesn’t know the answer. She just doesn’t know how to talk with him, and she even fails to say a word to console him.

Rex catches the fluster and bewilderment in her eyes, and strokes her tender cheek with his big palm, saying, “Lily, if you don’t agree, we can find a compromise.”

“What kind of compromise?”

She looks at him with her big, clean eyes. But Rex cannot think of anything to reply. What kind of compromise? If this can be solved easily, how can he be trapped in a dilemma today?

“Is that… You want to move there and leave me alone in the house?” Lily gives a bitter smile, and feels ridiculous when imagining the scene.

“No.” Rex holds her small face so as to stop her random thoughts, adding, “I’ll not leave you alone.”

Although he promised like this, Lily is still unhappy. If he wants to make it good for both sides, he will have to try hard to meet the requirements of the two sides. And being stuck in the middle of two parties is tiresome. If he wants to satisfy both of them, he has to yield to them and commute between her residence and Marina’s residence.

According to the mental state of Marina, it is impossible for Marina to give up. So, she is the only one who can make a compromise.

It is true that Lily is generous and thoughtful. But she still doesn’t want her man to live with another woman. She believes Rex, but she knows little about Marina.

What’s more, she has a intuition that this is just a beginning. Once Marina moves into her house, there will be some unavoidable conflicts.

But under such circumstance, if she doesn’t agree with her request, what should Rex do if there is an accident?

After all, either she or Marina should make a compromise and sacrifice something. If this is for the sake of Rex …

Lily sighs and looks up at the man beside. She secretly makes a decision and says it out before she regrets, “If this is good for her treatment, then just let her live with us.”

Hearing her words, Rex, who shows few emotions in usual, is shocked. He asks, “Do you know what it mean by saying let her live with us?”

“I know.” Lily curls her lip, adding, “Although I am unwilling, she is a person that you take as your sister. What’s more, she has such an illness. I know what the most important thing is.”


Tears well up Lily’s eyes. She raises her hand to cover his mouth, saying, “Stop talking about this, what if I regret when we keep talking about it?”

Rex pulls down her hand and gently put it on his lips, saying, “You can regret.”

“It’s not that easy. Do I have a choice to regret?” Lily looks deeply into his dark eyes. It seems that she wants to look into his mind. She adds, “Let’s work hard together to cure her. If she recovers, we will not need to worry about these things.”

These words hit Rex like a fist, eliminating all his pessimistic ideas. She said “Let’s work hard together to cure her”.

Since she can say these words, he should not feel frustrated again.

Rex is touched. He reaches out his hand to pull her into his arms. He hasn’t loved someone over the past thirty-two years. Although he is not sure about other things, he clearly knows that he will not let Lily down as long as he is alive.

After receiving the answer, Marina packs her belongings and moves into the Imperial Villa in the evening of the next day. And Maxx sends her there.

Maxx goes to the North Villa and helps her carry the luggage. When he is carrying the last baggage, Marina blocks his way.

Maxx stops and looks at the woman, who is near at hand, with confusion.

At this moment, Marina takes an action that is beyond belief for Maxx—-

She…kisses him on the face!

Maxx takes a big step backward, and raises his hand to touch the place that is kissed by Marina, stammering, “Ma… Marina…”

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