Chapter 181 He Does Something Wildly Relying on Her Understanding

It seems that he is stroking a puppy with that expression and tone.

Lily tilts her head to evade his touch, but she is then pulled back. Rex covers her whole body with a coat, even without unveiling her neck, and then he says, “Get in the car.”

Lily glanced at the car beside, and then at the man who stands in front of the villa. Suddenly, she reminds of something and feels touched. She hugs Rex with her hands on his shoulders, stands on tiptoe and kisses the man on his thin lips.

It is a just a fleeting kiss, which is as gentle as the touch of a feather that sweeps across one’s heart. Maxx, who stands several steps away, politely shifts his sight. But he is greatly shocked.

The woman raises her head to kiss the man, and the man lowers his head obediently and gently. Such a quick glance leaves a deep impression on Maxx.

Such a happy scene reminds him of Marina, the vulnerable woman who is lying in a sterilized room. No wonder that she would be so radical. If she sees this, she will be painful.

When Maxx is lost in thought, a dark shadow suddenly approaches. He comes to his sense, and finds that it is Rex, so he immediately bows, greeting in a respectful way, “Mr. Rex.”

Rex looks at him with his sharp eyes, asking, “What are you thinking about? You are so enthralled.”

“I am sorry. I was absent-minded just now.” A layer of sweats immediately appears on the forehead of Maxx. Luckily, his head is lowered, so Rex doesn’t find it.

Rex doesn’t ask anymore. He turns his head, looking at the car disappearing from the door of villa, and then he walks toward the villa.

When Maxx comes back to the sterilized room, Marina has woken up. Then Karl’s team also comes. All the men in the team have signed a confidentiality agreement before.

Marina is surrounded by medical workers in white. They conduct various examinations on her. And Marian, who is like a piece of meat on the chopping board, stares at the ceiling with a pair of empty eyes, not caring what they are doing on her. It seems that this is not her body.

When she wakes up, she immediately feels that her body is penetrated by various medical apparatus and instruments. She is very familiar with this feeling, and even becomes apathetic about his. She even feels despairing about her body.

Half an hour later, the medical worker of the team holds a meeting, and Rex also sits in the last row, acting as an auditor. George also attends the meeting through remote video system.

Carl speaks professional and fluent English and detailedly tells all the things happened on today to Doctor George, whose face becomes more and more serious as he listens to Carl’s narration.

The situation is much severer than his imagination.

“How’s her mental state?”

“Not good. She is pessimistic. Although she proactively cooperates with our treatment, she is not optimistic.”

George is a little bit worried, saying, “She hurts herself, and all of you are responsible for her pessimistic mental state!”

All outstanding doctors want money, but what they want the most is that every patient can be cured under their treatment. He has gone back to his country, and they let Marina hurt herself in such a short time, which makes George annoyed.

Although he is clear that no one wants this to happen, but someone must answer for this.

Carl frowns, saying, “Maybe there is another reason.”

“What kind of reason? Would she hurt herself without any reason?” George feels that this assumption is quite ridiculous when he says it out. And Maxx mocks at himself when hearing this.

The atmosphere of the meeting turns gloomy. Rex, who doesn’t say a word in the meeting, suddenly asks, “She once told me that she wants to live with me, will this affect the treatment?”

“If this is her will, then it will not affect her treatment.” George replies, with his tone becoming serious, and then he adds, “The patient’s mood is crucial to the treatment. You’d better accept her request, if…”

George looks around at the faces of every people present with his dark brown eyes, adding, “If you don’t want to see an accident.”

Carl looks at Rex, who shows no abnormal emotion. But he can still feel his complicated emotion.

They all think in a simple way when Marina comes back to the country. They suppose that there will be no problem, as long as there is nothing wrong with her body. They haven’t expected that things would go like this.

Carl feels that it is very weird, but he cannot explain it, nor can he prove it, since it is really ridiculous. He would rather believe that this is an accident, not a carefully designed plan.

“I’ll think about it. That will be all for now.” Rex leaves the meeting room after saying these words.

Carl sighs heavily, and hangs up the video after the handovers of the work.

The whole medical team stays at the villa, except Carl, who has to deal with an operation tomorrow. The patient has made the appointment three months ago, and Carl needs to come back to the hospital to review his pathological report.

He intends to say goodbye to Rex before leaving, but he fails to find him in the villa. And he also fails to reach when he calls. Since he is in a hurry to go, he has to ask Maxx to inform Rex.

Unexpectedly, as he just walks out of the villa, he sees a cold back. It is Rex who stands beside the banisters in front of the door. Although he can’t clearly see his expression due to the dark night, he can see the scattered light of fire at his fingertips.

Carl stops and walks toward him.

“Why don’t you stay in the house? It’s so cold outside.” It’s already late autumn, but Rex wears few clothes and stands outside the house. His fingers become red since they are blew by the cold wind, “You just leave the hospital. Please take care of your own health. If you catch a cold or have a fever, Lily will worry about you.”

Rex doesn’t reply. He takes a deep drag on the cigarette. The shoulders of this 1.9-meter-high figure are slightly drooped, as if there is an invisible stone.

Carl sighs heavily in heart, asking, “You don’t know how to tell this to Lily, right?”

Since George says those words seriously and blankly, if they take no action, then they are risking Marina’s life. If there is an accident, Rex will suffer guilty for lifetime.

“She heard it. But she didn’t take the initiative to talk about it.” He knows that Lily heard the request that Marian said in the sterilized room today.

He wonders that not talking about it is the biggest concession that Lily makes. But now, he needs to persuade her to accept this. How can he do this?

Even he feels that this is cruel.

“Let me persuade her.” Carl knows that this is difficult for Rex, and only thinks of this method to ease the problem.

Rex laughs transiently, saying, “That’s the same. It’s better to talk with her directly.”

Although Lily seems to be in a daze in most of things, she is sober in those important things. If Carl says this to her, she definitely will figure out that this is under his acquiescence. So, it’s better to tell her directly.

“Can you say this out?” This is the matter that Carl is worried about the most, “You might argue with each other again.”

“No.” Rex immediately denied with confidence. “Since she knows the existence of Marina, she will not misunderstand me; instead, she will yield to me. But this is not the thing I want. Can you understand it, Carl?”

Carl’s heart twitches. Yes, he understands it. How can he not understand him? He can see it from the grueling feeling and pain in the eyes of Rex. Rex loves Lily, to the point that he can abandon his pride and bend down to prepare her a surprise in a clumsy way, to the point that he wants to pick up the stars in the sky for her. How can he see her stooping to compromise?

“We have no other choices. She is thoughtful, and she will understand you.”

When hearing these words, Rex takes another deep drag on the cigarette. The cigarette is burned out, and he throws it away casually, and lifts one leg to quench the sparks of the cigarette. The wind blows on his face, with a chill low temperature.

That’s true. She can understand him. Isn’t he doing something wildly relying on her understanding?

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