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Chapter 66 Weirdness

“You are also invited?” The Black Sorcerer looked at the little girl, and it took several moments before he finally uttered something.

Glenn heard this and was quickly analyzing this piece of information

‘Is this Bajaur a stronghold of Black Sorcerers or something?’ This analysis startled Glenn. “This is ridiculous!”

The little girl got relieved on seeing the Black Sorcerer recognize the card in her hand. With the corner of her mouth flicked up, she then said, “Then please get your men out of the way.”

The Black Sorcerer pondered for a moment, and then his young face sneered. “I’ll let you go and also your knights, since they’ll run some errands for you once you become one of us.” He paused for a while before he locked Glenn with his eyes and said, “But I’d like to take him. With such a powerful posse working for me, it’s gonna spare me many troubles.”

The Black Sorcerer kept his greedy eyes on Glenn as if Glenn was a treasure he desired to possess.

Goosebumps spread all over Glenn who was being watched by this disgusting nuisance. Glenn would have stopped the disguise thing and ended this Black Sorcerer’s life if it were not for that possible big secret that involved him.

Usually, a sorcerer wouldn’t have tolerated such an insult to his face by a less powerful sorcerer.

‘On some other occasion, I’ll definitely kill him, and do it in a more cruel way,’ thought Glenn relentlessly.

“No way! I hired him. He’s my private property. You don’t have rights to claim him.” The little girl talked back after having realized that Glenn was a legend knight who might be able to help her in her evil courses.

Confusion took over Glenn at the time. It was said that Black Sorcerers would make an effort in trying not to expose their identity or their whereabouts, and for that reason, people they encountered would all be annihilated. Then, since when did they need helping hands?

‘Did they break from their traditional type of Black Sorcerers and formed a new school?’ thought Glenn .

The Black Sorcerer didn’t take the girl’s request seriously and enunciated clearly, “It’s not a discussion! Did you know what rules the relationship between Black Sorcerers or not?”

The Black Sorcerer’s tender face showed a gloomy, evil smile as if to give an impression that he really belonged to the type.

“You…” The little girl stuttered as she had become a little bit scared by this. She didn’t reply, but looked at Glenn pitifully and then stomped on the ground. “Let’s go!” She waved to her knights except for Glenn.

“Wait!” the Black Sorcerer yelled.

“What? Do you want more? Don’t push it too far. I’m also one of those who have been invited by that master!”

The girl’s temper was ignited, and she howled.

“What a dolly you are!” The Black Sorcerer said spitefully, and then he continued, “Now that they know how we are related, they’ll kill you half-way to Bajaur.”

“No-no. That’s so not gonna happen. We heard nothing about your relationship.”

Violent Bear and the other knights argued for themselves immediately, their faces looking ghastly pale. At this time, they had to take extreme care when speaking or their lives might be lost.

The little girl couldn’t help but turn her eyes to the knights, seemingly torn about what to do next. “Then what am I supposed to do? Without them, I…”

“Hey, you knights! Take the pills or you won’t leave here alive!” The Black Sorcerer took out a few pills and dumped them on the ground in front of the knights.

Violent Bear was the first amidst the knights to make a move. He picked up a pill in front of him, gnashed his teeth and threw it into his mouth. The other knights followed suit under the Black Sorcerer’s duress.

The knights looked terrible. They seemed to have resigned themselves to destiny. Then, almost simultaneously, they shifted their attention to Glenn, with empathy in their eyes, thinking, “We’ve taken the pills as asked. Although we must follow exact orders from now on, but one upside about this is that we’re safe for now. But Glenn is a legend knight. God knows what would befall him.”

However, Glenn was rejoicing.

“Tracking this little girl could also help me get some hints about that Bajaur place. Then why not get rid of this abhorrent Black Sorcerer right now?”

But now, as a legend knight facing a Black Sorcerer, Glenn’s first reaction should be to make a run for it.

The next second, Glenn shouted and scampered off like a scared rabbit, leaving this mess behind him.

“Ha, poor lamb. You run away as you like, but you’ll be at my service willingly sooner or later!” The Black Sorcerer got excited abnormally, and even his cheeks flushed.

This was a perverted, conceited and avaricious reaction when obtaining a sudden increase in power. Seeing those overbearing living things suddenly flee like prey was joyous, so was the obsession with having this power.

In a whoosh, the Black Sorcerer dashed after Glenn at a very high speed. He seemed to have good constitution!

The fleeing and the chasing had continued for one and half hourglass yet it ended up with nothing. The Black Sorcerer seemed to have gotten tired of this boring game. Out of the blue, a strand of black mist poured from beneath his feet, and the next second, he had run ahead of Glenn.

“Little lamb, it’s getting boring. Why don’t you just behave yourself and be my servant?” The Black Sorcerer’s callow face laughed, as if to say that he would be standing atop the Sorcerer Continent and looking down everything in the future.

Glenn skewed his mouth scornfully and said, “Black Sorcerers are all as weak as you?”

Glenn couldn’t even conceive a proper word to describe this Black Sorcerer, who was just like the young, arrogant, and stupid students newly admitted to sorcerer schools.

The scorn on Glenn’s face made the Black Sorcerer’s face fall. The Black Sorcerer’s excitement cooled down, and he stared down on Glenn. “You brainless legend knight! You’ve pissed off your master. I’m gonna slap you a hundred times.”

“I’ve had enough of this farce. You’re so disgusting. It’s about time to end this.”

Glenn was caught in this both funny and exasperating matter, and he had no more intention to hear his nonsense.

Since the girl could also lead Glenn to some hints related to Bajaur, this Black Sorcerer was of little use beyond serving as an experimental specimen, but his head alone would suffice. It would be much trouble to bring his whole body back to the Black Isotta. It would be better to focus more on constitution building.

As Glenn was thinking about this, a fireball slowly appeared on his finger tip, which freaked the Black Sorcerer.

Glenn laughed grimly. “It’s my first time killing a Black Sorcerer, which is kind of thrilling.”

“No! How is that possible? The fireball…”

A huge explosion erupted. And then a flame engulfed this weak Black Sorcerer. Because the fire ball’s attack degree was too high, and he didn’t even have the chance to scream before he died.

In a second, only the lone head of that Black Sorcerer was left in this clearing, and Glenn became exhilarated with his control over the fire element sorcery.

Pondering on how to deal with this head, Glenn decided to bury it.

“This head is not gonna decay soon. His constitution is not bad! Then I’ll take it on my way back to the school. As for now, I think I’ll just head straight to Bajaur and get information from Violent Bear after they arrive there. This is the safest way.”

Glenn pulled off the Glenn Dissimilation Sorcery again and made the scar on his face disappear. Afterwards, he went off to Bajaur as a stray knight.


Ten days later, Bethany and Ryan met Glenn on a wild field. They recognized him the moment Glenn came into view despite his outfit belonging to knights. His mask was very distinctive.

As they came to Glenn and greeted him, they didn’t ask about Harry, which they thought would be unwise. There would be only two explanations for his absence–either he was killed by Glenn or fled back to the school after being defeated and then would live a debased life with a stigma.

They weren’t expecting Glenn to be able to actually do something. They thought Glenn had been taking on Harry on impulse, and now they were re-evaluating who this man was. However, Glenn might have been bumped onto the hit list of the Four Best.

“How’s the mission going?” asked Glenn, with the cold air he always wore.

Ryan shrugged. “It’s done. But those guys grabbed our reward. There were four of them. Bethany and I couldn’t take it back.”

“Hum! Who’d know that the Black Sorcerer was so weak! He was no better than the newly admitted students to the sorcerer schools! It has been a complete waste of time on my part to look into him.” Bethany’s hand hammered onto the earth, and made a cavity in it.

Glenn’s pupils contracted on seeing this.

“It’s indeed a pity. We were too careful. If we’d been a little bit more determined…He was such a powerless Black Sorcerer!” Ryan finished the sentence and took a glance at Glenn, begrudgingly. “If you could’ve taken care of that guy and come earlier to hold back that Christina from the Ivory Castle, Bethany and I may have succeeded taking back that Black Sorcerer’s head.”

Christina? One of the Desperators in the First-Years Sorcery Test?

The name ‘Christina’ rang a bell in Glenn’s head.

“Why do you care about this? Those four guys must have already taken the head back to their school!” Bethany seemed very frustrated, though she was not blaming Glenn for the poor result. She thought that beating a callow guy like Harry guy must have been difficult for Glenn. However, she didn’t know that Glenn tarried and was late for days on the way here just to build his constitution.

“Just forget it. Luck hasn’t been with us these days. Glenn, we’re planning to return to the school. Are you?” Ryan’s patience seemed to have run out. This mission had really disappointed him.

“I’m thinking about going to the mission site,” said Glenn lightly.

Bethany and Ryan decided otherwise, so they parted ways with Glenn.

Glenn watched them disappear into the distance. Something in his mind was seething.

Why was the Black Sorcerer they were tasked to pursue so weak? And why was the one he met also enfeebled?

Was this a coincidence? Or was there a secret behind it?

There probably existed a secret in Bajaur!

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