Chapter 250 Cure it by letting it go

Bella can see from Anna’s provocative and hateful eyes that she will be sad to see the things in the album.

Since she has judged that it would be hurtful for her, she refused to see, after all, why would she do anything to hurt herself again?

We should give ourselves permission to say “no” to anything that makes us unhappy and drains our energy.

Bella put her cell phone aside, smiled and said, “Aren’t you here to see a doctor? Tell me about your symptoms?”

“My man doesn’t love me.” Anna Wilson raised the corners of her mouth and looked straight at Bella. “He loves a dead woman.”

Bella knew it and understood it better than her, so when she said it, she didn’t feel much shocked.

“And?” Bella asked.

“He has a secret room. I’ve sneaked into it. It’s full of photos and relics of the dead woman. She has been dead for many years. I’ve waited for him for so many years, but I can’t even get a bit of love. My heart aches.” Anna Wilson said excitedly, staring at Bella.

“If you lose him, you will lose a man who doesn’t love you. If he loses you, he will lose a woman who loves him. You have wasted ten years of your youth on him. It’s meaningless to waste it any more.

Without him, you can be live every day. You can meet many excellent men and do what you want to do.

With him, your heart will cry and complain every day. You will feel miserable and sad.

For the sake of your life, I think it’s good to give up.” Bella said softly as if Anna Wilson was a real patient to her.

“The thing I want to do most is to be with him. I can’t see other men at all.” Anna Wilson said with a cold face.

“Maybe he thinks the same. He also cannot see other women. The thing which makes people most uncomfortable can only be adjusted by themselves. The psychiatrist just tells you the way and method. If you want to use it or not, no one can demand it. Sometimes, many things are imposed on one person by the person himself, not others.” Bella spoke elegantly.

“It’s easy to advise others. What about you? What would you do if your fiance or husband had a dead woman in his heart, and all his thoughts were on that dead woman?” Anna Wilson stared at Bella.

“Even if I am sad, even if I am not willing, even if I feel wronged, I will drive that person out of my heart. Since he doesn’t love me, why should I love him? If I can’t walk into his heart, I will rather stay away from the person who makes me sad.” Bella said calmly.

“Can you do it?” Anna Wilson’s eyes were red.

“Why do you think I left this place and went abroad to study?” Bella asked.

“Then why you came back now?” Anna Wilson looked at the ground and said with hatred.

“Because I have done it… there is no love.” Bella said clearly, smiled and looked at her. “I remember that when I met you three years ago, although you were domineering and obstinate, you were young and beautiful.

You had the ability to give others a charming feeling, even in the crowd, you were the very bright one.

Look at yourself now.

Yellow and skinny, because of bad mood, smoking, and drinking, you have this bad complexion, wrinkled skin, dark spots under eyes, long acne, you look sick, like a woman walking on the road suffering from family suffering.

Do you think it worth it for a man who doesn’t love you?” Bella asked.

“You say it so calmly because you never get it?” Anna Wilson asked.

“Do you think I didn’t love David Wilson? I loved him and loved him very much. Even though I knew that he had kidnapped me, I still went into marriage with him without hesitation. What do you think about why I get married to him?” Bella said with a smile, and her eyes were misty.

Anna Wilson looked at Bella.

Although she was not very clear about the relationship between Bella and David, she knew that David had many girlfriends.

At that time, she thought that whoever would marry David would marry a public property. Later she knew that it was Bella who married David.

For a moment, she lost all the flame, dropped her head, and tears fell down.

Once a proud and stubborn girl, in front of her rival shed tears, if it wasn’t an emotional collapse, it must have taken a lot of courage.

“There are several kinds of feelings in the world, family, friendship, love, and the third kind of feelings.

Eighty percent of people have no love, no friendship, and even their family are indifferent. The person they loved never loved them back. Their friends are not really concerned about their lives.

Usually, after dinner, they come together because of common hobbies or common dislike of a person, but the friendship boat can be turned over.

When a person forgets all his life and just focuses on love, gradually he misses many other relations.

For example, if the parents only have one child, they just love him. If they have many children, there will be different emotional intensity because of the contact, and there will be complaints, quarrels, and even hatred.

Anna, in fact, you are very lucky. You have parents and a brother who loves you. The only thing you are wrong is that you fall in love with a man who can’t fall in love with you. Is it worth hurting your family, friends and yourself for this man?” Bella said softly.

Anna Wilson was already in tears. She looked up at Bella and said, “How can I get out? Bella, teach me.”

“People’s life is very short, you do it by yourself. If I give you 50 years, can you let James Grayson look back at you?” Bella asked.

Anna Wilson shook her head. “It’s impossible. There is only the dead Scarlett Evan in his heart.”

“The average life expectancy of Chinese people is 72 years. You are 30 this year. You still have 42 years.

She has been in love with James for a long time. She has never loved any other man. Actually, she has never really enjoyed the feeling of being loved.

Let go of the past and once try to have a good relationship. If you can’t find the man, you love the most. You can find the man who loves you the most.” While saying it, Bella’s eyes turned red.

Bella also didn’t know she was telling it to herself or to Anna Wilson!

“I, I…” Anna Wilson tightened her brow, could not speak, wiped her tears, looked at Bella, summoned up her courage and said, “I have contracted syphilis.”

“It’s not that it can’t be cured. From now, you should cherish yourself, and find a man who loves you and can take good measures for you. You can cure slowly, and your heart will also be cured.” Bella said, inexplicably, without tears.

Anna Wilson and she, both were in love with a man who was in love with a dead woman.

In the process of curing Anna Wilson, she also found a way to cure herself.

Find a man who loves her, cherishes her life, and slowly heals her lost and broken heart.

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