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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 249 Have a try

“She’s dead.” James Grayson said in a deep voice. There was no other expression on his indifferent face.

Bella’s eyes were red.

She has met many people with marriage problems, originally because they love each other and get married. In trivial matters of life, advantages become disadvantages, because too much care constrained each other’s freedom.

They quarrel with each other, hurt each other, they have contradictions, their feelings fade away, and finally, they break up and starts living separately.

The good ones part without hard feelings. They live normal, like strangers.

But some live like enemies. Because once they were in love, they do not want to remember it again. Even if it was a good time, it will be considered as a mistake of the past.

Therefore, the living can never fight against the dead!

Scarlett Evan left the best impression on his mind.

Lively, positive, bright, beautiful and lovable.

Scarlett Evan died because of him. In his heart, he was the cinnabar mole that no one else could ever erase. And she is just a mistake, the more he gets along with her, the more he will feel that Scarlett Evan was better.

She didn’t want to….

She didn’t want to see the situation of being a useless, unwanted thing.

Above all, she can’t live with a man who has another woman in his heart. She would rather prefer to not love such a man.

“Let’s eat.” Bella skipped the topic, and they went into a French restaurant.

Bella’s cell phone rings.

It was Amelia William’s call. She answered.

“Bella, something has happened to me.” Amelia William said and cried.

Bella was worried. “What’s the matter?”

“Yesterday…” Amelia William said with difficulty and asked, “Where are you now? I’m in your hotel, come and meet me. ”

“Okay, I am coming back now,” Bella said anxiously.

She hung up the phone and looked at James Grayson. “Amelia has an accident. I want to go back immediately. I’ll invite you to dinner another day.”

Bella didn’t wait for his reply. She carried her bag and ran out.

James Grayson looked at Bella leaving in his sight. His eyes were heavy. He took out his mobile phone, turned over to Scarlett Evan’s photos and deleted them all.

Bella saw Amelia William sitting in the lobby of the hotel.

Amelia William’s eyes were red, and she was still wearing yesterday’s skirt. Her mental state seemed unwell.

“Amelia, what’s the matter?” Bella was worried.

“Bella, do you know what happened to me yesterday? Who took me?” Amelia William asked worriedly.

“You said you liked a man there. Asked me to not look for you.” Bella looked at Amelia William’s worried expressions. “What’s going on?”

“I didn’t take a fancy to any men. I fell asleep unconsciously last night. When I woke up, I was in the hotel room. I was taken away by someone. The point is that the person took some pictures.” Amelia William said with a pale face.

“The hotel monitoring cameras must have recorded him.”

“No, the hotel room was book with my ID card. I want to check the monitoring, but the hotel staff said that their monitoring failed yesterday.” Amelia William was very depressed.

Although Amelia looked very careless and broad-minded. However, in reality, she was very traditional. Otherwise, she would not be alone like now.

“Let’s go to the hospital to check to make sure there is no disease, and then consider whether to report to the police,” Bella said rationally.

“We will go to a small hospital. I’m afraid I’ll be recognized in a large hospital. Besides, if I call the police, I feel embarrassed. Now, this kind of thing is very easy to leak out.” Amelia William was upset.

Bella was also very guilty. If only she hadn’t left Amelia William alone, nothing would have happened. “Did the man leave that?”

Amelia William was speechless and embarrassed. “He used seven, and I took one. Aren’t you working for the police now? Look, can we extract fingerprints? Now fingerprints can’t be compared?”

“I’m afraid I don’t have that much authority to go through the procedure, but…” Bella stopped.

Power is a strange thing. In power, the procedure can be ignored.

James Grayson should be able to help.

“I’ll try.” Bella was not sure.

“Then please.” Amelia William took out a sealed packet from her bag.

When Bella took the sealed bag, she was also very embarrassed. She accompanied Amelia William to the private hospital for examination.

Amelia William can’t be accompanied in the room. Bella went to the window at the end of the corridor, took out her mobile phone and looked at James Grayson’s mobile phone number.

She asked James Grayson to help with Paul Watson yesterday, and now she wanted him to help again, she was quite embarrassed.

However, she still called.

His phone was powered off.

She estimated that he might be busy. She sent a text message to James Grayson and said, “I have something to talk about. If it is convenient, please call back when you are free.”

She put her mobile phone in her bag and waited for Amelia William at the door for half an hour.

Amelia William took the report.

“Is everything okay?” Bella asked worriedly.

Amelia William shook her head. “Yes, he used condoms, but the more I thought about it, the angrier I am. Is he a pervert? If he did something bad, why he made a video. He must be sick.”

“If he wasn’t sick, he wouldn’t do such a thing.” Bella said and embraced Amelia William’s shoulder, “have you eaten?”

Amelia William shook her head. “Let’s go to dinner. When we find that man, I’ll sue him and he will be in prison for life.”

“Let’s wait until we catch him.”

They finished their meal, and it was already 16 p.m.

Bella was going to the Research Institute. Amelia William also followed her. They just came out of the elevator and met Anna Wilson.

Anna Wilson was surprised to see Bella. Her face turned white, “Why you are here?”

“My Bella is now a special psychological expert here. Do you have any problem?” Amelia William said triumphantly.

“Special psychological expert? Have you changed your career?” Anna Wilson’s face looked even worse.

Bella smiled, she didn’t want to say anything more.

The background of Anna Wilson’s family was too strong to provoke. She led Amelia William away.

Anna Wilson looked at Bella’s back. “Can we talk alone?”

“Why talk about it alone? My Bella’s time is very precious. She charges ten thousand an hour. Do you want treatment? If yes, then she can give you an hour.” Amelia William said in place of Bella.

“Well, I’ll give eleven thousand per hour to see a doctor!” Anna Wilson emphasized her last words.

Bella frowned slightly. “Come with me.”

“Bella, don’t bother.” Amelia William said.

“If I won’t bother, it doesn’t mean she won’t interfere. It’s better to talk. You wait for me in the reception room. There is a computer in the reception room you can use it.” Bella said to Amelia William.

“Well, no matter what decision you make, I will support you.” Amelia William patted her.

Bella entered the office, sat down, and Anna Wilson threw the mobile phone in front of Bella.

“Look, there’s something you want to know.” Anna Wilson said coldly. Her eyes were full of hostility.

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