Chapter 247 Love affairs choked to death

“There is nothing for free in this world. Maybe it’s their marketing strategy. It’s a free gift, but maybe after him, you can’t stop. You start to order them and they will get their service charges.” Bella guessed.

“I also think so, that’s why I think we should just get rid of them.” Amelia William and Bella discussed.

Bella nodded. “That’s the best.”

“Let’s go back.” Amelia William pushed the door open, looked at them and said. “Well, you can leave. We don’t need it.”

“What’s wrong?” The man in the fox mask asked.

“I think you talk a lot.” Amelia William said rudely.

Luis Taylor, wearing a dragon mask, stood up, he was dressed gracefully. He nodded and walked out of the door.

The man with a fox mask saw Luis Taylor going and immediately followed.

Amelia William saw that they were so attractive and neat. She put down her heart, held the red wine cup and took a sip. The wine was good.

Bella’s cell phone rang.

It was James’s, she answered immediately.

James Grayson heard the noise from the other side. “You went in?”

Bella was annoyed. She was so worried that she forgot to turn off the music. “It’s just music.”

“Go out right now and if again you come here again, I promise, and one of you will lose one leg.” James Grayson said angrily.

“I see.”

“Keep it in mind that there are my people out there. Don’t doubt my words.” James Grayson reminded her again.

“Okay.” Bella hung up.

“What’s the matter?” Amelia William asked in bewilderment.

“I have something to do. I need to go out first. Maybe I won’t come in, I think you should come out with me.” Bella was also worried about Amelia William.

“I’ve booked it for three hours. They have a package, if we book for three hours we can have this cabin for a night. I planned to spend a night here. I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. I need to sing for a night.” Amelia William didn’t want to leave.

“It’s too dangerous for you to be here alone.” Bella was worried about her.

“Is there any danger, robbery? I don’t want to. Ha ha, I’m ok. You can go and do your work. If you still want to sing, come to this box to find me.” Amelia William pushed Bella out.

Bella was upset. She came here to accompany Amelia William. She didn’t expect that Paul Watson would have an accident, and she has to leave so early.

“Call me if you have anything. I’ll sing with you another day.” Bella promised.

“Okay, go and do your work. No one will do anything with me. I’m all on my own. Haha.” Amelia William said and laughed.

Bella’s cell phone rang, again. It was a strange name. She thought that probably it’s the director’s call. She answered it.

“Miss Bella, I’m Bill Hader from the Municipal Public Security Bureau. It’s instructed that if you don’t come out in five minutes, we have to go in to find you.” Bill Hader said.

“I’m on my way,” Bella explained.

She estimated that he must be instructed by James Grayson.

She and James Grayson have broken up, but James Grayson was still interfering too much. She didn’t consider herself as his girlfriend. Her heart was really flustered, she thought if things go on like this she cannot escape his cage.

She walked out and because she was in a hurry she did not pay attention to someone staring at her.

“Your Highness, the girl herself has come out, now we don’t have to arrange anything to send her away or do we?” the man wearing fox mask asked.

Luis Taylor raised his mouth. “It seems that it is God’s arrangement. When Amelia William finishes drinking, take her away.”


Bella went out, there were two police cars.

A strong middle-aged man, wearing a police uniform, seemed very powerful. He took the initiative to walk towards Bella and politely said, “Hello, Bill Hader, what do I need to do now?”

“Hello, Bella.” Bella said hello and went straight to the topic, “first, find out the guests who ordered Tony yesterday. I need all kinds of details.”

“Yes, we have orders to let you sit in the car and wait. I’ll give it to you in ten minutes.” Bill Hader said.

Bella, “…”

Bill Hader take his men and went into the club.

A policeman opened the door and beckoned Bella to sit in. There was a strange feeling in her heart. She sat in the back seat and looked anxiously out of the window.

Her cell phone got a message.

It was Amelia William’s, she read it, “Bella, I like a man here, I will play with him, see you later.”

Bella was worried, she immediately called Amelia William.

Amelia William didn’t answer.

“You’re crazy. Which room are you in? Amelia, don’t do things that you regret later.” Bella sent the message anxiously.

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. I’m an adult. First of all, I have to take a bath and now I’ll hang up. Mwah. Don’t disturb me now. You are my friend. You should support me.”

Bella’s felt it was Amelia’s tone.

She didn’t agree but Amelia was also right. She was an adult and knew what she was talking about. If she forced Amelia to leave, Amelia will not like it. She didn’t call again, but she was worried.

Luis Taylor sent the text messages, turned off Amelia William’s cell phone, put it on the bedside table, and coldly stared at the sleeping Amelia William.

This girl really went to find a man. He has really given her too much freedom. He took off his tie, left it on the sofa, and untied his clothes.

Amelia William slightly twisted her eyebrows, when she felt hot, she felt as if there were many insects crawling, “uncomfortable.”

Luis Taylor covered her body and held Amelia William’s chin. “You deserve to be even more miserable. You don’t even know how to be my woman.”

Amelia William pushed his hands away and opened her eyes. The vision was very fuzzy she cannot see clearly. She was drunk and dizzy.

“I’m thirsty, water.” Amelia William said with a weeping voice.

“Here it is.” Luis Taylor kissed her lips.

Amelia William sucked hard, although it didn’t completely quench her thirst she felt better than before. Luis Taylor’s tongue hurt when she sucked. He left her.

Amelia William was not satisfied. She hooked back his neck.

Luis Taylor raised the corner of his mouth and touched her lips. She was like a baby, but it can’t calm the tumbling blood in her body.

“It is unbearable.” Amelia William looked at Luis Taylor pitifully.

“Can you wait for another half a year?” Luis Taylor said meaningfully.

Half a year later, he will be at the top, and the decision of his marriage will be in his own hands.

“No, I’m suffering now.” Amelia William pushed him away. She wanted to take a cold bath in the bathroom but he pulled her again. She was weak and had no strength. She sat back on the bed.

Luis Taylor looked at her and said, “Don’t look for a boyfriend. I’ll marry you.”

Amelia William watched his mouth moving and heard something, but she couldn’t respond. The pain was getting worse.

“I’m going to the hospital. I’m dying.” Amelia William stood up again up.

He held her and pulled her closer to him, “Let me treat you.”

She was in a trance for a few seconds.

He put her on the bed, his hands went down in her skirt.

The medicine he gave to her was very latest, very fierce. She has been ready for a long time. When he kissed her lips, he lifted her skirt…

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