Chapter 246 Bella, you don’t learn from your mistakes

She had an impulse to hang up, but she endured and she was silent for a moment.

Among the people she knew, the most powerful was James Grayson. Only James Grayson can help her. Paul Watson has always been so kind to her. He helped her when she was in a desperate situation. She cannot forget his kindness. She should try her best to save him.

“I have a matter and I need your help,” Bella said softly, she was a little embarrassed.

“Well, tell me, what happened?” James Grayson’s tone sounded good.

“I just heard that Paul Watson had taken away. He is the dean of Paul Watson’s Psychological Research Institute, can you let him out?”

“You know who took him?” James Grayson asked.

“In a women’s club, there was a man named Tony who has been murdered last night. Paul Watson said that he was most probably killed by the customer who used his services for the last time.

Tony’s skills were very good. Only Diamond members can take him. I suspect that diamond member has taken Paul Watson away. I’m afraid that they will do harm to Paul Watson.” Bella stated the situation completely.

“I got it. Where are you now?” He asked.

Bella didn’t want to tell. “What’s the matter?”

“I asked the director of the city to come and cooperate with you. In a moment he will go to the women’s club and find out the information of that diamond member. Now I have stepped in. They won’t dare to keep Paul Watson.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

“Oh, I’m here in that women’s club near the scenic spot,” Bella said in a low voice.

James Grayson was shocked, he asked in a very bad voice, “You went to that women’s club? Bella, when I offer you, you refuse, now you want to find a stranger? Is it because I can’t satisfy you, or you have learned to be cheap? Do you know that they are not clean?”

James Grayson’s words were getting worse.

Bella’s face was red. “It’s not how you are thinking. I’m here with Amelia William. We didn’t ask for that. We just came here to sing and enjoy ourselves.”

“There are many places to sing. Why do you choose it?” James Grayson said pointedly.

“I told you I came here to accompany Amelia William.” Bella frowned slightly.

“It is your feet. If you don’t want to go, who can force you? How eloquent you are! Amelia William has no idea. If you had refused, she wouldn’t have come.” James Grayson said definitely.

Bella didn’t know what to say more, she angrily hung up the phone.

However, after that she regretted it!

She asked James Grayson for help. She and James Grayson were obviously nothing but she got angry and hung up so suddenly. It showed that she was worried that James Grayson would not help.

She was also a little thick-skinned in front of James Grayson, she called James Grayson.

He was on another call.

She was upset, sighed, waited a minute, and then called him again.

“I’ve arranged it. In an hour they will do it, you find a place to wait.” James Grayson said.

There was a warm feeling flowing in Bella’s heart. Although he was cold, hard to touch, still he was able to do things and arranged them in a few minutes.

“Thank you,” Bella said in a soft tone.

“Mere word without action is useless, I am not a person that can be flattered with words.” James Grayson said in a deep voice, still holding his anger in his voice.

“When you will come back I’ll treat you to dinner,” Bella said quickly.

“Well, that’s good. I have something to deal with.”

“Sorry to trouble you,” Bella said.

Her respectful and alienated words denied their intimate relationship, and he got angry, “Bella, you really don’t learn any lesson from your mistakes.”

Bella, “…”

Before she could ask anything, he hung up the phone.

“Bella, I’ve been looking for you for a long time. What are you doing here? Who in on the call?” Amelia William complained and walked over, shaking the card on her hand. “I’ve arranged it. I went inside just now and saw it. There is actually self-service.”

“Well…” Bella hesitated and James Grayson’s warning was still in her ear.

If he got to know that she was going inside, he would be furious again.

“What’s the matter? I’ve booked a private room to sing and eat. Come on, baby.” Amelia William hugged Bella’s shoulder.

“Did you call any men from there?” Bella was worried.

“It is very expensive even the cheapest is three thousand. Today, I’m with you and you’re with me.” Amelia William hugged her and went in.

Bella helplessly followed her.

Anyway, she was magnanimous and it will be good if the things that James Grayson said won’t happen.

Inside the club.

The buffet had many dishes.

Amelia William’s eyes sparkled. She was hungry for a long time. They went into the box and sang.

Half an hour later, someone knocked at the door.

Amelia William thought that someone has come to sell their boys. She opened the door. Sure enough, there were two men with gorgeous masks behind a lady.

“Beauty, today is the lucky day of the shop. These two boys are a gift for you. I hope you can have a good time with them.” The woman said with a smile.

“Oh, it’s a gift.” Amelia William didn’t want it, but she couldn’t refuse when she got something for free. “Come in.”

Bella, “…” She had already said that she didn’t come for it!

“Amelia, don’t think about it. Maybe there is some…” Disease, this word Bella didn’t say, she thought it can hurt their self-esteem.

“My lady, don’t worry. We all have health certificates. This is purely natural, safe and harmless.” The man with the fox mask said the voice sounded like his age wasn’t much.

“Bella, it just singing and drinking. What do you want?” Amelia William joked.

“You go with him. I don’t need it.” Bella refused.

The man wearing the fox mask sat on Amelia William’s right side, and the man wearing the Dragon mask sat on Amelia William’s left side.

Amelia William looked at the man with Dragon mask beside her. “Can you sing?”

The man shook his head.

“No wonder it’s free. Obviously it’s of low class. You are wearing this mask because you are ugly?” Amelia William asked casually.

Man with Dragon mask, “…”

“Miss, we don’t look bad. It’s just a gift, so we can’t show you our faces. It’s okay to sing with me. He doesn’t like talking, and even much dislike singing.” The men wearing fox mask explained.

Amelia William looked at Man with Dragon mask and sighed. “Oh, you can’t sing, so your demand must be very low and you couldn’t earn much.”

Man with Dragon mask, “…”

He bowed his head and said a few words in Amelia William’s ear.

Amelia William blushed and looked at him in surprise.

He raised the corner of his mouth and showed a charming smile. He poured red wine for Amelia William. Amelia William took over uneasily, did not dare to drink, and pulled Bella away.

“Your Highness.” The man wearing a fox mask said worriedly.

Luis Taylor raised his hand to signal that he didn’t have anything to say.

Amelia William and Bella reached the door. “Bella, that man with Dragon mask said, he can sleep with me, and then I can judge how good his skills are and so on…”

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