Chapter 341 Sean held Lester in his arms

The engagement banquet was in the restaurant of Jessop Family.

When we got to the restaurant, there were many luxury cars parked at the door.

Ming was a new force in Jessop Family and even in York.

In addition, the pharmaceutical industry was a necessary industry. The life span of human beings was longer and longer, so people were more and more dependent on medicine.

Mastering the high-end technology of medicine was mastering the way to make money.

In the long run, these industries were no worse than those of the Internet and electronic mobile phones.

No one was stupid, so they must all come to Ming’s engagement dinner.

Sure enough, I followed Ming in and found the huge engagement banquet hall full of guests.

As we walked in, all we heard was congratulations.

But I could see that almost everyone was staring at Lester.

Even as we passed, their eyes followed Lester.

I could even hear whispers.

“Who is this child?”

“Has the designer ever been divorced?”

“Is President Jessop going to be stepfather?”

Although the voice was very small, I could hear it clearly.

I took Lester’s hand and tightened it.

Ming must have heard that too. He suddenly stopped and squatted down and picked up Lester. Then he asked Lester in a very small voice that only we can hear, “Lester, can you call Uncle Jessop dad in these hours?”

Lester could certainly hear what we could hear.

Children were very sensitive.

He listened to Ming and turned to look at me and his eyes were confused.

If Lester called Ming Uncle Jessop on such an occasion today, Ming would lose face and had to explain for a long time. Why not…

I nodded at Lester. “Do it.”

Lester had always been with me and most trusted me. When I finished, he put his hands around Ming’s neck and shouted, “Dad!”

When he shouted, Ming had a smile on his face.

This smile was totally different from his usual gentle smile.

It was loving and protective.

At this moment, I looked at Ming and suddenly felt that he really wanted to be Lester’s father.

Lester seemed as excited as he was.

He held Ming’s neck and put his little head on his shoulder and smiled contentedly.

This seemed to be the first time Lester called for Dad.

We were walking in when there was another noise behind us.

I turned around. James stood at the door and all the guests were around him.

A tall and straight man stood behind James. Even if James had more guests around him, his temperament was not covered.


When I saw him, my heart hurt a lot.

My eyes were a little astringent.

I didn’t like to cry but when I saw him, my heart felt sad.

Sean looked at me when I looked at him. He stared at me and didn’t want to look away.

When he looked at me, my heart began to panic.

I quickly looked away.

Then when I glanced at him again, he was still looking at me.

I dared not look at him any more and could only look down.

I looked at the tip of my shoe.

James greeted the guests and walked across the crowd to us.

Sean followed him.

I looked down slightly and could only see his long legs in black trousers walking towards us step by step.

“Here you are, Dad.”

James came up to us and Ming spoke first.

Facing James, I couldn’t look down any more. I could only look up and look at James.

James saw Lester in Ming’s hand and his eyes brightened. He raised his hand and asked, “the child…”

“He’s Becky’s and my son. I’m sorry I haven’t told you.” Ming said to Lester, “Lester, Grandpa.”

“Grandpa!” Lester shouted naively.

He held Ming’s neck tightly with two small hands while he was talking.

Maybe Ming specially arranged it. He didn’t wear a tie today, but a bow tie.

They looked like father and son.

James was unbelievable, “he…”

How could he believe that he had a grandson all of a sudden?

Ming smiled and grabbed Lester’s waist and said to James, “I haven’t told you that Becky and I actually met five years ago. We were drunk, so…”

“You’re lying!”

Before Ming finished speaking, Sean suddenly spoke!

His words immediately upset all the things Ming had planned carefully today!

The guests around were curious about Lester’s identity.

Now everyone was waiting for Sean to say something.

Once he said something he shouldn’t say, let alone Ming and Sean, the whole Jessop Family would lose face!

“Sean, didn’t you say you would send me here and leave quickly today?” James drove him straight away.

Sean stood there and said nothing.

I could see his hands in his pocket and clench. He seemed to be holding back.

Seeing him like this, my heart suddenly thumped!

I had a bad feeling.


“You can go!”

As soon as Sean said it, James drove him out!

James’s voice was old and hoarse, but now he was standing there with great dignity.

His words made it difficult to refuse.

Sean was standing there and seemed to want to say something very much.

I guessed he knew that once he said what he wanted to say next, Jessop Family would lose face!

Sean was standing in place and expressionless. His eyes were cold and penetrating.

I dared not say a word. I was afraid Sean would tell Lester’s identity as soon as I spoke!

At that moment, the whole hall was surprisingly quiet.

The guests were waiting to see the joke and everyone in Jessop Family wanted Sean to leave.

But Sean’s expression and eyes made me feel that he was determined to tell the truth today!

When the whole situation froze.

Lester in Ming’s arms suddenly opened his arms to Sean and shouted, “uncle, hold me.”

All the coldness in Sean’s eyes disappeared at the moment Lester said this.

His eyes became extremely tender.

Sean took his hand out of his pocket without hesitation and held Lester in his arms.

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