Chapter 340 Could you call Uncle Jessop dad

Ming’s words stunned me. “Take Lester with us?”

I discussed it with Linda. Lester went to her house in the afternoon and she would pick him up in a minute.

After all, Jessop Family didn’t know the existence of Lester.

I didn’t want to take him.

“Yes, we’ll take Lester, as we said before.” Ming looked at Lester and said, “Lester was a surprise we had five years ago abroad, so I’ve been pursuing you since I came back home.”

Lester listened to Ming and blinked and asked, “what does it mean?”

This sentence meant too much and I couldn’t explain it simply.

“All right.” I agreed and took a look at the contents of the bag. They were two sets of Lester’s little suits.

I took those clothes out and said to Lester, “Lester, today mom and Uncle Jessop are going to take you to see a lot of people. These people may say strange things. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it. We may not see them again after today.”

I knew Lester was just a four and a half year old and I shouldn’t say that to him.

But tonight we were going to take him, which made me nervous.

Ming saw me say that to Lester. He squatted down and took his hand and said gently, “don’t be afraid. If anything happens, just go to Uncle Jessop.”

“OK.” Lester nodded.

Ming raised his hand and touched his face. “Can you call Uncle Jessop dad after today?”

Ming’s tone was very gentle and he was discussing it with Lester.

Lester looked at him and blinked and looked at me.

It seemed that he had no idea how to answer.

But the fact that he didn’t say anything only showed that he didn’t want to.

I turned to Ming and said for Lester, “he’s still young. He can’t accept it immediately. Can you…”

“I see. Call me Uncle Jessop for the time being.” Ming looked at Lester tenderly and patted his head and said with a smile, “let’s take it slow, OK? Uncle Jessop will do well and make you want to call me dad.”

Lester didn’t seem to understand what he meant. He just looked at him.

But his hand held me tight and he didn’t speak.

Ming soon went out, and I helped Lester change clothes in the room.

The suit included a small shirt and a pair of trousers and the other included a shirt and a vest and a pair of trousers.

One shirt was white and the other was bright blue.

Both suits had a small bow tie.

I chose the white shirt and pants for Lester. After all, I didn’t want him to stand out on that occasion.

The capris, leather shoes and socks changed Lester’s temperament.

He was really like a young master.

But what worried me more was Lester’s face.

Lester looked like me when he was little, but when he grew up, his nose and eyes became more and more like Sean’s.

I didn’t know if it was because I paid special attention to him. The more I looked at him, the more I felt that he looked like Sean.

I changed Lester’s clothes and went downstairs. I saw a well-dressed woman standing downstairs.

She carried a big box in her hand.

I could see at a glance that this woman was Jessie.

We hadn’t seen each other for five years. He seemed to have had a complete facelift and his hair had grown. If I hadn’t known him before, I might have thought he was a tall woman with a big skeleton.

“Hello, Mrs. Jessop. My name is Jessie.” Jessie saw me but didn’t recognize me. She said, “I’ll make up for you and follow you today.”


I responded with a smile.

I knew Jessie’s craft. Jessie could change my face when I was disfigured.

Now my face was in good condition. He could make me more beautiful.

“Where shall we make up?” Jessie asked me.

I hesitated and said, “let’s go upstairs.”

I went upstairs with Jessie. Lester followed me.

I asked him to play in the next room.

In front of the dresser, Jessie opened his three-layer dresser and made up for me again.

He suddenly said, “are you Miss Carter?”


I was stunned. I didn’t expect Jessie to recognize me.

Jessie saw my reaction and immediately understood. He smiled and said, “makeup artists have special memories of faces. And your face was in a special condition at that time, so I was more impressed with you.”

We hadn’t seen each other for five years. Jessie was much more restrained than the once gorgeous peacock.

He spoke in a more moderate tone.

I admitted my identity, “you’ve changed a lot.”

Jessie said, “my change is not as big as yours. If I am not familiar with your face, I will not recognize you.”


Most people couldn’t recognize me.

Except Sean.

He seemed to recognize me from nothing.

Jessie didn’t talk any more but concentrated on making up for me. He soon made me a very delicate look.

I didn’t look glamorous in the mirror.

But I was more refined and better looking.

“Thank you.” I thanked her with great satisfaction.

Then I got up and went to change.

When I changed my clothes and came out, Jessie looked at me with a slight sadness on his face. “Miss Carter, in the end, you still haven’t been with that little President Jessop.”

Jessie’s words made my heart ache when I was looking at the mirror.

My hand paused and I reluctantly smiled and nodded, “yes.”

“That’s a real pity.” Jessie leaned over and began to clean up his dressing box. He said, “I’ve seen you many times, but only when I first saw you, you were the most relaxed. That time…”

“Let’s go.” I interrupted Jessie.

I didn’t want to hear him talk about the past.

After all, it was the past that we couldn’t go back. It was useless to say it.

Jessie looked up at me and sighed. He didn’t say anything and just covered up the suitcase and held it in his hand.

I got Lester downstairs.

Then we went with Ming to the location of the engagement party.

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