Chapter 339 You were my wife


“I envy Miss Jones for marrying such a good man as President Jessop!”

“Best wishes to President Jessop and Miss Jones!”

In the blessing of the audience, the conference was over.

I stood on the stage like a puppet and my mood was complicated.

Ming officially announced my relationship with him on this important day and made it impossible for me to regret any more.

Because now everyone knew.

At the end of the conference, Dana and Haley came over and respectfully called me, “Mrs. Jessop.”

My heart was heavy.

But I couldn’t say anything.

Ming finished his work and came to me. He seemed to see that I was not very happy. He raised his hand and patted me on the shoulder. “Aren’t you happy? Don’t you like the surprise I gave you?”

“No, I’m glad.” I smiled softly.

Ming stared at me and smiled. He reached out and held me in his arms. His thin lips were on my ear and he said, “I know you’re looking forward to telling the world that you’re Mrs. Jessop, but I know the man you’re looking forward to is not me.”

I heard him and my heart pounded!

I was stunned.

Ming knew. Of course he knew.

He hugged me and said, “but I hope you understand that from now on you are my wife and you can only belong to me.”

“I know.” I nodded in his arms.

The conference was broadcast live across the country.

The whole country knew. If I had anything to do with Sean, everyone would laugh at us.

No matter who was involved, he would be a joke and condemned by everyone.

The end was settled. I had no choice.

After the conference, Ming and I went back by car.

As soon as we got in, Lester ran over, “Mom! I saw you and Uncle Jessop on TV!”

“Really?” I smiled and crouched down and looked at Lester and asked, “tell me what you did this morning.”

“…” Lester tilted his head and thought for a while and said, “nothing. I was watching Uncle Jessop’s TV show.”

Lester didn’t know it was a press conference. He said it was a TV show.

“What do you think of it?” Ming took off his coat and asked him.

“I can’t understand it.” Lester pouted and thought. His eyes suddenly brightened, “but I know Uncle Jessop is going to marry mom!”

As Lester said this, Erin came up and stood by us and said, “Congratulations, ma’am. Master is a good man. Many women want to marry him.” She paused and looked sad and said, “but only you are blessed. Many women envy you.”

I heard her and thought about what happened to her and Ming the other night.

I looked at her and asked casually, “what about you?”

“Me?” Erin didn’t seem to expect I would ask her directly. She hesitated and smiled guiltily. “I envy you, of course. Every woman wants to marry a good man. After all, marriage is a woman’s second life.”

“Then tell me what you want. I can help you find a boyfriend.”

To be honest, I didn’t mind Erin.

I didn’t mind what happened to her and Ming.

But Erin’s attitude this morning scared me. I suddenly realized that she might do anything to be with Ming.

I was an adult and could protect myself.

But Lester was in danger.

What was more, Ming hadn’t told me what he had injected into Lester.

He was not a good man. I didn’t believe he did nothing to Lester.

I couldn’t put Lester in danger.

Erin listened to me and stopped smiling. She looked at Ming and after a few seconds said, “no, ma’am. I am young. I shouldn’t think about it now.”

“OK.” I nodded.

Lester stood aside and blinked.

I went upstairs and he followed me.

When we got upstairs, Lester pinched my hand with his little hand and motioned me to squat down.

When I squatted down, his lips pressed against my ears and he asked me, “mom, don’t you like Erin?”

I wanted to deny it.

However, in a short time, Erin changed from a seemingly innocent girl to her present appearance.

It showed that she was such a person.

She was pretending.

I thought about it and pulled Lester into his room. Then I put him on the bed and pinched his face. I hesitated and said to him, “Lester, mom wants to put you in a safe place and make you have a carefree childhood, but mom doesn’t do it now.”

“Huh?” Lester tilted his head and looked at me as if he didn’t understand what I was going to say.

In fact, I would rather he never understood.

But Ming made me anxious.

We started to live together, but his relationship with Erin was moving in an unpredictable direction.

Since I couldn’t choose to leave, I had to find a way to protect Lester.

When I couldn’t protect him, I hoped he had a sense of self-protection.

I looked up at Lester’s big eyes. “Mom just want to tell you that you can’t trust anyone but mom and Grandpa Moore. You must ask mom first. You can’t believe people mom didn’t mention.”

Lester was all I had.

I couldn’t lose him.

“What about Uncle Jessop?”

“Uncle Jessop… You need to make him feel like you trust him. If he does something you think is dangerous, you must come to me, you know?”

I knew it was too deep for Lester to understand.

But I couldn’t give up my career. In that case, I couldn’t even support Lester in the future.

Lester seemed to understand me. He nodded and patted him on the chest with his little hand. “I see. Mom is my best friend, so I can trust mom!”


His words made me laugh.

While we were talking, someone knocked at the door.

When I wanted to get up and open the door, Ming pushed the door open. He gave me a light blue handbag. “Change Lester’s clothes. Let’s take him with us.”

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