Chapter 338 This was my fiancee, Becky

“It’s OK.” I finished and turned and cared about Ming, “did I hit you?”

He gently touched my forehead and said, “I’m glad you’re OK.”

I lowered my head shyly.

When I lowered my head, I could not see Erin’s face, but I saw her clenching her fist clearly.

I could think of her eyes without looking.

I looked down and stood in Ming’s arms for a while before I looked up and said to Ming, “I’ll call Lester.”

“No.” Ming grabbed me. “Let the servants take care of Lester. We only go out for a few hours, and we’ll be back at noon.”


I turned and took a look at Erin.

There was a fake smile on her face. She heard Ming and said, “master, madam, don’t worry. I can take care of young master. I grew up taking care of my brothers. I won’t let young master get hurt.”


Ming answered.

He seemed to trust her very much.

I hesitated and knew Ming wasn’t going to take Lester, so I could only say, “OK.”

But I didn’t trust Erin.

I told Lester that Ming and I were going out for hours, and then I went downstairs and found Briana and Doris in the kitchen.

I said to them, “Ming and I will go out in the morning and come back at noon. You must take good care of Lester and never let Lester and…” I thought about it and said, “don’t leave him alone with Erin.”

When I said that, Doris couldn’t help saying, “madam, you know it.”

“What?” I probably knew what Doris was going to say, but I pretended to ask her.

Briana pulled her on the side.

Doris raised her hand and said, “no, I want to say. I’m angry!”

“What’s the matter?”

“Erin seduces Master every day. She is shameless!” Doris was about my age.

But I could see that she was an honest person.

She looked indignant at the mention of it.

I lowered my eyes and said plainly, “I know. Just protect Lester.”

I wanted to go out of the kitchen.

I thought about it and looked back and said to Doris, “thank you for letting me know.”

I went out with Ming and he drove to Noah Center.

When we got there, Haley was waiting at the door.

My heart pounded and I thought about what happened to Sean and me.

I saw a guide sign at the door and it said “from here to Sunshine Inc’s press conference”.

There was an arrow at the back.

Sunshine Inc.

I didn’t seem to have heard of the company before.

Or I was ignorant.

Ming took me to the lounge. Dana had been waiting in the lounge.

Dana came as soon as we got in. She took a stack of information and said to Ming, “President Jessop, these are questions that reporters will ask later. Please have a look first.”

“OK.” Ming picked it up and looked at it carefully.

I sat by.

Ming soon finished and followed Dana to the conference.

In fact, I was not interested in today’s press conference, or I was not interested in Ming at all.

I was alone in the lounge after Ming left. I browsed my cell phone and searched Ming’s company.

When I searched, I found that this conference was broadcast live on the whole network.

What Ming released this time is a little similar to Sean’s.

It was all about AI.

However, Ming released the AI intelligent surgical robot this time.

In other words, in the future, some small and difficult operations did not need to be operated by people. Robots could do it precisely.

The robots would not misoperate, so the success rate of the operation would be improved.

I watched the live broadcast on my cell phone.

Some reporters asked if the robot could cope with the complexity of the operation.

Ming answered one by one.

I looked at the phone and found that Ming was the same as Sean.

They were both excellent people.

If Ming grew up in Jessop Family, maybe he would not be bad but become a very good doctor.

What a pity.

As I focused on the conference, Dana suddenly pushed in and said, “Miss Jones, President Jessop let you go there.”


I was stunned.

Dana nodded.

I was confused but since he called me, I had to go.

Dana took me through the front door.

Then she took me to the front row and sat me down before she left.

At this time, the conference was just halfway through.

But I’d like to sit here too. It was better to watch it on the spot than on the mobile phone.

Ming stood on the stage and talked freely. I could feel that the reporters and the invited people looked at him admiringly.

Ming was only forty this year. He stood on the stage and talked about the most advanced things in medicine and he was full of charm.

I suddenly understood why Erin had changed from a naive girl to a woman hostile to me in a few days.

No one could resist the charm of Ming.

Unfortunately, I met Sean first.

The conference went on for more than an hour.

When the reporter asked the last question and the press conference came to an end, Ming suddenly said, “today, I have a most important thing in my life to announce.”

When he said that, I understood what he was going to say.

Then Ming turned his head and looked at me. He walked down the steps and came to me step by step.

At this time, everyone turned around and looked at me.

In an instant, I became the focus of the whole audience.

Ming came to me and took my hand.

I knew I couldn’t refuse. I could only stand up and let him pull me to the stage.

We were faced with many cameras and many journalists.

Ming said, “now I want to announce to you that this is my fiancee, Becky!” He added, “she’s the woman I love the most in my life, and tonight we’ll get engaged. I hope you all bless us!”

The whole conference was filled with cheers!

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