Chapter 337 I belonged to you after today

Her words made my heart thump.

I reluctantly smiled and joked, “you have to change, or you may regret it.”

Sean and I.

Our only chance to be together may have been five years ago at The Best Home.

But Sean’s arrogance separated us.

We would never be together again.

“You and Sean…”

“It’s all over.”

I answered in advance and turned around and waited for the elevator.

Sean and I had no future.

At the thought of it, my heart couldn’t help suffering, but there was no regret medicine in the world, wasn’t there?

In the next few days, Linda and I formally began to discuss about the studio.

We designed the logo first.

Linda and I had a surprisingly consistent idea of the logo. We made a butterfly pattern and then designed several versions.

Soon we worked out a plan.

It was a swallowtail butterfly and had two colors. One was purple and the other was white.

We chose countless kinds of purple and after many attempts, we chose one.

After that, we chose the location.

Linda told me that there was a very nice place and it was cheap. She went to see it and found it suitable, so she decided.

I froze when she took me to see it.

Linda chose the place that Sean chose for me.

Seeing this, I subconsciously refused, “no way.”

“Why?” Linda was a little surprised. “You come in first. Do you know how convenient it is here? The transportation here is convenient and the layout is suitable. Most importantly, the rent is very cheap!”

“Do you know why the rent is cheap? Who rented it to you?”

As far as I knew, the owner of this house should be Sean, and I hadn’t paid attention to it since that incident.

I didn’t know if he sold the house.

“Intermediary.” Linda seemed to realize something, “you know about this house? Something happened here, but no one died here. I don’t think we need to believe that.”

I looked at Linda and made sure she really didn’t know.

I hesitated before I said to her, “I am the one who has an accident here.”


Linda froze.

I hesitated for a moment before I told her all about it.

Linda listened and looked unbelievably, “what do we do? I signed the contract and paid the rent for three years.”


I was stunned.

I didn’t expect Linda to move so fast.

Linda was embarrassed, too. She came up to me and took me and said, “Sean may have sold this house. Our studio is short of money. It’s hard for us to rent such a good place.”

“All right.”

We paid the rent for three years so I couldn’t go back on it.

Linda opened the door. I went in and found it was the same.

Several broad tables were put together. I couldn’t help but walk to one of the tables I used to sit at and look at the table opposite.

Sean’s computer used to be there.

He used to sit there.

I thought it had been a long time.

Linda seemed to find me wandering. She came up and said, “did you sit here before? You can sit somewhere else and you won’t miss him.”


I thought so.

I went upstairs to have a look and it didn’t change.

Linda and I moved everything here after we made sure of the location.

It was almost finished. Our studio was almost ready.

We were short of an employee.

I discussed with Linda and posted a recruitment message on the relevant website.

After all, it was not easy to recruit now.

Linda and I did these things in a week.

Only two people submitted their resumes. Because we were really not satisfied with them, we didn’t agree.

The studio was not known now. Linda asked her husband to prepare an interview and put it on the Internet.

Soon it was the day of my engagement with Ming.

That day I told Linda I would not go.

Early in the morning, Ming said to me, “I have a press conference. Come with me.”


I didn’t even think.

Today was the engagement party.

After today, Ming and I didn’t get marriage licenses, but they were a couple.

It was normal for him to take me to work.

Ming patted me on the shoulder and said gently, “don’t worry. The conference starts at 10 o’clock. It doesn’t matter if we are late.”

Although he said so, I was very clear that I couldn’t be late.

I put on a dress and put on light makeup and set my hair.

After all, I had to make up again in the evening so I didn’t prepare very carefully.

Erin stood by as I went downstairs. When she saw me, she froze and smiled reluctantly, “madam, you are so beautiful today.”

Erin just started working so she was not good at pretending.

I saw through her fake smile.

I didn’t care and nodded slightly and said nothing.

I passed her. Then I heard a scornful hum from behind.

I ignored her.

Actually, I did it on purpose.

These days, the relationship between Erin and Ming had been undergoing subtle changes.

Especially every night, when I was with Lester, Ming and Erin were downstairs.

Once I put Lester to bed and went downstairs. I saw Ming and Erin sitting on a sofa.

I didn’t stop them and turned and went upstairs.

In my opinion, it was best if Ming and Erin were together.

In this way, Erin could make up for what I couldn’t give Ming.

It would be great if Ming liked her and divorced me.

Ming was sitting on the sofa when I went downstairs. He looked up at me with a surprise in his eyes.

He came up and took my hand and said, “honey, you are beautiful.”

Listening to his words, I smiled and thought for a while before I said, “thank you.”

I hadn’t thanked Ming for a long time.

Because of the agreement I made with him.

Ming immediately leaned over and kissed me on the lips. He just wanted to kiss but he didn’t seem to want to stop.

He pressed the back of my head with one hand and deepened the kiss.

This time, though I hated in my heart, I didn’t escape.

After all, today we were going to be engaged.

When Ming just deepened the kiss.

I felt like I was hit in the back!

I fell forward and hit Ming directly.

I turned and saw Erin standing behind me. She said guiltily, “I’m sorry. Master, madam, I am too stupid to walk well.”

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