Chapter 336 If you didn’t cry, I wouldn’t leave

Because Erin kept talking, dinner was delayed by an hour.

I listened to her most of the time, but I had to take care of Lester and be afraid that he ate too much.

While I was watching Lester, I took a look at Ming.

I was stunned.

Ming had finished by this time. He put down his chopsticks and watched Erin speak attentively.

His eyes were gentle but there was a strange concentration in his clear eyes.

He was focused on Erin.

But he seemed to be looking at other people through Erin.

At this time, I turned to Erin again and found that Erin was also focusing on Ming.

Her concentration was different from Ming’s.

She was watching Ming.

She was only looking at him.

I was suddenly nervous and felt that something might happen.

I suddenly didn’t want Erin to take care of Lester.

Erin kept talking. She was just talking to Ming so I didn’t want to hear it. I asked Lester, “are you finished? Shall I go upstairs and play with you?”


Lester nodded and wiped his mouth with the handkerchief in front of him.

I took him off the baby chair.

Erin stopped immediately and asked me, “may I help you, madam?”

“No.” I smiled, “you keep talking. I haven’t seen Lester for a long time. I’ll be with him.”

At this time, Ming also stood up and followed me and said gently, “I’ll join you. Will you not welcome me?”

“No.” I said with a smile.

When I finished, I glanced at Erin. She stood still.

She looked at Ming disappointed.

I said nothing and took Lester upstairs.

Ming was with us.

Lester’s little bedroom was a toy house.

This time Ming bought him a big racing track, on which he could play toy racing.

You could put several cars at a time and play.

The three of us played together for several hours, but Lester refused to go to sleep at 10 o’clock. Later, I told him seven stories, and he fell asleep.

When Lester fell asleep, I came out of the room, and before I went downstairs, I heard Erin’s voice.

I stood quietly around the corner and there was only a lamp in the living room.

The light was dim.

Ming sat on a sofa in the living room, and Erin stood by and talked about herself.

Women were sensitive. I stood there and realized that the relationship between Ming and Erin had suddenly changed. But why?

I didn’t know.

After all, I didn’t believe that Erin’s experience attracted Ming.

Ming had many hospitals.

I was afraid Erin’s experience was not comparable to those of Ming’s nurses.

So what was different about her?

But I didn’t care.

If Ming could stop paying attention to me, it was really the best thing for me.

Instead of going downstairs, I went to the bedroom with my cell phone.

I called Linda and said I would take Lester to the studio tomorrow.

Linda said I didn’t need to. Her daughter was on holiday and was taken care of by a nanny. Her nanny was reliable and could take care of two children.

She asked me to take Lester over tomorrow, and then she would drive Lester to her home.

I thought about it. It was not bad, so I agreed.

I hung up and washed my face and lay in bed. I fell asleep and felt Ming coming back to the bedroom and lying down.

This time, instead of hugging me, he lay alone on the other side.

The next morning, Ming and I got up together.

Erin saw me and greeted me with pleasure, “ma’am.”

Then she saw Ming following me. She was more pleased to say hello to Ming, “master.”

Ming was behind me, and I heard him lightly say, “good morning.”

I didn’t think something was right between them.

Briana and Doris stood behind Erin. Both of them stared at Erin and looked unhappy.

And Briana was cooking all morning, and Doris helped.

Erin did something else.

She took things and made tea and so on.

Ming sent Lester and I downstairs to Linda’s office. After he left, Linda and I took Lester to her house.

On the way, Lester asked me, “Mom, where are we going?”

“We are going to see the little sister that day. Do you remember her?” I asked him.

Lester said proudly, “which one? I have many little sisters. How do I remember?”

I couldn’t help laughing. “Do you have many little sisters? Tell me.”

Lester listened and tilted his head. He seemed to think about it for a long time. He pouted and said unhappily, “no…”

Linda was driving. After Lester finished, she couldn’t help laughing, “our little princess likes you. Have you forgotten her?”

“Who?” Lester’s eyes were shining at Linda.

“You will know when you arrive.” I touched Lester’s head.

He was not even five years old, but he cared if any little girl liked him.

Linda drove to her door, and we went upstairs together.

As soon as we opened the door, Linda’s daughter stood at the door.

Today was different from that day. Her daughter was wearing a pink housecoat with a cartoon pattern on it.

When her daughter saw Lester, she was very surprised. “Hello!”

“It’s you.” Lester’s eyes were bright.

At first he was happy but he quickly pretended to be cool and said nothing.

I squatted down and asked him, “would you like to play with your little sister?”


“I’ll take you away if you don’t want to.”

I said that on purpose.

When Linda’s daughter heard Lester was leaving, she opened her eyes wide and asked innocently, “are you leaving?”

There seemed to be tears in her eyes.

Lester looked at her and pouted and said nothing. He went straight to Linda’s house and took her daughter’s hand and said, “if you don’t cry, I won’t go.”

“OK! I don’t cry!” Linda’s daughter immediately wiped away her tears and laughed.

Neither of them asked us and walked in.

I heard Lester ask her daughter, “my name is Lester. What’s your name.”

“My name is Summer.”

Linda’s daughter replied.

At this time, Linda stood by me and looked at the backs of the two children and said, “your son’s character is very similar to his father’s.”

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