Chapter 335 Children didn’t cheat

I got to know two other servants besides Erin.

One was Briana in her fifties.

One was Doris in his thirties.

Ming asked Jessop Family for Briana. She was good at cooking, so she cooked at home.

Doris was the child of Briana’s relative. She had no job. We were short of servants so she came.

When I got to know about them, Lester woke up.

He came down the stairs barefoot. When he saw me, his eyes were shining, “Mom!”

He ran to me shouting. He climbed onto the sofa and then onto my leg. He held my neck and shouted, “Mom, you’re back!”

“Yes.” I saw the shallow scar on his face, and my heart ached.

I wanted to ask him what Ming had done to him these days, but Ming was upstairs and may go downstairs at any time. After thinking about it, I asked, “you’ve been with Uncle Jessop these days. Did you give Uncle Jessop any trouble?”

“Of course not!” Lester sat on my leg and shook his calf. He said with a smile, “Uncle Jessop is very kind to me. He bought me a lot of toys and snacks!”


Children didn’t cheat.

When I mentioned Ming, Lester had no fear or hesitation in his eyes.

I knew Ming was really nice to him.

I touched his head gently but I dare not relax.

I hoped Ming could always be so nice to him, but what if one day he changed?

That was what I was worried about.

“Uncle Jessop!” I was holding Lester.

But Lester suddenly jumped off me and ran towards the stairs!

I turned around and saw Ming walking down the stairs.

When he saw Lester, he walked faster. He came up to Lester and picked him up and said, “why did you go downstairs without socks?”

He was reproaching, but there was no reproach in his tone.

When I watched Ming pick up Lester, I was very nervous.

But Lester was in Ming’s arms and holding his arms and they looked close, and I knew I was paranoid.

Briana had dinner ready.

Doris and Erin served and Ming sat with Lester in his arms.

“Erin, get Lester’s bowl for me.” I called Erin.

At this time, Ming, who was sitting opposite me, suddenly looked up and turned to Erin.

His eyes were cold but immediately normal. He turned to me and asked, “why do you call her that?”

“Her name is Erin and she’s young, so I call her Erin.”

I explained at will.

Ming didn’t ask again, but there seemed to be something else in his eyes.

I couldn’t understand these things and didn’t ask any more.

Erin put Lester’s chopsticks next to mine and then stood aside.

I patted my side and said to Lester, “come on, Lester, sit here.”

“OK.” Lester nodded and came.

After he sat down, I served him. He already knew how to eat by himself.

When Lester was in Sceaux, Murray taught him not to talk when eating, so he didn’t talk much when eating.

Because he didn’t talk, the whole process of eating was very depressed.

Ming and I didn’t say a word, and Lester was focused on eating.

The big house was extremely quiet.

Occasionally chopsticks collided with tableware.

We ate for about half an hour. When I was full, I saw that there was not much left in Lester’s bowl. I asked him, “what else do you want?”

“I want that!”

Lester pointed to the green broccoli.

I wanted to pick up my chopsticks, but Erin came over. “I’ll do it. Take a rest, madam.”

She picked up a new spoon and spoon the broccoli into small pieces. Then she put them on Lester’s plate.

She was so skilled that I couldn’t help asking, “do you often do this?”

“Yes.” Erin put the spoon back in the kitchen and stood aside and replied, “my parents were busy when I was a child, and I took care of both my brothers, so I am good at taking care of children.”

“I see.”

I had a good impression of Erin. I thought about leaving Lester at home for a few days.

I could have Erin take care of Lester.

“Yes, my two brothers are mischievous. They’re six but they have to be fed. Young master is smart and sensible. He is young but he can eat by himself.” Erin turned out to be a chatterbox.

She kept talking.

But Lester heard her and was immediately proud.

He straightened up and proudly picked up the spoon and began to eat broccoli.

He finished them.

He pointed to the broccoli and said, “I want it.”

“OK.” Erin cut up the broccoli for Lester and put it in his bowl and went on, “young master will have a bright future. If my two brothers are half as good as you, I won’t think it’s bad to drop out of school. What a pity…”

Erin looked sorry.

At this time, Ming, who had been eating all the time, looked up at her and asked, “aren’t your two brothers good?”

Ming’s question embarrassed Erin. “No. I’m sorry. You’re eating, but I keep talking. I’m disturbing you.”

Erin left quickly.

In fact, the servant couldn’t talk when the host was eating.

Erin was new and lively so she liked to talk.

Generally many people didn’t like such servants.

But I thought Erin was good.

After all, Ming and I may not have much communication in the future. Two masters didn’t talk, so it was good to have a servant who talked a lot.

I was about to speak for Erin, but I heard Ming say, “no, go ahead. You have a good character. Stay in our house later.”

He smiled softly as he spoke.

“Thank you, master, thank you!” Erin smiled.

Ming raised his hand. “Keep talking about your family.”

“OK.” When Erin heard that, she was unbridled. She stood by and began to say how bad her two brothers were.

When she said that, the house suddenly became active.

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