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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 150 Amy Felt Uneasy

“You’re welcome, Alex. That’s all I should do.” The young man had a sly smile, whose eyes were bright.

Amy still felt that was inappropriate. She went to the bed, and tried to persuade Alex in a small voice. But he thought she did it out of sheer jealousy.

He had a number of fans. Plus, they caused quite a stir this time, so a lot of passers-by sympathized with him. By then, there must be a large sum of money donated by them.

Where was the point of refusing the money?

“Amy, you have been with me for such a long time. Thank you. You should be tired. Go home and take a rest now. This little friend will take care of me.”

Amy blushed with anxiety and wanted to say something when the boy had come to her. “Amy, I have been his him fan for many years and I will take good care of him. Don’t worry. I’ll walk you out.”

He grabbed her arm, and took her out with a smile.

Amy tried to struggle, but the young man had a great strength though he looked weak. She struggled hard, but she was dragged out at last.

Amy was not at ease after all, and came to the hospital from time to time in the next few days, but the boy did not do anything unusual, and was particularly pleasing, so she let down her guard.

That made sense. If Mr. Howard and Jessica had a solution, they already settled the matter.

They were doomed to suffer the loss!

After several days, the Cunninghams and Browns made a stir. They found a lot of scandals of Amy and Alex, but it didn’t do any good. Instead, it made netizens more critical of the Howards.

Netizens thought that the scandals were made up by the Howards. Otherwise, why the scandals didn’t break in the past but right after when the Howards ran into trouble.

Instead of disappearing, the rumors had a tendency to grow in intensity. The director told Jessica directly that they had suspended filming and the time when they would resume was not set.

These days, even Ryan and his father were working at home. It was their assistants who delivered the document to their house. The meeting also took the form of videoconferencing. They wouldn’t go to the office unless they had no choice.

The Cunninghams and the Browns knew they had caused more trouble, so they wanted to find Ryan and begged for mercy. But they couldn’t find him, so they called Jessica.

Jessica had offended Ryan and he didn’t even look at her these days. How dared she help them beg Ryan for mercy? Besides, she didn’t want to help them, so she refused directly.

“Jessica, you have a package…”

The mother yelled from downstairs. She was confused for a moment, and then she patted herself on the head suddenly and went downstairs with her phone hurriedly.

“Slow down, slow down. What’s the hurry? I’m not going to take it away. But what did you buy? It’s so mysterious. There’s nothing written on it.” The mother was holding a square box in her hand and looked at it curiously.

It was good that nothing written on it. It was the inflatable sex doll she bought for her brother. She would be embarrassed if her mother found it.

Jessica took the box quickly and said, “Thank you, mom.”

“No worries.” The mother took a look at her and then said hesitantly, “Well, Jessica…”


“Your grandmother said that Chris will come back today and asked you to go to the Jones’s house with her at seven o ‘clock.”

The mother face was full of guilt. There were widespread rumors and every day there were many people in various places waiting for Jessica. She had also advised the grandmother to change the time. There was no need to hurry, but the grandmother insisted on going today.

Jessica had heard from Chris that he arrived at the airport at 5:30 this afternoon. She thought the date would be tomorrow at the earliest. She didn’t expect to go at seven tonight.

How eager was grandma to marry her off?

She paused for a moment, and then forced a smile. “OK, I see, I… I’ll just dress up now.”

Lest grandma thought she had a bad attitude.

“All right.”

Jessica held the box and quickly went upstairs. She went to the door of Ryan’s room, took a few deep breaths, changed her attitude, and then knocked on the door.

The door clanged open, showing Ryan’s cold and handsome face. Her figure was reflected in his dark pupils. And he looked emotionless.

“Yes?” He asked coldly.

Jessica gave him the box in her hand flatteringly. “Well. This is a thank-you gift for you, which just arrived today.”

Didn’t he ask her how she would thank him the other day? After two days of hard thinking, she carefully selected the sex doll.

After all, he lost his girlfriend indirectly because of her. She guessed that he was so angry these days probably because he lacked sex.

Ryan’s eyes fell on the box. His eyes lit up and there was a faint smile on his lips. He stretched out his hand to take it, and wanted to unwrap it in her presence.

Her brother was so proud and bashful that if he opened it in front of her, he wouldn’t take it for his pride.

Jessica said thoughtfully, “I have a blind date three hours later, so I’m going to dress up first.”

With that, she turned and walked away.

But after she took two steps, the hood of her hoodie was pulled from behind, and the next moment she was all in a broad chest.

“A blind date?” The voice was cold and angry overhead.

“Yes, with the bully. I’ll go back to my room and primp.”

Thinking that grandmother would be here any minute, and if she saw this…Jessica withdrew from his arms palely, ran back to her room as fast as she could, and slammed the door behind her.

His thin lips tightened, his jaw receded, and he was full of unhappiness as he watched her shy away.

These days he had been waiting for her to come to him, and if she said she didn’t want to go on a blind date, no matter what grandma said, he would never allow grandma force her to go on a blind date.


She never came to him and said anything like that!

Ryan looked down at the box and gave a grim laugh. The little joy of receiving the gift had already vanished.

After Jessica went back to her room, she stood with her back against the door. Her eyes were full of gloom.

She always considered the grandmother as her own grandmother, and she considered Ryan as her own brother. She didn’t have any feelings for her brother. And she even never thought about it.

But she did not expect that her grandmother should be so wary of her that as long as her brother had a little physical contact with her, she would have a nightmare about being throwing out of their house by her grandmother…

“Well, stop overthinking! Grandma and the others are actually very kind to you. Your life is better than a lot of orphans!” Jessica took a deep breath, patted her face to comfort herself, and tried to smile.

She managed to suppress her messy thoughts and went downstairs after she got dressed.

In the living room, Ryan was sitting on the sofa. He changed into a silver gray expensive suit, with a dark blue shirt, looking noble and cold, with an air of aloofness and displeasure.

The grandmother was sitting beside him with a sullen face. The mother looked embarrassed.

Didn’t she just change upstairs for a while? What was wrong?

Jessica slowed down. She became nervous suddenly, and she greeted the three of them cautiously.

The grandmother nodded and gave her a sulky glare.

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