Chapter 149 Something Was Wrong

The grandmother thought carefully for a while, but she still did not believe what Jessica said. “If your brother likes the actress named Amy, how could he attack the actress without hesitation when she schemed you?”

And at that time when Jessica was molested, in order to help her, Ryan even gave up a big deal. Something was wrong!

“My brother did that is not for me, but for the family’s reputation! Even if I am only an adopted child, I am a member of the Howards.

If everybody knows that I was raped and schemed, but the culprit still gets away with it. Isn’t that a disgrace to the Howards?”

She really didn’t know why grandma firmly believed that she was having an affair with her brother!

Previous to this, grandma often warned them of it. Now, grandma simply affirmed that they had an affair.

The old lady looked at her coldly, with an obvious incredulous look.

“If you still don’t believe me, I swear I have no feelings for my brother. I swear to God that I am telling the truth!” Jessica raised her hand and said fiercely.

She really didn’t like him at all…

Ryan’s face fell completely. He turned and went upstairs without saying anything.

“Grandmother, you have gone too far this time.” Jessica took a look at his back and said with self-mockery, “I told you, my brother has a beloved woman.”

“And my brother told me personally that he didn’t like me as his sister. You’re not making me sick by saying that I have an affair with my brother. You’re making him sick.”

Otherwise, she could not figure out why her brother was so angry.

Ryan was really angry just now, which couldn’t be pretended. The grandmother changed her mind completely now, but she couldn’t swallow her pride and made an apology. She only asked in reply, “Did I really misunderstand you?”

Things were clear now. Grandmother actually still didn’t believe.

Jessica said tiredly, “If you still don’t believe, I can do nothing.”

“I will believe it, unless I can arrange a blind date for you and marry you off as soon as possible. Do you agree?” The grandmother asked after a moment’s thought.

She just didn’t believe her.

Jessica stopped her mother, whose was not happy, and said with a bitter smile, “…Well, it’s up to you.”

“The rumor says you have an affair with the adopted grandson of Grandma Jones, Chris, right? What do you think of him?” The grandmother asked without thinking.

Even if the rumor was false, if repeated often enough, it would be accepted as truth. It would be better marrying Jessica off as soon as possible.

She did not want to be laughed at in the same way as people laughed at Mrs. Miller.

Jessica looked up at her, the palm print on her face clearly visible.

How urgent was this?

She clenched her fists, but said nothing and nodded, “…OK. As long as there’s no problem with Chris, I’ll do it. I’m tired, so I’m going to sleep now.”

Jessica did not look at anyone again, and she went to the second floor blankly.

In the hospital.

In the ward.

Alex was lying on the bed, hands and feet lying limp on the sides of the body. He had lost a lot of weight and his cheeks were sinking deeply into the face, which looked horrible.

But even if his body was like that, his eyes were bright and he seemed to be in good spirits.

Amy was beside his bed, whose face was full of excitement. When she was begging Mr. Howard in the corridor of the hospital, she thought she had come to the end, but she did not expect things would come to a big reversal.

Now even Mr. Howard couldn’t do anything to them!

“Alex, who do you think Penny is? How can she have such great ability? That’s Mr. Howard, but she could actually report the news!”

She was sure that Mr. Howard wanted to stop that but he failed.

He was elated, but he minded that Amy had blamed him in front of Ryan. “You don’t have to ask who Penny is. Enjoy your profit from it.”

Actually he didn’t know who Penny was, either. It didn’t matter as long as she could help him.

Amy could not figure out the background of Penny, so she didn’t dare to offend Alex.

After paying him a lot of compliments, she asked carefully, “We schemed the Howards this time and framed Mr. Howard and Jessica for it. Will we be all right?”

The Howard family was big enough to crush them with one finger. If they had turned their guns on her and Alex, they would not have gone away!

Alex was scanning every inch of her body, especially her big boobs. He said meaningfully, “I’m sure I’ll be all right, but as for you, I have no idea.”

“What , what do you mean?”

“Don’t you know what I mean? You put all the blame on me in front of Mr. Howard. I didn’t mind that. And I already helped you incidentally. So whether the Howards will get back at you, it’s none of my business?”

Listening to this, Amy’s expression changed.

Alex was backed by Penny, but she wasn’t!

“Alex, I was wrong about that. I apologize. But you have to help me, or I…I…” She was going to have a hard time!

Alex was waiting for her to say this. He swallowed. “It’s not impossible for me to help you, but you have to do two things for me.”

“If I can, I’ll try my best.”

“First, you set up a rescue fan club for me, send my photos to them every day, and then transfer all the money donated by those stupid people to my bank account.”

As he was disabled now, it was impossible for him to continue working in the circle. Every penny counts!

“No problem!”

The second thing is, I haven’t had sex for a long time. Help me out.” He didn’t have the idea that Amy was quite pretty, expect her age.

Amy stiffened. She was smiling, but her eyes were full of contempt and forbearance.

This crap, she heard his penis was destroyed, how dared he want her? But that Penny was a personage, so she could not offend him now.

“That’s fine. You look so handsome, so I’m happy to do that.”

She grinned through the nausea, and she tried to take off his trousers with desire in her eyes. But just as her hand touched the waistband of his trousers, there was a clang at the door.

“Who’s there?” She was taken aback and ran to the door hurriedly.

A handsome teenager came in with a camera in his hand. He put down the device and smiled shyly under Amy’s hostile gaze.

“Hello, Amy, I’m a big fan of Alex. When I heard that Alex had accident, I wanted to take some photos of him and set up a rescue fan club to call on the Small Sailboats to do their bit.”

Small Sailboat was the nickname of Alex’s fans.

Amy couldn’t tell why, but she just felt uneasy, “Thanks for your kindness, but…”

Before she finished speaking, she was interrupted by Alex, who pretended to be sad and grateful. “I can’t believe I still have fans. I really want to thank everyone for sticking with me. I’ll leave that to you, boy. Thank you.”

If they had done it themselves, they might have left some traces behind them. If his faithful fan did that for them, they wouldn’t have had to worry about it.

God’s blessing.

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