Chapter 148 Even Said Harsh Things against Grandma

Her brother was actually speaking up for her? And even said harsh things against grandma?

She looked at Ryan in surprise and had mixed feelings which she could not tell.

“I’m asking you, do you know how ugly you look now when you are so aggressive?” Ryan repeated word by word, whose eyes looked frosty.

“Even when the ancient emperor beheaded his subject, he would give the other side a chance to defend. He is definitely not as imperious as you, who convicted others directly when you just started speaking. Do you think you are more powerful than the emperor?”

His words were really unpleasant. The grandmother gasped because of anger. She uttered a word after a long while, “You…”

However, Ryan interrupted her without mercy. “It’s fine that you are bossy at ordinary times because our family members are glad to humor you. But now you believe all the rumors in such matters, and you want to throw Jessica out.

I really don’t know whether you are ignorant or stupid!”

Her, her good son actually said she was ignorant and stupid?

The grandmother looked at him in disbelief, clutching her chest and gasping for breath.

When Jessica saw her like that, she ran up to her subconsciously and wanted to stroke her back to make her breathe smoothly. But as soon as she caught hold of her, she pushed her away with great strength.

“You don’t have to be hypocritical! Now my grandson confronts me for you. Are you very proud of yourself now?”

Every word was full of malice.

Jessica staggered to stand steadily. Her eyes were full of gloom. She just wanted to help her grandma, but her grandma actually speculated about her thoughts like this…

Ryan stopped walking when he saw her stand steadily. His dark eyes looked bottomless.

“She doesn’t even want to recognize you as her granddaughter, why do you still care about her? Her son, daughters-in-law and grandson are here. Everyone can help her.”

Was she stupid?

Jessica pressed her lips together and lowered her head in silence.

“Are you determined to oppose me, Ryan?” His insinuation made the grandmother felt a pang of happiness and anger.

Ryan gave a grim smile, whose voice was icy. “Is my attitude not obvious enough?”

Seeing that the grandmother was getting angry, the mother hastened to reconcile them. “That’ll do. Ryan, mom, you should make a concession to each other.”

“Is it a matter of making a concession?” The grandmother was so angry with Ryan that she asked the mother in a shrill voice. “Jessica has hooked up with him but she still played around with so many men. I have…”

Taking a glance at Jessica who was pale, the mother interrupted her unhappily with a frown. “Mom, come on. Those are all rumors on the Internet. Jessica and Ryan told us those are all false. How can you still believe them?”

Next to her, the father also said, “You don’t believe the family, but believe the messy media. What’s wrong with you?”

Why her son, daughter-in-law and grandson were fooled and spoke up for Jessica this dissolute woman? Were they blind to it?

The grandmother glared at Jessica fiercely. She shouted herself hoarse.

“If those are false, what’s the evidence on the Internet? Those intimate photos of Jessica and many other men had been identified and they’re not photoshopped!”

The mother hastened to say, “Those photos are taken out of context by the media for sure. You should give Jessica an opportunity to explain.”

With that, she pulled Jessica and gave her a wink, letting her take the opportunity to explain.

Het parent still believed her. It warmed the cockles in her heart. She forced back her tears and said in a low voice, “I was deceived by Alex the scum. I had dinner with investors, directors and producers to help his career.”

“There were a lot of bad guys who came on to me. Those photos were taken secretly by Alex at that time.”

For fear that the grandmother would not listen patiently, or interrupt again, she spoke fast.

Ryan had heard her, but now when he heard it again, and his face still looked extremely unhappy.

“How can you be so stupid to get yourself involved in for a man? If you want resources, you could just ask us. Why did you struggle for it by yourself?” The mother felt sorry for her but also felt angry.

Jessica lowered her head in silence. She was afraid that if she asked for something from her family, they would not be happy.

“You heard her, mother. This Alex is not a good guy.” The mother hastened to say, “Half a year ago, Jessica said happily that she would take someone home to meet me. However, shortly afterwards, she caught Alex cheating on her.”

“I guess he had cheated on Jessica for many times. And when they were filming together, the actor who threatened Jessica was Alex. Don’t you also know that?”

“Jessica liked Alex so much. How can she be in a relationship with Ryan?”

Compared with the first two sentences, Ryan couldn’t help laughing grimly when he heard the last sentence.

The girl lost her marbles when she took a fancy to such a player!

The grandmother said nothing, but her face softened.

Jessica said hurriedly, “I broke up with him because he cheated on me. It is definitely not because I cheated on him or because I looked down on Alex like those rumors said on the Internet.”

“If you still don’t believe me, I can show you the photos of Alex playing around with other women!”

The grandmother actually didn’t care so much about whether Jessica had played around with other men. She only cared about what kind of relationship Jessica had with her grandson.

But the grandmother wouldn’t say that frankly.

She could not tolerate it when her grandson fell in love with her granddaughter. But her son and the daughter-in-law, even her husband, did not care!

The grandmother sniffed, “How can I know if those photos are Photoshopped or not?”

Jessica was stunned, and Ryan, who was standing next to her, said ironically, “It’s very wise of you to believe all those false rumors on the Internet, but not the granddaughter you’ve raised for nearly 20 years.”

The grandmother was choked with his words.

“Yes, mother, it’s over the top.” The mother murmured after Ryan.

The father couldn’t help saying, “You are getting more and more muddled-headed as you get older.”

The grandmother couldn’t outargue the four of them, but she didn’t want to just leave it at that. So she said angrily, “Even if Alex cheated on you, it doesn’t prove that all the rumors on the Internet are false.”

At least it didn’t prove she didn’t have an affair with Ryan.

The grandmother didn’t say that clearly enough, but Jessica had been living a cautious life at home, so it was easy for her to know what the grandmother really cared about.

Jessica said under her breath, “I was always close to Alex until I found out he was cheating on me, which anyone at my school can attest. The brother also has a girlfriend. He likes Amy. We each have our own loves, so how can we have an affair?”

Always close to Alex? Well.

Ryan’s eyes clouded over with anger. The air pressure around him was low.

Why did her brother look angry? Perhaps he was angry about her getting him into trouble…Jessica decided inwardly that she would thank him and apologize to him after the matter was settled.

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