Chapter 147 Why Do You Keep Your Head down If You’re Fine

Jessica lowered her head, her hands holding the corners of her clothes. She kept silent, but she felt like she was on the verge of tears.

After all, she lived with her grandma since she was a little girl. Didn’t grandma know what kind of person she was? However, her grandmother did not believe her, but believed those distorted rumors on the Internet.

Ryan turned to look at her. Seeing this, he frowned, took a tissue from the table, and handed to her.

“I’m not crying…” Jessica said in a muffled voice, and backed away again to keep him at a distance. She was just afraid that her parents would misunderstand her like her grandmother did.

Seeing that, Ryan gave a snort, crumpled the tissue and threw it into the trash can.

His eyes looked sullen.

Jessica pressed her lips. Her eyes darkened.

“Why do you keep your head down if you’re fine?” The mother leaned over and looked down. When she saw the swollen palm print on her face, she said angrily, “What happened?”

Jessica dodged back and avoided eye contact with the mother. “No, nothing.”

It was Grandma hit her. If her mother knew that, she would face with the dilemma of whether or not to help her.

It’s better not to tell her.

But the more she didn’t say anything, the more the mother wanted to know. She simply turned to ask Ryan, “Ryan, who did that?”

Listening to that, Jessica looked at Ryan. She winked at him and shook her head, trying to give a hint to Ryan.

But Ryan didn’t look at her at all. He just said coldly, “Grandma.”

“…” The mother was so angry that she had a lump in her throat.

Her mother-in-law always chimed in with others. How could she believe those rumors, and even hit Jessica? But after all, the grandma was her elder, so she could not go directly to question and censure her.

Jessica had expected that things would become like this, so she hastened to make excuses for her. “It’s because those unscrupulous media distorted the truth. And they made the rumors so credible that grandma was cheated by them. Grandma hit me because she cares about me so much. We can’t blame her.”

The mother smiled embarrassedly, but the father, who had been silent, nodded and said, “I’m glad to hear you say that. After all, you were brought up by her.”

“I understand…” That was why she felt sad when grandma didn’t believe her.

Jessica lowered her head, forcing back her tears.

At that moment, there was a sudden noise of footsteps in the doorway. Then they heard grandma’s angry voice. “Do you all neglect what I say?”

The moment she heard the sound, Jessica froze. She turned round stiffly and saw her grandma storming in.

She glared at Jessica and said sharply, “Well, are you here now to persuade my son and daughter-in-law to let you stay here?”


Jessica clenched the corner of her clothes and tried to explain, but as soon as she spoke, she was interrupted by the shrill voice of the grandma.

“I tell you, Ryan is young and fickle. You can seduce him into having sex with you easily, and then he’ll be partial to you. But my son and daughter-in-law are not so easy to be deceived by you. No matter how you try to persuade them, it’s no use!”

When the rumors of Jessica and Ryan was exposed, Mrs. Miller had called her and said those words which people said when they sneered at her son and adopted granddaughter to her.

Ever since it happened in the Millers, she was afraid that such a thing would happen in her own family, so she kept warning them about that. But finally this kind of thing still happened, and she was satirized by Mrs. Miller. How could she not be angry?

The grandma’s words were really unpleasant. Every word was like a saw, moving backwards and forwards in Jessica’s heart, and blood was spurting from it.

Seduce…her brother into sleeping with her?

She didn’t do anything. Why did grandma scold her like that? Was she one of those shameless people in her grandmother’s eyes?

Jessica’s lips were trembling. If any stranger said that, she would not hesitate to fight back. But this was her grandmother who brought her up!

She was eager to explain, but her throat tightened. As soon as she opened her mouth, tears ran down into it.

It tasted salty and bitter.

“Wipe your tears.” Ryan frowned. His handsome and fine face was tinged with anger. He pulled out a few pieces of tissues irritably and stuffed them into Jessica’s hand.

He hated to see her cry.

Jessica casually wiped her face with the tissues. She forced back her tears, and said as calmly as possible, “Grandma, those are others sla…”

“Don’t call me grandma. I don’t have a granddaughter like you. You don’t have to cry, it’s no use crying. You have done such a thing that there is no room for you in our house. Get out!”

The grandmother couldn’t listen to anything now. She just wanted to drive Jessica away.

The more Jessica cried now, the more she felt annoyed.

She could be high-handed at ordinary times, but in this matter, she did not even give Jessica a chance to defend. The mother felt she had gone too far.

She was about to speak, but Ryan said coldly before her. “I don’t agree.”

The grandmother did not want to see him and Jessica now, so she had turned around deliberately. But when she heard this, she turned again with her eyes wide open, and said through gritted teeth, “Ryan!”

Ryan’s face did not change at all when he was shouted by the grandma. “Even if you shout at me louder, it’s no use. I don’t agree.”

“Is, is this your good son? He can’t distinguish right from wrong. He wants us to be laughed at by others at their leisure like the Millers.”

The grandma pointed at the father and mother, her fingers trembling with excessive anger.

Her good grandson really didn’t know how disgraceful he was!

“Say sorry to your grandma and talk nicely.” The mother tugged at Ryan’s clothes inconspicuously. After all, grandma was the elder.

But before Ryan could speak, the grandmother shouted angrily, “There’s nothing to say. Jessica and I, only one of us can stay, you choose!”

Listening to this, the mother was torn between her and Jessica. She did not know how to persuade them.

The father also frowned tightly and remained silent.

It was obvious that grandma was making trouble out of nothing, but now grandma had shown her determination, so father and mother even felt awkward and hesitant about persuading them.

If she were their own daughter, they wouldn’t be so embarrassed. If she were a biological granddaughter, grandma wouldn’t suspect that she had any affair with her brother. After all, biological daughter and adopted daughter were not the same.

Jessica clenched her fists tightly. The palm print on her face seemed to start burning again. Overwhelming pressure was suffocating her.

If…if her own parents were still alive…

“Have you decided yet?” The grandmother sniffed coldly, looking sidelong at Ryan and the others. “Tell us as soon as you’ve made a decision!”

They were going to throw her out?

Jessica’s face became paler, and her body was shaking.

“Does grandma know how ugly you are when you’re being aggressive?” Ryan undid two buttons. His eyes narrowed, and his handsome face was sullen.

That was her boy! Awesome!

The mother gave him a thumb up inwardly, but she did not dare to show it on her face, worrying that the grandmother would be dissatisfied with her.

The grandmother didn’t expect him to say that. She was shocked. “What, what did you say?”

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