Chapter 146 Turned Around and Looked at Them Coldly

Every minute of Ryan’s Life was valuable. He could never spare time to these people. If these people had not offended Jessica, he would not have bothered to look at them.

“Let’s go.”

He dragged at Jessica’s back collar and was about to go in the ward.

Seeing this, the Cunninghams and the Browns became anxious and just wanted to catch up with them. If they let Ryan go, they were all done for!

But before they could catch up, Ryan stopped, turned around and looked at them coldly.

Their feet seemed to take root in an instant, and they could not go any further.

It was because his gaze that was too threatening.

At this time they regretted it again. Why were they so garrulous just now? How did it come to this if they had admitted their mistakes and made an apology?

“It’s possible for me to change my mind.” Ryan stood in front of Jessica, glancing at the two families with his dark eyes.

There was…a hope?

Their eyes brightened and they looked wistfully at Ryan.

“If you can change your mind, I can do everything.”

“Yes, yes, as long as the Howard Group continues to cooperate with us, whatever you want, or whatever you want me to do, if I can do it, I will never say no!”

Ryan listened to them showing loyalty one by one, but his expression didn’t change. He just said coldly, “I will only let one of the families off.”



The two families looked at each other, and the atmosphere suddenly became embarrassing.

“I will let off the one who first comes up with a solution to the Howards’ rumors on the Internet.” With that, Ryan ignored the reaction of the two families and dragged Jessica into the ward, slamming the door shut.

Jessica tumbled to it after she entered the ward. What could not be solved by the public relations department of the Howard group may be solved by others.

Moreover, no matter how large the Howard group was, they should not break the contract or slander other companies without any reason. This was not only bad for the company’s image, but would also cause losses to the company’s interests.

She walked a few steps around to Ryan and looked up at him eagerly.

“Ryan, you have the plan from the beginning that let them find a way to solve the rumors. The reason why you said you would let one off is that you want them to have a competitive relationship and a sense of crisis, so they will try their best to figure out what to do, right?”

He had taken these into consideration, but it was not complete.

If the two ignored his warnings, he didn’t mind losing a bit of the company’s money. It was just a loss of tens of millions of dollars, which was not enough to make him feel sorry.

But there was no need to explain it to her.

With a light glance at her, Ryan skipped the subject and asked, “What’s the matter with grandma?”

He had almost guessed it, but he wanted to be sure.

Speaking of the grandma, the excitement on Jessica’s face all disappeared. She looked upset. “Grandma believes those rumors on the Internet. She feels that my private life was indiscreet, and I seduced you, so she wants to throw me out of the Howard family.”

Seduced him?

If she did seduce him, that would be good.

The self-mockery was fleeting in Ryan’s eyes. He said to Jessica who was listless, “Let’s check out and we’ll go home.”

Jessica was also anxious to go home to explain to the grandma, but, “Ryan, the wound on your head hasn’t healed and you suffered a mild concussion. It’s better stay in the hospital for observation.”

“Are you in a position to decide my business? Huh?” He narrowed his eyes and fixed on her.


Jessica did not dare to refute his words. She did not know why he was anxious to go home, but she still obediently went to go through the discharge procedures.

There were many fanatical netizens and paparazzo staying in front of the hospital and their villa. To be on the safe side, they were escorted back home by dozens of bodyguards.

As thus, before they had reached home, they had been on the hot search list again.

The network media only said the two of them were escorted home by a lot of bodyguards, but the netizens had put their own interpretation on it that they had a guilty conscience that was why there were so many bodyguards.

“If they’re not guilty, why are they bringing so many bodyguards?”

“Poor Alex, hands and feet were broken, and he will not be able to have a child. But this player and slut still live a happy life and it doesn’t make any difference. It cost Alex too much.”

“They broke Alex’s hands and feet, so now they are also afraid of being broken hands and feet. That’s why they take so many bodyguards! This kind of bitch should be hacked in pieces, die with her whole family and give birth to a child with an incurable disease!”

“They threatened people casually, broke people’s hands and feet, did a lot of guilty deeds, so they are just afraid of retaliation against them. Those bodyguards are also doing the wrong thing. They ignored the conscience for money. And protect the evildoers!”

They brought the bodyguards because they had a guilty conscience? How crazy were these fans? If they did not have a bodyguard, they would probably be trampled to death by them!

They were just trying to protect themselves, but they were actually slandered for that.

On the way home, Jessica nerved herself to surf the Internet and wanted to comfort her fans, but she did not expect to see the news and comments.

Her eyes were red with anger. She edited a lot of words to refute them, but at last she deleted them all and only sent one sentence.

“A clean hand wants no washing.”

As soon as it was posted, a large number of anti-fans and netizens began to comment on it with rude, violent and disgusting words.

“Give it to me.” Ryan looked at Jessica whose eyes were red, he frowned, and reached out his hand. “Give me the phone.”


Ryan took the phone, unloaded her Twitter and all her social media accounts, took out her SIM card, broke it in half and threw it out the window.

Jessica couldn’t stop him.

“It’s just a bunch of losers who are having a bad time in their lives. Don’t worry about it. These days, I’ll keep your phone.” Ryan said in a cold voice.

Was he… comforting her?

He said he hated her indeed. And he was forced to sacrifice his lover Amy because of her things. He should hate her more, but why he comforted her instead?

Jessica was very confused. Most of the time, her brother made her feel that he was very contradictory.

She was unsure about it when he behaved like this now. Did Carol really lie to her? That explosion accident had nothing to do with her brother?

She patted her aching head. Forget it. She should figure out how to explain it to grandma.

The car stopped at the Howards’ house. The two of them got out of the car and entered the house when the paparazzi were taking candid photographs of them.

It was rare to see that her father was at home. Her mother was also there. Seeing that they were back, they looked at them together.

“Mom, dad.” Jessica greeted timidly, not knowing whether they would believe the rumors on the Internet like her grandmother.

The father just replied to her greeting and didn’t say anything else. He didn’t look much different than usual.

However, the mother looked at the way she was like, and had a feeling that something was wrong. She stammered, “…Did your grandmother go to see you?”


“Orders just get confused easily. She went to the company with me and said she wanted to settle the rumors. However, she failed to solve the rumor, and the rumor solved her!”

She tried to persuade the grandma at that time, but she didn’t stop her. And she was needed in the company, so she could only stay. But she didn’t expect the grandma went find Jessica so soon.

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