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Chapter 150 You Belong To Me

“Benjamin, do you still love me?”

Benjamin narrowed his eyes. This question will always have only one answer in his heart, but it was always not his true words to her.

“Do you think this question needs to be answered now?”

Alice had to hear the answer, “Yes, it is very necessary. You must answer me today. Do you love me?”

Benjamin answered calmly, “No.”

Alice didn’t control her temper, and lifted her foot and kicked with all her strength on his calf, and a “Crack!” The sound made the air of the entire villa condense instantly and the time was still.

What did she do just now? What was that voice reminding them?

Benjamin stared at Alice with a frown, Alice panicked as soon as she walked over to help him, “Sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, I really didn’t mean it, do you hurt? I … … ”

Maybe it was not a simple kick, maybe he didn’t feel the pain, but it was a scar that couldn’t be touched in his heart.

Benjamin stepped back to avoid Alice’s apology. Her current appearance was proof that she knew it, but she never said it.

Alice really thought that she had kicked him badly, “Benjamin, I …”

She tried to approach him again, and when she supported him, she was pushed away relentlessly and coldly, growling coldly, “Get away!”

He turned around, and strode away. Alice looked sadly at his angry back, and her tears could only linger silently in her heart.

Now, he was fragile, and those sensitive pains cannot be touched by anyone, especially the person he cared about most. He wanted to prove to his favorite person that he was still an omnipotent power, so when he felt that he was incapable of becoming stronger, he was inferior. He did not dare to admit his hurt, and did not even allow anyone to find him fragile.

Alice chased out, “I’ll send you.”

He vehemently refused, avoiding her as if avoiding the plague, “No.”

Joan and Pippi just came back for a walk, and seeing their solemn atmosphere, Joan couldn’t help asking, “What’s wrong?”

Benjamin did not respond, Alice shook her head, “It’s all right.”

Benjamin said the next sentence, “I have to go back.” Then he really left.

After returning to the house, Alice told Joan, “I just kicked his leg.”

“…” Joan didn’t say anything. It was her son. She knew his personality best. The result of the accident made him unacceptable to all, so he disappeared timidly. But there was no courage to fight for their own happiness.

Alice couldn’t rest assured that he was like a child who was angry with himself. He was so fragile that he needed comfort, but he covered up his wound with all his strength and did not allow anyone to touch him.

The moment he arrived at his house and opened the door, he was surprised. He didn’t know how she knew he lived here.

“Can’t you just leave me alone?” Benjamin didn’t let her in, and was impatient to deal with her entanglement.

Alice looked at him, and did not care about his indifference. “Can you let me go in?”

Benjamin frowned, without hesitation, “No.”

“Is there a secret you can’t tell anyone?” In fact, she had already come, and she knew what was in the room, not just a few photos of her.

Benjamin answered her coldly, “Yes, it’s all my fiancee’s stuff, and I’m afraid you’ll feel irritated.”

Alice unwilling to unveil him, “You really think that I can get stimulated, isn’t it normal for you to have things with your woman in your home? Now I have your castle which you have designed for many years. I certainly don’t care so much”

Benjamin looked at her expressionlessly, her hands clasped to the top of her hair, “You are not welcome here. On your site, you can do whatever you want, here, no.”

Alice pouted, “On my site, you are also mine. You belong to me. It doesn’t matter what this house belong to.”

In the end, Benjamin refused to let Alice enter, and Alice, who was rejected by the door, did not hesitate to enter the password for his door lock. As a result, he was also prepared to lock the door directly inside.

She stubbornly waited for more than three hours at the door of his house, thinking to herself that he would definitely open the door.

Later, she still didn’t hit him. She was called away by a phone call from the company secretary. He watched her grimace at him through the door mirror, left unwillingly, and sighed deeply.

It wasn’t that he really slammed her out of the door for more than three hours, but he really didn’t know what to do with his incomplete body now.

The planned wedding was just two days away, and Benjamin didn’t mean to stop the wedding at all. Alice was very frustrated, and Chuck was totally lost.

For a long time, Chuck did like Alice very much. In the past few days, he had seriously thought about this love. If it really came to the stage of marriage, he seemed to be unable to accept the change of this relationship. He liked her, but it was not love.

He always knew that her happiness was by no means what he could bring to her.

In the world of Alice, without Benjamin, she lost the sun and lost her air. Even if he could give her a lifetime of warmth, he would never replace a smile and a hug for Benjamin.

Chuck and Alice met at the coffee shop, and always had to think of a better way to make Benjamin the groom of this wedding.

Chuck smiled at her distressed look. “When will the two of you stop fooling around?” For so many years, Benjamin used to prevent Alice from approaching anyone, but now he pushed him away.

Alice sighed, “He is very fragile now. He is like a hedgehog covered with spikes. He protects himself strictly. If I attack, he must think that I am sorry about him.”

Hey, she’s really sad.

Being annoyed, Benjamin even had coffee with his unmarried young wife named Jane here.

Alice looked at the oncoming Benjamin. How could the unmarried young wife walk? The road in this house was so narrow that she had to walk hand in hand. She was extremely annoyed.

There was something even more irritating behind him. He saw her clearly. Was she stingy or she couldn’t see anyone? Couldn’t he look at her twice more and give a brief introduction to the woman who was almost hanging on him?

However, he didn’t. He ignored her directly, and pretended not to know her. He always sat here, and treated them as strangers.

Alice was angry and making a mess. When Jane walked to her seat by one foot, her foot stretched out unexpectedly.

“Oh …” Jane, who was holding Benjamin’s arm, almost fell, and there was quiet music in the cafe. Jane’s disorder caused a lot of dissatisfaction.

Alice grinned, but she pretended to be very innocent, “I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean it, are you okay?”

It wasn’t the intentional blame. Chuck was afraid he couldn’t help laughing, and turned his head and looked out the window.

Benjamin’s eyes stared at the mischievous Alice, especially her pretending to be very sorry, she really had the ability to anger him.

Jane was a cultivated young lady, smiling at all, “I’m fine, it’s okay.”

It was really elegant, Alice thought. Fortunately, this young lady was not her true rival, otherwise her chance of winning was really small.

Benjamin and Jane were sitting behind Alice, and their backs were so high that no one could see them.

Alice winked with Chuck, and Chuck asked her with a lip, “What?”

Alice typed two words on his mobile phone and showed him, “To quarrel with me.”

Chuck was speechless, and when the two grew up together, he had never quarreled with her. To be honest, he really didn’t know how to quarrel with her, especially under such situation.

Alice shook her fists to cheer him on, pulled Chuck’s hand on the table, awkwardly coquettish, “I believe in you, you can.”

Chuck was speechless. He cleared his throat and called her, “Alice!”

Alice was lying on the table in a discouraged way. Could not this man get angry? She typed a few more words on her cell phone, “Be louder, more fierce.”

Chuck felt incredible. Looking at the surrounding environment. Was this place really suitable for yelling? Encouraged by Alice’s eyes, he brewed for a long time before yelling, “Alice! How could you fool around!”

The sound was really powerful, completely unexpected by Alice, and really scared by him, and the little hand clapped her little heart did not forget to give Chuck praise.

At the same time, Benjamin really had the urge to immediately protect Alice in his arms.

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