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Chapter 149 Husband, I Am Here

Benjamin changed his dress without saying a word, and Alice also changed her wedding dress. He wore his original casual suit, but Alice changed a red petal fishtail dress.

This time, the clerk took the initiative to take a photo of them. Alice was a little worried because she was afraid that he would definitely not cooperate this time. Unexpectedly, he stood face to face with her.

Alice was still thinking, wouldn’t he want to get revenge on her kiss? Her chin was provoked by him uncontrollably. She naturally raised her head and looked at him. The corner of his mouth slightly ticked, and there was a sexy and ambiguous provocation in his eyes.

Alice’s heart trembled, wouldn’t he … really take revenge on her, right?

Thinking about it, Alice closed her eyes like an idiot, and her small mouth was piercing high, waiting for his kiss-type revenge.

However … He smiled badly, and when she opened her eyes, he didn’t mean to kiss her, he just fooled her around.

Alice pushed him away in dissatisfaction. When the clerk returned the phone to Alice, he whispered and said, “If my husband is so handsome and so good, I will be as crazy as you.”

“…” Well, the picture on the phone with her pouting mouth waiting impatiently for him to kiss, made her speechless.

The idiot was the idiot. Sadly, he didn’t want to be her husband at all.

When leaving the bridal shop, Alice also glanced at the wedding dress that she liked the most, and knew at a glance that the wedding dress must be very expensive.

Benjamin walked ahead, and Alice looked back while walking behind, “Miss, can you go faster?”

Alice looked at him who had already crossed the road, smiling sweetly and happily.

She was always stubborn, and she must do it when she thought about it. Her bag slung back on her body and ran happily across the road. However, Benjamin looked carefully for the coming and going cars.

As she approached Benjamin, she called him cheerfully, “My husband, I’m here.”

Benjamin’s heart suddenly missed a beat, watching her run to him, he stood numbly, she opened her arms and hugged him like a wood.

She lifted her head and screamed sweetly in his ear again, “You are my husband …”

His heartbeat accelerated, his eyebrows tightened, his voice tightened, “Don’t make mistake.”

Alice let go of him and pouted at her mouth unhappy. “I am just practicing.”

He had been let go of her, and even the light fragrance of her hair drifted away. He turned and looked at her slender and stubborn back, an uncomfortable feeling struck him.

Practice? Did she just practice just now?

In the car, Alice, wearing a seat belt, asked Benjamin, who was sitting beside, “Benjamin, when you and your rich young lady went out, did she drive you? ”

Benjamin turned his head to look at her, thinking that she didn’t bother to call her with such a long series of title. “Her name is Jane.”

Alice nodded as if she understood, “Oh … when you go out with that rich young lady named Jane who is your unmarried wife, did she drive you?”

Benjamin looked out the window and sighed helplessly. There was no way to do with her, “There is a driver.”

Alice, “You take a driver every time?”

“Or what can I do?” Benjamin.

“So you cannot have sex in the car, can you?”

Benjamin stared back at her, “What are you thinking in your mind?”

Alice said to him, “I just think it’s difficult to control yourself. There is always time that you suddenly have …”

“Shut up!” Benjamin stared at her with a handsome, good-looking face.

Alice knew that he was angry. This was what she wanted. “Just casually say. Why are you so angry? Besides, I remember that you had to be in the car with me …”

“Just go!” Someone’s face was even uglier than before.

Well, Alice nodded, “Okay, let’s go.”

In the evening, Benjamin made an appointment with Chuck and Jim. Except for Benjamin, other relatives and friends all knew Alice’s plan, so Chuck and Jim showed a very unexpected appearance when they met Ben.

Jim said it on purpose, “Why, the Chair’ son-in-law will have time to meet with us”

Benjamin knew Jim well. He skipped him at a glance. His main purpose today was to find Chuck. Wasn’t he very busy? He didn’t seem to be so busy as to get married.

“Since you have decided to marry her, please treat her well. She’s busy setting up everything these days. You should stay with her no matter how busy you are.” Benjamin said directly to Chuck’s face.

Chuck faced calmly, “Bro, how I treat my wife is my own business. It should not have much to do with you.”

Benjamin was choked by his words, but he couldn’t ignore everything. The situation now seemed to be that Alice was busy marrying alone.

“Chuck, Alice …” Benjamin increasingly felt that Alice’s marriage was still not satisfactory.

Chuck interrupted Benjamin’s various concerns, “Stop, she will be my wife in the future. Of course, Pippi is your son. You still have the right to visit him, but … please in the future, don’t go too close to my wife. It is very suspicious, you think so? ”

Benjamin hadn’t answered yet, Jim was adding fuel and jealousy, “Yeah, Ben, although we all know that Alice was your favorite from childhood, but I think you are already very clear now, actually in your heart, she is your sister, and it is normal for you to pamper your sister so much. Now you also have the Chairman’s daughter as a fiancee, and Chuck finally marries Alice. I think it’s a good ending. How do you think? ”


Benjamin depressed and drank the whole glass of red wine, and frowned at himself.

Jim didn’t think it was a big deal, and adding that. “Well, why have I heard recently that your fiancee and the hot male star have an affair? Is this really a fake? Don’t be cheated.”

Benjamin stared at Jim with anger, Jim hurriedly laughed, “Okay, let’s not talk about these, our three brothers rarely gather together, let’s have fun.”

When the three were almost drunk, Benjamin was still struggling with the issue that was important to him, “Chuck, you must be good to Alice.”

Chuck’s answer was very polite, “Don’t you worry about.”

Jim was on the side again, “Yeah, Ben, you don’t have to care about Alice. You should really check whether you were actually cheated by your fiancee.”

“…” Benjamin looked at the two of them, how really everything has made him feel strange recently.

Who was to blame for it? Wasn’t it that he asked for it himself? There were things that you didn’t say in his heart. He thought he can save the whole world by himself.

In the next few days, Benjamin felt that Alice’s prank was more tormenting than the previous few days, and how busy was Chuck?

He really wanted to ask Chuck, was he too busy on the day of marriage, so busy that he even didn’t have time to attend the wedding. So he himself had to help him with the wedding?

It was another day of shopping, and Alice pointed at the big bed she had just moved home, and it had been covered with big red festive sheets, “Benjamin, would you like to experience it?”

Benjamin’s face sank and he was going to go out.

Who was Alice, the little overlord in Benjamin’s life, and how could she let him escape the palm of her hand. She pulled him back with exhausting power, and threw him on the newly bought wedding bed.

She sat on him, and he was going to turn her down and stood up, but she hugged him tightly. When he got up and down, she still hugged him tightly.

“Alice, don’t fool around.” He spoke to her calmly.

Alice shook her head. “No, I want you to lie with me for a while.”

“It’s not right.” Benjamin pushed her away. After all, he was much stronger.

Alice sat up and shouted at his back, “What’s wrong. I not married yet. Or do you still have feelings for me?”

With a bang, the door closed, leaving Alice alone to sit in the festively decorated room, shaking with anger.

She excited him every day like this, and he can still be indifferent and really doubted whether he really didn’t love her anymore.

The more she thought about the things in her heart, the more she wanted to vent. She opened the door and chased out. He had already reached the second floor. “Benjamin, stop here, and today we must make something clearly.”

She caught up with him and stopped him at the entrance of the staircase.

The two looked at each other, as if the quarreling couple were confronting each other. Alice no longer wanted to talk nonsense with him, and asked him directly, “Benjamin, do you still love me?”

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