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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 148 What If I Miss You

Alice, leaning on the wall, sat on the ground weakly, staring at his still mighty but sad back, distressed, and she yelled at him in a crying voice, “Before I refuse you, how can you dump me?”

Having reached the door, Benjamin’s heart was blocked for a while, and he didn’t talk anymore. Alice picked up the slippers at his feet and threw it at him. “Benjamin, you are a bastard. You said you would love me for a lifetime, but you choose to be a deserter. ”

She dropped his slippers on his left leg, but did not change his turn. On the contrary, it made him believe that he had to leave.

After Alice went out that day, he didn’t go home until the evening. Benjamin didn’t leave and decided to stay. This surprised Alice. After all, he had something to hide from her..

Joan and Pippi have fallen asleep. He was sitting on the sofa in the living room. He should be waiting for her to come back. After entering the house, Alice has a strange feeling. She reminded him intentionally or unintentionally. “You can live here now, until I get married.”

Under the dimmed light, he looked at her stubborn face, “… This is my house.”

Alice’s counterargument was taken for granted, “After you run away from home, this is already my home.”

Having said that, she left him alone in the large living room, and let him think about it by himself. When he figured it out, he regretted it.

The night was deep and quiet. Alice became angrier, and unable to sleep. She tossed on the double bed.

She tried hard to enter Benjamin’s room. However, he knew her so well that he even locked the door of the room firmly and put a note on the window. Please go back to bed. ”

What a fuck … asshole.

Alice tore the note that could anger her, and reluctantly returned to her room.

He didn’t want to see her, she called him to harass him, anyway, she couldn’t sleep, and he didn’t even want to sleep.

She angrily dialed his number. Fortunately, he picked it up quickly. Otherwise she would go and knock on his door. “It’s late, can you stop fooling around?”

When she heard his voice, she knew he was not asleep, and Alice said what he wanted to say, “Benjamin …”

“What?” He answered impatiently, his tone was impatient, but his heart was very steady.

“I can’t sleep.” She was coquettish, as before, every time she couldn’t sleep, she lingered on him, muttered that she couldn’t sleep, but the final result was that she slept better than a pig, and he opened his eyes until dawn.

Benjamin said with a calm voice, “Close your eyes and think about walking up the stairs by yourself, counting to one hundred.”

“I closed my eyes, and you help me count, I listen.” Her coquettish ability was absolutely first-class, so he can never refuse, not because she was a master, but because he loved her and pampered her.

“…” Benjamin didn’t say anything for a while, Alice complained, “You are not counted, I really can’t sleep.”

“One, two, three, four …” He was very patient to count to one hundred, and just finished counting, still wondering if she had fallen asleep, but the voice from the girl was not sleepy.

“Benjamin, are you tired?”

Benjamin sighed helplessly, “Or you can count it again.”

Alice said, “No, when you just counted, I was thinking that I was walking up the stairs with you, but when I reached twenty, I was tired. You glanced at me and said nothing, just put me on your back, you continued to count, and I kept thinking on my back, Benjamin, are you tired? Or should I come down and go by myself …”

Benjamin had become accustomed to her like this. Every time he coaxed her to sleep, he always had to answer her numerous questions before she can fall asleep satisfactorily.

“You climbed the hundred steps just now. I’m not with you at all.”

Alice said a lost “Oh” and continued to question him, “Do you think you are no longer with me? If I can’t reach, who will carry me?”

Benjamin’s throat tightened for a while. “You’re getting married. Your husband will carry you back when you get married.”

“Will he always carry me home like you?” Will there be a second Benjamin in her life in this world?

Benjamin frowned, and told her, “Yes.”

“So what do I do when I miss you? Can I tell him and let him find you for me?”

“… No.”

For a while, Alice was sad and stubborn and refused to stop. “Will you miss me?”

After a few seconds of silence, his answer was cold-hearted and heartbreaking, “No.”

“I know you lied to me.” She wouldn’t believe his lies.

He had to break her conviction, “I never lied to you, this time, neither.”


“…” He didn’t refute again.

After a long silence, Alice was crying, and seemed to be asking him, “Benjamin, I want to sleep with you.”

She said in a crying voice, enough to touch his heart, Benjamin was so distressed, coaxed her softly, “Don’t make trouble, sleep.”

“No, I want you to hug and sleep.” She looked like a poor child and begged him.

“…” For a while, until she stopped crying aggrieved, and sometimes there were no sobbing sounds, he knew that she was asleep, but he did not end the call, listening to her shallow breathing sounds, as if she was sleeping beside him.

After dawn, on a new day, the sun was shining, and Alice was full of energy. The whole person was rejuvenated, and he could not see the sadness of last night.

At the end of breakfast, she hugged her son and kissed Joan a few times. Then she dragged Benjamin out, or she drove. She took the car, and no one said anything along the way last night.

Alice chattered along the way, “Benjamin, you are not allowed to be lazy today, I really have a lot of things unprepared.”

“Benjamin, let’s try a wedding dress first, and then choose a honeymoon place. You said, where should we go for a honeymoon?”

Benjamin did not answer questions like this.

Alice didn’t feel disappointed. She said to herself, planning her perfect wedding, “Benjamin, I want to hold a wedding in the church. How do you think?”

“Benjamin, should I change my hairstyle? I have long hair for so many years. Should I be a short-haired bride?”

“Ben, I …”

“Benjamin, why don’t you speak? Did you hear what I said?”


He was finally forced by her to say, “Just like what you like, whatever you want.”

In the bridal shop, Alice happily picked the wedding dress, and asked Benjamin before seeing one, “Does this look good? Is this good?”

Actually he wanted to say, ‘all are good. ‘What she wore was the most beautiful bride in his eyes.

Finally, Alice picked a white strapless. The clerk said that if she liked it, she can try it on. When Alice went to try it on, Benjamin thought another wedding dress would fit her better. Just now, she also glanced at this wedding dress a few times, but he didn’t know why she didn’t choose this one in the end.

The clerk came over enthusiastically, “Sir, it seems that your wife also liked this one just now. This wedding dress is called first love.” Right, even the clerk could see.

“Then this one, don’t tell her.”

The clerk smiled enviously, and it’s so happy to marry a husband like this. “We’ll help your wife measure the size later. You can give us the address and we will send it to you directly.”

“That is good.”

When Alice came out, she was a little embarrassed. After all, it was the first time to wear a wedding dress in front of him. Oh, no, it was the first time she wore a wedding dress. Although she was considered a second marriage.

He knew that she must be the most beautiful bride. He pouted and smiled at her, Alice shyly bit her lips, “Does it look good?”

Benjamin nodded sincerely. “Gorgeous.”

Alice said to the clerk around him, “Please help him pick one suit.”

How did the clerk feel that the two were a perfect match, and they actively helped Benjamin choose the suit. Benjamin frowned and looked at Alice, wondering what she would do?

Alice, wearing a wedding dress, walked in front of Benjamin carrying two skirts, and said mischievously, “Oh, you can try to try for Chuck a while. Anyway, you are about the same size. He is too busy recently. Come on, ex-husband. ”

Benjamin had no choice. When he changed out his dress, Alice praised like, “Benjamin, how can you be so handsome.”

“…” Benjamin was happy, but his expression was awkward, and the clerks were joking at her being idiot.

Alice found her mobile phone in the bag and said to the clerk, “Thank you for taking a picture of us.”

The clerk was very happy, but Benjamin wanted to understand why, but he also allowed her to do so.

Before taking the picture, Alice solemnly ordered Benjamin, “Don’t keep a cold face, but look nice.”

Benjamin said that he was very tired. Although this was a self-inflicted one, his ex-husband had to marry his beloved ex-wife to another man, which was hard to make him laugh happily.

Alice naturally held Benjamin’s arm, and the two stood side by side. They took a picture of it, and the clerk took the mobile phone to let them watch it, to see whether they were satisfied it or not.

Alice nodded. Although he didn’t laugh, at least he didn’t frown.

But she asked for another one. This time, she spooked her tiptoe and kissed his cheek before the photo was frozen.

The picture taken was that his face was startled, she was just a side face, and she couldn’t hide her sweetness.

Benjamin looked at her with a narrow eyebrow, Alice ignored his anger, and took it for granted, “What you see, this is what you owe me.”

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