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Chapter 147 My Husband Likes This

Alice really brought him home. As soon as Benjamin entered the door, Pippi, who had just learned to walk, shook his hands and came over. Joan was crying, and thought he was gone.

But this son’s approach made her very angry, so she had to work with her daughter-in-law to punish him and make him understand that many things can only be sustained with the encouragement and company of family.

Benjamin also secretly returned to see them, but now Pippi’s eagerness to let him hug him really moved him.

Blood is thicker than water, this absolute son.

Benjamin picked up Pippi, and Pippi screamed and said, “Papa, papa, papa …”

The child’s world was simple and happy. So a small child, who hadn’t seen his father for many days, not only remembered him, but also expressed his miss and love for his father.

“Mom …” Benjamin held Pippi in front of Joan. As a son, he was very sorry for his mother.

Joan answered, “It would be fine if you come back.” Then she turned to see Alice. “Alice, when you went out this morning, didn’t you say that you would choose a wedding ring today? Have you picked?”

Benjamin was speechless, his son was back, and his mother was not excited. Why did she care more about the remarriage of her ex-wife?

Alice nodded happily, “It’s selected, you see, but I asked Ben to pay for it.”

Joan was so happy that she didn’t care about her son spending a lot of money, but gave his wife to others. “You have to let him buy it. If he doesn’t buy it for you, I will buy it for you.”

Alice hugged Joan, “The godmother is the best.”

Benjamin looked at the interaction between the two of them, and couldn’t help but sigh. When he was there, he was always afraid that their relationship would be bad. Why was he not at home and they became so good.

Then Benjamin looked after the child, and the two of them had been discussing marriage.

“Alice, you will live here after you get married. Just clean up the third floor.”

Alice nodded in approval, “Well, OK, I’ll discuss it with him, but I have to buy a wedding bed.”

Joan, “Yes, buy a new one, and let Ben buy it for you.”

Benjamin couldn’t stand it “Why? She got married, except the groom isn’t me. Why is there anything about me?”

Joan glared at him, “What’s wrong, you are still not satisfied. If you are OK, you will disappear. I will depend on Alice for the rest of my life. How much did I spend to raise you up? What’s wrong with you? ”

Why was this mother so unreasonable? The important thing was that he had no reason to refute.

“But not everything had to be done by me.”

Joan did not reconcile his son at all. “Weren’t you shameless? At that time, you got marriage certificate without Alice’s consent. And you still have the fave to say you are her ex-husband. ”

“I …” Benjamin said that he had no choice but to let his mother tell the truth.

Alice could not help laughing, “Yes, that marriage should not have been done at that time. You asked me to have a son for you. For my son’s sake, now I’m getting married, please take care and spend some money. Shouldn’t you? ”

The two women attacked him one by one, and now he had no choice bu kept silent, looking at the naughty son in his arms, thinking, forget it.

Joan and Alice winked, thinking that this plan had been more than half successful. Just see how long can he succumb? Could he just watch her marry someone else?

Benjamin naturally stayed at home to eat lunch, but Alice changed into a more sexy clothes to prepare to go out.

Benjamin didn’t understand. When did she become so sexy?

He asked indifferently, “Where do you go dressing like this?”

Alice shrugged indifferently to him, “None of your business.”

“… But can you change to normal clothes?”

Alice didn’t understand why her dress was abnormal. She deliberately pulled down the V-neck in front of him and smiled charmingly. “My husband likes this.”

Before Alice had time to wear on high heels, he couldn’t bear it and dragged her to the second floor without mercy. Today, he definitely won’t allow her to go out like this.

Joan saw everything in the kitchen, threatening Benjamin, “Son, you must not bully my daughter, or I will break the parent-child relationship with you.”

Benjamin was speechless again, what a messy relationship.

At the locker room, Benjamin found a high-necked sweater and a conservative pair of pants. “Wear this.”

Alice glanced at him, refused him, “No.”


“Don’t you guys like to watch this kind of woman? Besides, women are the ones who please themselves. I don’t think what’s wrong. I saw your rich fiancee last time. In such a cold day, her long white legs were still exposed. Why don’t you care? ”

“I don’t care about others, but you have to listen to me.” As soon as he was angry, he exposed himself.

Alice whispered to him, “Who do you care about me, why do you care about me, Benjamin, I do not care about you, you do not care about me.”

“Alice, you don’t have to dress like this. Chuck will marry you. You are fine, you don’t need to please anyone, you know?”

Alice stared angrily at him, “No, because I’m stupid, I won’t please you, so you don’t want me?”

Benjamin frowned. In her heart, she thought so.

He denied, “I didn’t choose to leave you because of this.”

“Why is that?” Alice asked him, looking forward to his true answer.

However, he didn’t say, “Because I’m tired, I don’t want to keep pampering you all the time.”

“Then you can tell me, I can change it, it doesn’t matter if you don’t pamper me, and I will pamper you. You don’t even give me a chance at all. You say go and leave. If you leave, why do you still want to come back? You don’t want to leave. “Alice said what was bearing in her heart, not to drive him away, but to feel that she was particularly wronged.

He didn’t say anything, thinking that he could arrange their lives and leave quietly. Did he imagine himself too great, and wanted to live like a saint, wouldn’t it be tired?

Alice suddenly stomped her toes and kissed his warm lips. This time, she kissed him heartily. Would he feel lonely when he bears all the pains?

From the beginning to the end, Alice recognized him as the man of her life, and Benjamin was sensible and thought that Alice would no longer be his.

He suddenly pushed her away, his expression indifferent, “You have to be loyal to your marriage.”

She had never seen such an idiot man, Alice sneered helplessly, “Look, just because I am dressed like this, and I have taken a little initiative on you, and even if you don’t love me, your body still reacts.”

“I …” How could he not love her.

Alice pretended to say nothing, “You don’t need to feel embarrassed. You are a normal man. In the face of such a seductive woman, it is abnormal if you don’t respond, and I will feel very defeated.”

After speaking, she seemed to be leaning on him, and she lifted her toes, put her lips to his ears, and exhaled, “If you want it very much, I can also have my eyes closed.”

Benjamin clasped her shoulder with a big hand, a pair of deep eyes staring at Alice, who became strange to him. He was really angry, and the blue tendons on his forehead were violent and exhaled. His breath was hot and deep.

He looked at her, and she looked at him without dodging. Looking at each other, he suddenly felt that he was useless and powerless to her, probably because everything was beyond his plan.

He thought, if one day he was no longer with her, she would be fine, and someone could pamper her unconditionally, and she would still be a happy and carefree.

He let go of her tiredly and weakly, staring down at his leg, “Let’s do it.”

Do whatever you want.

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