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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 146 He Is My Ex-Husband

Alice happily took Benjamin’s arm to the counter and said excitedly to the waiter just now, “Hello, I want this.”

The waiter smiled and helped them take out the ring. “Try it on. You can adjust it if it’s not the right size.”

“Okay.” The smile on her face proved her inner happiness. Benjamin felt that he was very unqualified when he was her husband. He didn’t even buy a ring for her, and always felt that she was him anyway.

The ring was just like a customized for her. It was set on her ring finger. It was beautiful and sparkling.

The waiter took the white ring out with the white gloves. “Sir, you can also try it on.”

Alice’s eyes were blocked quickly, as if waiting for the waiter to say this sentence, “No, it’s not for him anyway.”

The waiter was surprised and didn’t know what to say.

Benjamin was gloomy with a handsome face, Alice pretended to turn a blind eye, and said to the curious waiter, “He is my ex-husband. I’ll buy this ring and let my husband try it on.”

The waiters were shocked by Alice’s words. Seeing a man as handsome as Benjamin, this woman turned him into ex-husband.

When it turned out, it was the card swiped by this ex-husband! After selling the ring for many years, she was the first time to see such a good ex-husband.

In the car, Alice took out the ring again for a while to appreciate, “It really looks beautiful, hello. Benjamin, do you think Chuck will like it?”

“…” Benjamin had a somber face and didn’t speak.

Alice turned to look at him, “No, Benjamin, don’t be so stingy, or will you let me buy a ring? You are so distressed that you don’t even talk to me now.”

Benjamin’s heart was stagnant. He was distressed, but it wasn’t money that was distressed, it was her word ex-husband.

Alice saw that Benjamin was really going to ignore her, so she took out the male ring from the delicate heart-shaped cashmere box, “Well, for your money, I’ll bring it for you.” ”

With that said, pulling his left hand and putting the male ring on his ring finger. It fitted perfectly.

Benjamin felt that the cool trap was trapped on his ring finger. Suddenly, a heart was particularly stable and comfortable, as if he had been trapped in her entire life since then, without a sense of restraint, but instead feeling comfortable.

Benjamin stared at the ring on her finger. He was totally lost, and Alice could see his emotional feelings in his heart. She deliberately made him unhappy. “Well, hurry up, don’t wear worn of it.” ”

Benjamin wanted to say, can the ring still be worn? When she took the ring seriously, he clenched his hands. “I found that I was wearing this ring very well, and I decided not to give it to you.”

How can he?

“How can you do this? You said you would give me a wedding gift. How can you say that you don’t want to give it me? Hurry up and give it back to me.” Alice as in a hurry, two little hands were holding his big hands, wanting to take back the male ring.

But the strength in his hands was so special to her, she couldn’t hold it anymore, and he said with a pique, “I don’t want that woman ring, and I don’t give it to you this man ring.”

“Why? This is for Chuck. What did he wear?”

“You are buying him a puppet alone.”

This bastard.

Alice glared at him breathlessly, “Benjamin, you have to return the ring to me. There are many rings suitable for you. Isn’t your fiance rich? Let her buy one for you. You must give it to me. ”

Benjamin looked at her crying anxiously, and couldn’t bear to provoke her to tears. She really liked the rings and had to take off the ring sadly, “Here you go.”

Alice cried and smiled and collected the baby ring. “That’s great. I will personally put it on my husband under the witness of the priest.”

Benjamin continually fixed her pouting side face, she really wanted to be someone else’s bride.

He couldn’t help but put his hand on hers, “Alice …”

Alice put down the handbrake, and took away his hand with anxiety. “Just say it, don’t touch my hands.”

Seeing her being so angry and alienated, Benjamin was sad and wanted to laugh. It is undeniable that the empty hand made him feel that the whole world was empty because she was no longer there.

“Are you happy?”

Whoever wanted such a sensation, Alice replied politely, “Of course I am happy, very happy, and extremely happy.”

Benjamin pouted and smiled comfortably. He felt his bitterness slowly, and his voice was low, “It will be fine if you are happy.”

Alice almost strangled him. He was so ironed that he didn’t plan to tell her the truth. The car just started was turned off by her again. She got off the car and opened the door of his side, and sat on his laps.

She acted as if she had practiced it, so fast that Benjamin did not respond what had happened, so Alice gave him a strong kiss.

But it was not like a kiss, like a little monster being annoyed, she directly punished him by puking on his lips, and bitten his lips hard.

Even if it wasn’t a kiss, it was enough to excite Benjamin. She was too hot today, and now she still lost her temper with this posture. He couldn’t help but put his hands her small waist. He feel like he was almost burning.

She pushed him away angrily. “Benjamin, I will tell you, don’t think that I can’t live without you. I will make myself well, very well, super well.”

Benjamin looked at her red face because of her anger. Her delicate lips were still stained with the deceptive blood on his lips. He was relieved. The palms clasped around her waist were wet with sweat and his voice was low and stiff. “You are not allowed to ride on a man like this in the future.”

It’s too deadly, if he didn’t bear it, he must fight back against her now.

Alice felt a change in some part of his body, and sneered proudly, “I have been practicing well recently, Chuck was a virgin, so I have to take the initiative. It seems that this trick works. You erected. ”

“…” Benjamin’s face was black and green, and he really wanted to fuck her.

“Go back to your side.” He was gloomy with an iceberg face, and ordered coldly.

He let go of her, and she was unwilling to let him go, making him uncomfortable, “Benjamin, your rich unmarried young wife, and me, who …”

“It’s the same when turns off the lights.” Benjamin interrupted her with a cold face. If she didn’t go away, he would directly hold her over there.

Alice sneered, “Cut, really boring.”

With a flash of light in her head, she approached Benjamin again, “Hey, you say compared with Chuck, who …”

“Shut up!” This time he was really angry. He shouted out loud in the closed compartment several times, and Alice’s eardrums all hurt.

Alice resolutely sat back to her seat, restarted the car, and set out, but she was still not afraid that he strangled her on the spot and said, “I think he must be better than you.”

Benjamin glared at her very angry. If his eyes could kill someone, it was estimated that she had now been broken by him.

Alice also knew how to stop, and this topic entered a pause mode, and she couldn’t force him too quickly, and said, “Let’s try a wedding dress. Yes, I haven’t had time to take a wedding photo. You said that which style of wedding photo is better? Chinese or Western? Or both Chinese and Western? Where should I go to take pictures? Paris? No, let’s go to the UK. At that time, you all went to the UK and I didn’t go. That’s it, go to Britain. ”

Alice said so much by herself, but the person next to him said nothing. “Did you hear me?”

Benjamin made a perfunctory response, “Yes”, and nothing else.

Alice pouted her mouth, “Then go to choose a wedding dress, in case I need to choose tailor-made.”

“No.” This time he answered clearly and without hesitation.

“Why not go?”

“Today I’m tired, send me home.”

“We just came out. I still have a lot of things to buy. You’re going home. How could you?” Alice complained unhappy.

Benjamin was silent, he would not go if he refused to go, and no discussion.

Alice had no choice but to compromise, “Fine. Then you come home with me, to our home.”

Their home?

Benjamin rolled his eyes and stared at her, while Alice focused her eyes on the front and drove her car seriously, “You are back. You didn’t even go home? You have to go home and see your mother and your son. You don’t miss me, but you do miss them, right? ”

Who said he didn’t want to see her, and who said he didn’t miss her.

If it wasn’t for thinking of her too much, he wouldn’t have come back at all, and he wouldn’t have buy a dowry for her to marry someone else.

“I didn’t mean I didn’t miss you.” His voice was small and seemed to be talking to himself, but still audible in the quiet compartment.

Alice smiled bitterly. “Come on, I won’t blame you if you don’t miss me.”


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