Chapter 70 Let’s break up

Karin stops abruptly and smiles sarcastically, “Is that true? One should wake up to the reality. Well, I’ll go closer to Charlie. Anyway, he is richer than you. If I am with him, I don’t have to worry about the money for the rest of my life! ”

Barry doesn’t expect that she would suddenly force him like this, and his face suddenly changes, “Well. Go with him, don’t think I don’t know what the relationship between you, I just don’t want to reveal it!”

“What’s our relationship? What’s our relationship!”

Although the two have been making small quarrels in recent years, this is the first time they has such a fierce quarrel.

“Do I have to say it out? If you don’t, how can spend a lot of money on you? What shit compatriots, there are many Chinese on this street. Don’t think that I am a fool!”

Karin is gradually disappointed, and she begins to feel a little uncertain would they live together?

“Do you know you are humiliating me?”

“If you don’t do that, you are not afraid of what I sad.”

Pa… A heavy slap on the face of Barry.

“All right, let’s break up!”

It’s not scaring him. It’s really enough.

“Are you serious?”


“I don’t agree!” Barry pinches her wrist, “No way?”

“To be a couple is to have two people agree, but to break up, just need one!”

Breaking his grip hard, Karin runs back into the dark without looking back.

Behind him, Barry shouts, “Karin. Come back! Stop!”

She does not know how long she has run, she stops and wipes the tears in the corner of her eyes.

Even without love, she is still very sad. There is an indescribable grievance and sadness, so strong.

In front of her is a movie theater, and most of the people queuing for tickets are couples.

She joins the queue and wants to prove that the movie is not only for couples.

Her phone has never stopped ringing. When she calms down, she takes it out and thinks it is Barry. The result is Charlie.


“How are you?”

Charlie is worried about her, and he must know that she is in a bad mood after running out of the hotel.

“I am fine.”

“Where are you now?”

“Cinema Theater 11.”

“Two people?”



The phone is cut off inexplicably. She doesn’t care much and throws it back into her pocket. She doesn’t think about anything, she just wants to watch a movie.

When it is her turn to buy the ticket, the conductor asks politely, “How many tickets do you want?”

“One, thank you.”

When she is about to pay, and suddenly she hears, “One more.”

Suddenly she turns her head, Charlie has passed the money into the window.

Holding two movie tickets in her hand, she doesn’t respond to it for a long time.

“Quickly, the movie is about to end.”

He leads her go faster. After a few steps, he let go of her hand and says, “Wait for me, don’t move.”

After a moment, he returns with a bucket of popcorn.

“How do you know that I like to eat this when I watch a movie?”

She asks heavily.

“Girls like it.”

She stubbornly says, “Although I am very disappointed now, but don’t think you take advantage of it. Don’t think that a bucket of popcorn can buy me.”

He smiles, “Then I give it to others.”

She quickly grabs it, hugs it tightly in her arms, and sucks the red nose hard.

The lights goes out, and the film titled “Funny Times” is on.

However, this silence doesn’t last long, and the whole room burst into irresistible laughter.

With waves of laughter, Karin bursts into tears. While she keeps eating popcorn in her mouth, she keeps crying. Even in the darkness around him, he could use the weakness of the movie screen light, see her white face covered with tears.

Charlie turns her head and presses her shoulder, “It’s a comedy. Why should you cry so sad?”

She ignores him, and continues to put popcorn in her mouth, and continues to shed tears, from the initial silence, to a soft crying, to choking, and finally crying loud.

Why is she crying so sad, just because she feels like a clown in the film, funny and ridiculous.

Pairs of eyes gaze at her, mixed with complaining. Charlie signs, and stiffly begs, “Don’t you cry? They all think I bully you.”

“I can’t control. If it isn’t too sad, how could I cry…”

Before the end of the film, she is hurriedly pulled out of the theater.

Standing under the warm yellow street lamp, Charlie stares at her two swollen eyes, not knowing what to say.

“What makes you say?”

“You know it and still ask, why are you embarrassing me?”

“I didn’t. I just give your boyfriend a little money. Is it wrong to help someone you love because of love?”

She snorts tearfully, “Is Barry the one you love?”

“I love you.” He holds her shoulder, “Don’t misinterpret me.”

“But you are helping him. I don’t need your money.”

Charlie signs helplessly, “I love you love, and love you dog, OK?”

“No, it is because of your cheque that makes Barry misunderstand that I have a relationship with you. If he call my family, my dad should be mad at me!”

“That’s good. Just break up with him.”

She stuns, “So you did it on purpose, right?”

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