Chapter 69 Vulgar performance

Karin is touched a little, she comforts him and says, “Never compare with anyone. Although you are not rich as Charlie, you still have a mom who loves you. But Charlie, his mother has died.”

“You are right. But if I were a woman, I would definitely choose a man like him.”

“You are wrong. True love is not based on money. If a woman loves a man, she must first love him, not how rich he is.”

Barry grasps her hand, “What about you? If it were you, what would you choose?”

She is a little embarrassed and retracts her hand, “There is no if. I am different from others.”

At half past four in the afternoon, she receives a call from Robert.

“Miss Karin, I have already booked the hotel. Do I need to pick you up?”

“Oh, no, where is it?”



She keeps saying, “Well, is Charlie here?”

“Yes, do you need him to answer?”


Waiting for a few seconds, Charlie’s voice comes, “Hey?”

“It’s me”

He smiles, “I know.”

“You want to invite my boyfriend to dinner, and I can’t stop it. But can I make a small request?”

“Of course, please.”

“Don’t tell him how we met two years ago.”

There is a pause at the end, “OK, no problem.”

“Thank you.”

She breathes a sigh of relief, only thinking that she should not mention the thing.

At five o’clock, Barry rushes to the Lyonak Hotel in the city center and stands in front of the hotel. He exclaims, “How luxurious it is! It must cost much to live here.”

Karin feels that it is necessary to remind him of something and explain carefully, “Barry. Don’t be curious about everything so as not to be looked down upon by others.”

“Well, yes.”

Charlie and Robert have already booked a room. The four meet, and Barry apologized for being late.

“Never mind.”

When he is seated himself, the waiter begins to serve them with beautiful dishes with bright colors. Barry is salivating. In order to save money, he hasn’t eaten much these days.

“Mr. Barry, enjoy yourself.”

As soon as Charlie speaks, Barry is really rude. He picks up chopsticks and gorges. He completely forgets Karin’s instructions before entering the door.

Karin is embarrassed to see him act like this. Barry’s vulgar performance makes her not only lose face but embarrassed in front of Charlie.

However, this is not the most shameful. What’s worse is still waiting for them.

Barry just enjoys himself, not knowing whether his girl has the appetite.

It is Charlie who from time to time gives dishes to Karin, and she sits between the two, with Charlie on the leaf and Barry on the right.

Charlie occasionally drinks some wine and eats very little.

“Karin, why don’t you eat?”

Barry finally thinks of her, and asks while holding the abalone.

Karin shakes her head, “I’m not hungry.” She wants to say, I have already lost all my appetite.

When Barry is full, he chats with Charlie, who winks at Robert, and he immediately takes out a check prepared in advance, “Mr. Barry, this is some kind of Charlie, please accept it.”

Barry is dazzled and is startled by the numbers above. He shakes his head, “No. No. I can’t accept this.”

Karin breathes a sigh of relief, but fortunately he retains his final dignity, otherwise, she would really be disappointed.

“It doesn’t matter. Take it. Although Zurich is not a developed city, the consumption is not low. You always need money for food and accommodation.”

Charlie smiles.

“But I have no reason to accept your money?”

“If there must be a reason? Can it be that you are our compatriot?”

Barry’s heart moves, and the hand on the table is about to move.

Karin is afraid that he would abandon his only dignity and takes it, so she stomps his foot under the table fiercely.

“Well, I have to ask my girlfriend.”

He says he will ask his girlfriend’s opinion, but he still stares at the check within reach.

“Thank you both for your kindness, but we can never accept money.”

Barry knows she would say that, and couldn’t help but blurts out, “If Mr. Charlie arranges a place for me, I can save a lot of money.”

Charlie stuns and nods, “That will be fine, but you still have the money, as a gift for your future marriage.”

There is no better reason than that, at least, Barry thinks so.

He stretches out his hands happily, “Well then, thank you.”

It is really intolerable. Karin slaps her hands on the table, gets up angrily and says, “Barry, if you accept this check, we are over!”

After that, she hurries out of the hotel.

Barry chases out and grabs her, “I won’t take it. Don’t go.”

“You have to force me to say these words? Will you die if you keep a little pride?”

“How much is self-esteem worth? The money is already waiting for you, and you don’t take it. I think you are stupid after you study abroad.”

He has no regrets, and Karin’s eye circles are red, “Yes, I’m stupid, then go back and accept that check. Don’t wrong yourself for me as a fool!”

She continues to run forward, but Barry doesn’t really give up her for the check, follows her behind, and begins brainwashing her, “Karin, don’t you see money on the check? It’s enough for us to struggle for several less years! One should wake up to the reality.”

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