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Chapter 68 Dove’s story

Without taking a bus, she walks back to school for half an hour and when she passes by a large sycamore tree, she sees a familiar figure.

Taking a few steps forward, the man leans against the car, puts his hands in his pants pockets, and throws a few cigarette butts on the ground. Obviously he has waited for her for a long time, but he is not impatient.

“Charlie.” She whispers and walks towards him, “Why are you here?”

The man stares at her with a gentle smile, “Who says that ‘sees you at the school gate’?”


She bows her head awkwardly. She never thinks that he takes it seriously.

“Where have you been?”


“What about the things?”

He stares at her two empty hands and asks playfully.

“Nothing fits, so I don’t buy it.”


Charlie nods meaningfully and takes out a few fine paper bags from the car.


“I went for a business trip the day before yesterday, I brought you a few boxes of chocolates.”

She reaches over to pick it up and says softly, “Thank you.”

It is not the first time she receives his gift, but it is the first time that she receives chocolate. Chocolate is a symbol of love, sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet, but Karin doesn’t think so much.

Returning to the dormitory, Billie sees the paper bag in her hand and gets up from the bed, asking ambiguously, “Charlie gives you a gift again?”

“Chocolate, do you want to eat?”


As she unpacks it, she signs, “It looks like your boyfriend is going to be out. Charlie is giving chocolates.”


She glances at her angrily.

“I mean, it’s so obvious when men give women chocolates.”

“No talking.” Karin pretends to take it back.

“Well, I won’t talk.”

After Billie opens the wrapping paper, she opens her eyes and says, “Wow, it’s Dove.”

“What happens again?”

“Look, it’s Dove.”

“What’s wrong?” It’s just a brand.

“The number one chocolate in the world is Lindt origins in Zurich. Charlie doesn’t send you Lindt or other brands, but he gives Dove. Do you think what does he want to say to you?”

Karin is stunned for a while, and resolutely answers, “You thought too much. Charlie is not that kind of man who does such ambiguous things.”

Billie shouts, “Come on. Have you heard about Dove’s story?”

Shaking her head Karin says, “No.”

“It means Do You Love Me. The creator wants to remind the people, if you love him or her, please let your lover know in time, and don’t give up.”

If fate is destined for them two to be together, then at a certain time and place, they cannot avoid it.

At noon the next day, Karin and Barry walk on the street and unexpectedly meet Charlie.

In fact, it is she and Barry who are waiting for a taxi. Robert drives past by. And no one knows who finds first, the car reverses back in front of them.

Seeing the familiar rear number, Karin takes a breath.

The door opens and Charlie gets out of the car elegantly. No one could see what’s his feeling is, but only Karin could see the slight surprise.

“Karin, who is he?” Barry lowers his voice and asks his girlfriend.

“He… is my previous boss.”

“Boss?” Barry opens his mouth in surprise, looking at the noble man in front of him.

“Miss Karin, this is…?” Charlie asks politely, even if he knows it at first glance.

“My boyfriend, Barry.”

Karin said, “This is Mr. Charlie.”

Barry reaches out his hand quickly, “Nice to meet you. I have heard you before.”

“You heard me before?”

Charlie raises his eyebrows slightly, looking at Karin meaningfully.

“Yes, my girlfriend often mentions you and says she is unfamiliar with, and it’s you who takes care of her.”

Barry lies, not noticing that Karin beside him is angry.

Charlie smiles, “It’s so nice to meet Karin. I wonder if Mr. Barry is free tonight. How about having a meal together?”

“Yes. I invite you for dinner, as a gratitude for your caring about my girlfriend.”

If Charlie really agrees, the meal would cost him a leg…

Robert comes over and suggests, “Mr. Barry, you have come to Zurich. Of course, it is my master to do the best to treat you well.”

He takes the chance and says, “Well. Fine…”

“So see you at night.” Charlie stares at him, “Robert, arrange it tonight. When you have things prepared, go and pick up Miss Karin and Mr. Barry.”

Karin keeps muttering, and then says, “No. Just tell me the address by phone, we will be there by ourselves.”

“Well, see you this evening.”

When they leave, Barry sighs, “Your boss is so young.”

Karin could easily hear his strange tone.

“Who says that the boss cannot be young?

Barry stops talking, and he is very lost.

Back to the hotel, Karin couldn’t help asking, “What’s wrong with you? You look unhappy.”

“It’s nothing, it’s just that I hate myself for not working hard enough.”

“Why do you think so?”

“Charlie makes me have a deep sense of frustration. If I can be as rich as him, I can let you live a good life…”

He bows his head sadly, “Karin, do you know? My biggest wish is to give you happiness.”

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