Chapter 67 Miss you so much

Karin comes over for the first time, looks around, and shouts, “Barry!”

Suddenly he hears the shout, turns in surprise and stretches out his arms exaggeratedly, “Karin, I miss you so much!”

Before Karin has time to respond, he has hugged her up.

“Put me down. Everyone is watching.”

She is flushed with embarrassment and struggles to stand on the ground.

“It’s nice to see you, it’s great!” Barry is excited.

“Why don’t you tell me?”

She glares at him.

“I told you a month ago.”

“But I don’t agree you come here.”

“Whether or not, I’m here now. Will you drive me back?”

They search for a long time before they find a relatively cheap hotel. However, it still cost 200 Swiss francs per night.

When paying the bill, Barry feels distressed.

After entering the room, he couldn’t help complaining, “It’s expensive.”

Karin ridicules arrogantly, “Who asks you to come? Aren’t you rich, still caring about money?”

He grins, “I’m not distressed by the money, I’m distressed by you. It’s so expensive to stay here. I can imagine how hard you have you have lived for these years.

“Forget it, I am going to pass my graduation.” She shrugs, “You live here. I have to stay another week.”


Barry is taken aback, “Why is it another week, shall we go back tomorrow?”

“The graduation thesis has not been submitted, the graduation ceremony has not been attended, and the graduation certificate has not been obtained.”


In this case, he would spend more than much just on living here, let alone other expenses.

During dinner, Barry stares at Karin, without blinking.

“The rice is in your bowl, not on my face.”

“I know where the meal is, and I just want to look at you more.”

“Eat.” Karin says quickly, “I have go back to school.”


Barry buries his head and eats a few mouthfuls of rice, and suddenly raises his head again, “Yes, did you go home with your boss last time?”

She asks, and nods, “Well, what’s wrong?”

“Then your boss should be nice?”

“What do you want to say?”

Looking up, she asks seriously.

“I want to say, can you ask your boss to find a place for me, the staff dormitory is also available. I don’t care the living condition. I just want to save the hotel money. I will give it to you.”

“No, I resigned.”

Karin never thinks that Barry would suddenly make such an absurd request.

Barry doesn’t give up, “But you still can ask him, right?”

“He doesn’t owe me. Why should he help me?”

Seeing her a little unhappy, he signs, “Well, forget it. I know don’t want to ask him.”

“I told you earlier and asked you not to come. As a result, you came here without saying a word.”

After Karin says, she takes out her wallet from his bag, “I still have some money here. You can use it.”


Barry quickly refuses, “I have enough money, and I am just telling a joke. Even I sleep on the street, I can’t spend your money as a big man.”

She nods, “Fine, remember to tell me when you are not enough.”

She makes med for him. It is late, and she says, “I’ll go back to school first, and come back at noon tomorrow.”

Barry approaches her two steps and hugs her, “Karin, do you have to go back to school…”

Instinctively pushes him away, “Yes, there is a paper to write at night.”

The voice is very low, and her heart is very weak. There is no paper to write, and there is no reason to go back. The only reason is not to stay here.

Because she knows what Barry wants.

“But I don’t want you to go.”

Hugging her again, trying to kiss her lips, unexpectedly her moves her head.

Suddenly, Barry is unhappy, “Why did you hide?”

“I’ll hurry back.”

“We haven’t seen each other for so long, so you are so anxious to leave?”

“Come to. We still have much time…”

Oh, he laughs angrily, “We still have much time… I don’t understand why there is such a conservative woman as you are now.”

“What are you talking about now? What is a conservative woman like me? Is it not conservative for a woman who can’t wait to go to bed with a man?”

“That’s not the case. I don’t even think about sleeping with you, but what’s wrong with me? I’m your boyfriend, I want to kiss you. Is that a matter?!”

Karin is speechless. She knows the relationship between her and Barry. Not to mention kissing, it is normal even if having sex. But when he approaches her, her mind will naturally think of Charlie.

The situation is deadlocked for a while. Fortunately, the mobile phone rings, and no matter who calls it, she quickly answer, “Hey, hello?”

“It’s me, Charlie.”

Shaking her hands unconsciously, she tries to keep her tone calm, “Is there anything wrong?”

“Did Milan trouble you recently?”


He is silent, “You are busy with graduation, right?”


“When is your boyfriend coming?”

Karin glances at Barry. He is staring at her with inquiring eyes, so she answers the question, “Okay, see you at the school gate.”

She hangs up the phone and smiles, “My classmate, come and discuss something with me. I have to go.”

When she is out of the hotel, she breaths a long sigh of relief. Just few days off, she hopes that nothing will happen.

She doesn’t want Charlie to know that Barry is here in Zurich, or Barry to know that there is Charlie. Everything stops here and goes back to the original track. This is the best ending.

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