Chapter 66 She is not his prey

With a long sigh of relief, she throws the phone back into her pocket and returns to Charlie.

Charlie sees her with a heavy heart, and deliberately asks, “Who’s calling?”

“My boyfriend.”

She sits down sadly, facing a table of food, and loses her appetite.

“You quarrel again?”


“Why don’t you look happy?”

“Not upset, but surprise.”

Karin purses her lips, wondering how to tell him about it.

“What happened?”

“Nothing. My boyfriend said he is coming to pick me up.”

In a very simple sentence, she says with heavy heart, so does the one who listens to it.

Charlie’s eyes change slightly, and he meaningfully looks at her, asking, “You agreed?”

“Whether I promise or not, I have to go back.”

“Are you sure your boyfriend is someone you can trust for life?”

She is certainly not sure, but the man in front of her is equally uncertain.

“No one can predict this. But I have been relatively indifferent to love and marriage. If two are matched, they can be together, if not, they just are apart.

Charlie’s long fingers fiddle with the cutlery in front of him, and for a moment of silence, he suddenly says, “Don’ you really want to stay?”


She shakes her head.

“If I want you to stay here, I have a way.”

“But you won’t force me.”

Karin is self-confident, if he is the kind of person who does not care about her feelings, she will not have feelings for him.

A lonely smile, he admits, “You are right, I will not force you.”

At the end of the dinner, he sends her back. The two are relatively speechless along the way. When they almost come to school, she says, “Stop here. I eat a lot tonight, and I want to walk back. ”

He doesn’t stop her, and stops the car, “Whenever will your boyfriend come, remember to inform me, I invite him to dinner.”

She tries to smile brightly, “Okay.”

The two say goodbye and waiting for Charlie’s car to disappear into dark does she turn around.

Charlie doesn’t go anywhere else, goes directly back to house, takes a shower, and finds a new message on his mobile phone.

“I hid something in your bed.”

The text message is sent by Karin. Originally, she doesn’t want to tell him, but thinks about it, rich people don’t need to make their own bed when they go to sleep. It would be awkward if someone finds out.

Charlie puts down the phone with interest, reaches out and shakes his quilt, and turns over the pillow, and a photo of a man and a woman appear in front of him.

This is not the first time he takes a picture, but it is the first time he takes a photo with a woman.

Her smile in the photo is like the spring breeze in May, and it is intoxicating. He never tells her that for the first time he met her two years ago, he has fallen in love with her when she was concentrating on bandaging his wounds.

Thinking of this, his heart is in pain. Who is he, he is the omnipotent Charlie of the Charlie family. There is nothing in this world that he can’t get, but it is the woman in this picture that makes him embarrassed.

Because she is Karin, even if he is a vulture, he cannot treat her like a prey.

In a blink of an eye, a month passes. At the University of Zurich, every international student begins to get busy, preparing for their own future.

Of course, Karin is no exception.

Because she is too busy, she almost forgets the phone call Barry called her a month ago, and occasionally remembers that she just says that he wouldn’t really come over.

It is not until one evening when she logs on Whatsapp that she sees Barry leaves a message saying that he has set off for Zurich within two days, and she is surprised that things are a little tricky.

She calls home in a hurry. But it is her father who answers the phone, “Hello, who is that?”

“Dad, is me, do you know Barry is coming to Zurich?”

“Yes what’s wrong?”

“Why you don’t stop him?”

“Why do I stop him? I’m glad that my son-in-law picks you up.”

“What son-in-law, we are not married yet!” Karin frowns, “I don’t care, you have to help me stop him.”

“Even if you aren’t married, he’s your boyfriend. Isn’t it right for your boyfriend to pick up his girlfriend to return to home?” Mike says, “You honestly tell me, did you do anything wrong?” ”

“Dad! What are you talking about? What am I doing?! I don’t want him to waste money.”

“His mom doesn’t care about money. Why you care so much.”

Originally, she thinks she can count on her parents to stop Barry. It seems hopeless.

Depressingly hangs up the phone, she sits in a daze on the edge of the bed stupidly, Billie walks in and sees her silly, teases and says, “Hey, you miss someone?”

“I’m annoyed.”

She glances at her angrily.

“What annoying? Come, tell me. I help you solve your problems.”

Karin ignores her, and Billie doesn’t give up, “Come on, what on earth is it?”

“My boyfriend is coming to Zurich. How can you help me?”

Billie thinks, “Don’t you want him to come?”


“That’s easy, just tell him you have fallen in love with someone else.”

It is the next morning when she receives Barry’s call again.

Before Karin is connected, she thinks that she has to convince him not to come to Zurich anyway.

“Hey, Barry, I am just about to call you.”

“Really? What’s the matter?”

“Don’t come and pick me up. Save more money and buy me a bigger ring?”

A sigh of regret at the other side, “You should say that earlier.”

She is startled, “What do you mean?”

“I’ve arrived. Come and meet me at the airport!”

Karin almost faints, “Wait a minute…”

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