Chapter150 the back of the hand was pierced by glass

Vivian was sure that nothing happened between William and her last night, but she couldn’t argue. In fact, she came out of William’s apartment, and Angie ran into her.

She could only swallow the bitter fruit and bear it by herself. “I’m sorry, I promise I won’t do it again.”

Angie saw a dazzling light flash beside the grass at the corner of her eyes, and she was approaching to Vivian. “Vivian, you say that you will break off with William. What are you doing now?”

Vivian was ashamed and kept retreating. She didn’t notice what was behind her, “Angie, I know that you won’t believe what I say. I promise I won’t do it next time.”

“Vivian, I don’t believe what you said any more. You look honest. In fact, you are more despicable than everyone. And you’re staying with my boyfriend. Are you happy now?”

Seeing that it was the time, Angie suddenly reached out and pushed Vivian, and she shout angrily, “Say it. Why are you so mean? Will you die without a man?”

Vivian faintly fell back, her heel touched the stone steps, and the whole body fell and sat on the grass, but there was a pain in the palm of her hand.

She looked down and didn’t know when some pieces of glass had been thrown in the haystack. She was just under her control. Because of inertia, the back of her hand was pierced by the glass. The blood flowed out and soaked a small piece of soil.

Because of the pain in her arm, she kept shaking. Vivian almost fell into the glass, but she couldn’t blame Angie.

This was her punishment.

“Why? Let me tell you, Vivian. As long as I’m here one day, you won’t get close to William.” Angie naturally saw the blood spreading on the ground, and felt a sense of pleasure in her heart, but these were not enough.

It seemed that she didn’t see the injured hand of Vivian. She raised her sharp high-heel shoes and stepped on the back of Vivian’s hand accurately, letting the wound slip to the bottom.


A kind of pricking pain from the heart spread to every corner of the body, but in a moment, her back had been wet, and her forehead was full of dense sweat. The injured hand seems to be no longer her hand, and she almost couldn’t felt the pain.

A weak voice overflowed from her mouth, “My hand…”

Pain was the only feeling left. Even if an adult man was pierced by glass into the palm of his hand, and then penetrated into the back of his hand, he could not bear this level of pain.

Angie’s eyes showed a trace of happiness, pretending that she couldn’t understand Vivian’s pain. She leaned down slightly, drew the distance between the two people closer, and said in the voice that could only be heard from each other, “You don’t need to thank me, bitch. Look, now you don’t need to go to the hospital.”

Vivian’s pupils suddenly constricted. There was a trace of doubt in her heart. Now she was sure it was Angie who hurt her on purpose. She asked hard, “Why?”

Why do you want to do this to me?

“Because I hate you, Vivian. You robbed my most beloved man and polluted our friendship. Do you think you are very painful? I’m sorry. This is just the beginning.”

Angie’s gentle tone, with deep resentment in her eyes, sounded strange and terrible.

She seemed to think of something unpleasant, and her gentle tone became gloomy. “Vivian, you know, every time I see you pretending to be aloof from the rest of the world, and I feel a fit of nausea.”

Angie’s face changed dramatically with a loud shout of terror.

“What are you doing?”

William went downstairs and saw the bloody glass, which was straight on the back of Vivian’s hand, and Angie was half bent and attached to Vivian’s ear.

His eyes suddenly turned cold.

Hearing the approaching footsteps, Angie felt flustered and soon calmed down. She put away the ruthlessness on her face, and put on a look of concern, and reached out to hold Vivian.

“Vivian, what’s happening? Don’t scare me.”

Then she turned her head and said to William anxiously, “William, you have finally come down. I don’t know how she fell in the grass. I don’t know that who threw the glass here.”

William ignored Angie and held up Vivian from her hand.

When he looked at her bloodshot right hand, his face was gloomy and horrible, and the air around him also congealed into frost.

The cold voice seemed to come from hell, “Angie, I’ll deal with you later.”

Angie shuddered all over at the moment, and she chilled like a thin and dense spider web extended to every place in her body. She was afraid and angry. She knew that she could not let William know that it was her who did that.

Angie was aggrieved, “William, how can you say that? I didn’t do that. How can you let William misunderstand me, Vivian?”

Although Angie said that in her mouth, she still didn’t have a lot of confidence in her heart, but she was betting that the stupid woman would not break her lies.

In fact, Vivian really wouldn’t. She reacted from her stupor and gently pulled William’s hand with her uninjured hand. She said weakly, “William, it has nothing to do with Angie. I was careless…”

“Shut up.” William’s cold voice seemed to be squeezing out of his throat.

He had eyes and could judge by himself.

Vivian carelessly met his cold eyes of William, she looked away and dared not look at him. Her small hand still held his clothes tightly.

She said to him silently in the heart, please, William let me bear it alone.

William took a deep look at Vivian, and understood her stubborn intention. However, the anger in his heart kept going up.

He really doubted whether the woman in his arms had an elm head. She was bullied by others and she even chose to conceal it.

“William. It’s really not me.” Angie was relieved. She was right. She knew how soft the woman was when she met Vivian in college.

As long as she had been holding on to Vivian’s guilt, no matter what she did, Vivian would choose to endure.

In order to show her kindness, Angie said positively, “William, when I came, the car stopped at the door, and her hand was badly hurt. Let’s go to the hospital.”

William hid the chill under his dark pupils, and walked towards the direction of Angie.

Seeing William’s action, Angie was pleased. It seemed that he didn’t doubt her.

As for the injury on Vivian’s hand, it should be treated as a little interest.

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