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Eye Turn Off

Chapter148 your woman is a beauty

Vivian seemed to be very calm but her palms were already sweaty and wet, which made her restless.

Suddenly, she looked up and saw William’s tall and upright figure stood like a mountain, and his dark eyes looked across her to see the position behind her.

No matter what, after she saw him, her heart calmed down.

Under the disordered eyebrows of Six-ears, his fierce eyes like wild animals’ also looked straight at William. The two people’s eyes met and collided at the top of Vivian’s head. They had been fighting for several rounds.

They understood the meaning of fighting to death in their eyes each other.

Six-ears first took back their eyes and gave a provocative look at the direction of Vivian. He was grinning and showed his big black teeth towards William.

He did a few mouth shapes to him silently.

Your, woman, is, beautiful.

William’s dark eyes suddenly shrunk, and the cold air in his eyes seemed to be turned into a sharp blade and scraped away towards Six-ears.

Six-ears didn’t care and smiled. It was cruel from the bottom of his heart. Even his smile was very kind and it was uncoordinated. He held out his thumb to William, as if to make him see clearly.

His hand moved slowly to the neck, made a cut throat action.

Even though he knew Six-ears deliberately stimulated him with Vivian, William still became more solemn. He would never give Six-ears a chance to get close to Vivian.

Vivian didn’t know what happened between them. She also found that William had changed and became forceful from peaceful.

She couldn’t help but stop, “William, what’s wrong with you?”

William took back his coldness, raised his arms, and he said with his low voice as usual, “Don’t run around next time.”

Vivian looked at William’s action. Her cheeks got red. She lowered her head and nodded. She reached out and held his solid arm. She whispered beside him, “I know. I’m scared to death just now.”

William concealed the emotion of his eyes and took her to the reception. His cold voice seemed to be floating in place. “Stay beside me if you are timid.”

“Well, let’s go quickly. Don’t you feel that man staring at us all the time?” Vivian urged. Six-ears was a strange man.

Commonly known as gangsters, they were unreasonable and violent.

The smile on Six-ears’ face also became rigid and ugly with William’s departure. The cruelty in his eyes was revealed without any disguise. If Vivian looked back at it now, she would surely feel that her idea was too naive.

He was not only a punk, but also a person who could notice William.

“Sir, come in, please.” A man in a black suit nodded slightly.

“I see.” The first purpose of his visit today was to tell William that Six-ears had come out, and the second was to see a man who could let him stand fast in the city.

When you come to other people’s sites, you have to visit them first.

Following the man in black suit, Six-ears went deeper into the corridor.

After the threat of Six-ears, Vivian was not in the mood to stay at the reception. During this time, she didn’t know if she thought too much. She always felt that William drank a lot of wine instead of her.

Nevertheless, she was a little tipsy and could keep her head clear.

Although William was talking to the person next to him, his eye also paid attention to the little woman next to him. Seeing that she couldn’t hold on, he directly interrupted the talking.

“Let’s talk about the details tomorrow.”

The man didn’t expect that William would end the topic so quickly. After a moment of stupor, he saw the little woman who blushed next to him and still tried to keep herself dignified.

Then he said very gentlemanly, “OK, I’ll come to your office tomorrow.”

William nodded and held Vivian out. If he didn’t react fast enough, Vivian almost fell to the ground several times.

Out of the party, the night wind was blowing. Vivian’s mind also became clearer, muttering, “William, why do we come out?”

“Are you want to stay there?” He had seen it when Vivian was drunk.

Vivian had a wine burp and the sour gas in her stomach came up. She always smelt it and felt nauseous. She still wanted to quibble with him, “What? Don’t you see that I have persisted till now?”

William glanced at her and said nothing. He held the woman in his arms and walked towards the parking lot.

“What are you doing, William? I can go by myself.” Vivian didn’t find out that she was drunk. She was stubborn and wanted to push away the man who was holding her.

She couldn’t push William away at all with her soft and feeble little hands.

If he didn’t know that the woman in his arms was not good at drinking, William also suspected that she was definitely intentional. He held her arm tightly for a while, and seemed to be restraining a kind of exciting emotion.

“Don’t make any noise,” said the hoarse voice, with a hint of alcohol smell.

Vivian didn’t like William’s tone of educating a child. She even angrily grabbed William’s collar. “You think you are an omnipotent God. You can command people as you want. I don’t like you.”

With a force on her hand, she pushed away the man holding her.

Stepping on the sharp high-heel shoes, waving the small bag in her hand, she walked forward unsteadily.

William looked at the woman who was giggling constantly. His eyes became deep, and he walked towards her with his long legs. He held her up and walked to the parking space.

“Hey, what are you doing? There’s a hooligan! Help me!” The more Vivian said, the less she could do.

William was helpless and he gnashed his teeth, “Shut up.”

He said that and she complained like a child with a cry voice, “You hurt me…”

For the first time, William had a sense of powerlessness for a drunk woman. He wanted to throw this naughty woman on the ground, but he finally put her into the car and tied her safety belt.

The tall and straight body had not yet come out, a soft hand had timidly grasped his clothes.

Vivian held on to the man, her tears fell down, and her eyes stare at him, “You say you don’t love me, why don’t you let me go?”

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