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Eye Turn Off

Chapter147 rescue

As expected, the people around looked at Six-ear, and the voice of whispering continued.

“People who have been in prison can also participate in this kind of cocktail party. Isn’t the organizer too casual?”

“We are business elites. How can we stay with such a man?”

“That’s it. I feel the air is dirty.”

“Oh, keep your voice down.”

James, who caused trouble, also took a look at William with pride, as if he was showing off his capacity.

William glanced at the hands on his shoulder. James saw his eyes and he took his hand down quickly. He was afraid that something would happen to his hand.

He was so overjoyed that he forgot that someone was a clean freak. And he looked at Vivian’s little hands in his arms.

Oh, it’s obvious for him to focus on lust over friends.

Six-ears glanced at the people with his fierce eyes, their voice of talk also disappeared, people were afraid and stepped back.

Six-ears snorted scornfully, turned to James, and maliciously said, “James, wait and see.”

“Don’t worry, I’m afraid you won’t come.” James didn’t pay attention to Six-ears at all, and even deliberately made a provocation. “If I can beat you once, I will have the chance to beat you twice, a hundred times. Anyway, you are shameless, aren’t you?”

James was too overjoyed. Not only Six-ears was looking at him with anger, but also Vivian was worried.

This man named James should be William’s friend. He was really not afraid of Six-ears’ revenge on him.

Six-ears wanted tear up James on the spot to vent his anger, but he also knew that it did not allow him to make trouble on the occasion. He could only suppress the anger in his heart and leave angrily.

Others dared not pay too much attention to it and pretended that nothing had happened, but they all knew that things would not end easily.

James’s face turned into that funny expression again. He asked for credit and said, “William, can you let me move to your house for a while for the sake of transferring hatred so hard?”

William only sent him two words, “No way.”

He held Vivian and went ahead.

“Ah, how can you be so heartless? I’m for the little beauty beside you.” James said and winked at Vivian.

Vivian was stunned for a moment, and soon understood why James just made six-ears angry, just because he wanted to help her turn his eyes away?

Six-ears’ eyes on her made her very uncomfortable, anyway, she still needed to thank him, “Thank you, James.”

William frowned slightly. She didn’t know whether he said it to her or James, “It is unnecessary.”

“William, you really break my heart. I came all the way to join you. You are so merciless.” James was holding his chest in a sad way.

After a while, seeing William ignore him, he changed his way and walked beside Vivian.

He said to her as if they were acquaintances, “Beautiful lady, how can you bear the big iceberg next to you? How about dancing with me? And I’ll take you home in the evening.”

James deliberately emphasized the words “take you home”.

Knowing that James was joking, but Vivian couldn’t help blushing. She didn’t know that William had such an outgoing friend. “Thank you for your kindness, but I’m in business today.”

She pointed to the man with the cold face.

James nodded approvingly, “It’s really hard for you to endure such a man without sentiment. He likes to seek personal gain by public affairs.”

The man, who had been walking, suddenly stopped.

“Jimmy…” William hadn’t talked much.

James had started to be anxious. “Don’t call me Jimmy. Do you understand?”

“Is there a difference? Jimmy.” William glanced at him lightly with his indifferent eyes, emphasizing the word “Jimmy”.

“Take it back. Take these two words back quickly. I don’t think I heard them.” James was angry. He seemed to be fighting with William.

Vivian was puzzled and asked, “It’s just a name. Why do you care so much?”

Is there any problem?

William glanced at Vivian and raised his lips. He seemed to be very satisfied with her question, “This is his…”

“I don’t want to talk anymore. I won’t play with you guys.” James quickly interrupted him, holding a red baby face, like a burning butt, and hurried away.

He just walked a little close to his woman.

He was really an old fox with no human nature.

“He seems angry.” Vivian pointed to the direction of James.

William raised up his eyebrows and said, “And then?”

“Nothing.” Vivian had nothing to say. It was none of her business.

Vivian met a lot of people and drank a lot of wine with William. Although the concentration was not strong, she was afraid to get drunk like last time.

She went to the bathroom got away with it.

Walking out of the stuffy hall, Vivian got a bit of leisure, but some people just couldn’t let her be leisured.

For example, Six-ears, who had just left angrily, said, “Aren’t you the little beauty of William? Why? Don’t you like such an occasion?”

Vivian turned to look at Six-ears, who was smiling at her, and said calmly, “Sir, you may have misunderstood. I’m just William’s assistant.”

“Really? I thought you were his woman. It seems that he was very interested in you.” Six-ears looked at the calm woman in front of him, and there was a trace of intriguing dark light in his eyes. Few women had the courage to look at him.

“Since you’re so concerned about William, it’s better to ask him. If there’s nothing else, I’ll go.” Vivian would rather follow William than stay with this fierce man.

Six-ears was standing still, Vivian was allowed to leave by his side. “Aren’t you curious about the thing between me and William? Why are you eager to leave?”

When he came back, he had already investigated the people around William. The woman in front of him should be William’s bed companion.

It seemed that William liked to tame a challenging wild horse.

She’s hot enough. He became interested in her too.

Vivian became a bit nervous and tried to make her tone more natural. “I’m sorry, I’m not interested in the things between you and William.”

She said and stepped toward the direction of the dance floor.

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