Chapter146 Can’t a lawyer have a sideline?

William’s indifferent words was beyond doubt, “Go back and change your clothes.”

“No.” Vivian felt that she had been tricked, and she was even unwilling to listen to William.

William asked lightly, “Are you sure?”

“I…” Vivian hadn’t been able to make sure yet. When she looked down, she found that the clothes on her chest were torn and the light pink lace was looming. She shouted and quickly took the clothes that William left aside and covered her body.

So William forced her to change clothes.

“Leave me alone!” Vivian almost roared. Why is there such a black-hearted man? Ah, she’s going crazy.

When the car was driving on the road again, her whole body was full of strong resentment, “Do you know I haven’t worn this skirt yet?”

“Well, I’ll pay you one.” William responded in a flat voice. It’s better to change a normal dress or some men would see it. Fortunately, he saw it today.

If another man saw her skirt today…

There was a trace of murderous spirit in William’s eyes when he thought of that picture.

He was proud of his self-control, but every time he met the little woman beside him, he couldn’t control himself, and it turned out that she was indeed his nemesis.

Vivian mumbled, “Well, you bought me that one anyway.”

William’s dark eyes glanced at her. He said with a strong tone, “I’ve decided.”

So she didn’t have a right to speak? Vivian wanted to revolt, but thinking of the heroism of the first half hour, she gave up the idea. Anyway, he had a lot of money, why should she save it for him?

She was a little bit curious. Although William opened a large law firm, did he really have so much money to be a lawyer? Several million dollars was not a deal in his eyes.

Did he get a lot of grey income?

She didn’t expect that the old fox would do such a bad thing.

Vivian thought so. It seemed that William really did that kind of thing, and after a while, she calmed down.

William, like a mind reader, said in a light tone, “Don’t worry, every cent of my money is earned through regular channels.”

Who said lawyers don’t earn much money?

The ordinary cases she handled was not worth much legal fees, but his cases involved the financial and economic disputes between the group and the multinational companies, so the fees were different.

And who said that a lawyer could not have a sideline?

“William, are you bugging me?” Why does he know no matter what she thinks? It’s really frightening.

William detested her a little and said, “It’s too wasteful to install a bug on you.”

Her emotions were written on the face, he did not need to guess and had already known at a glance.

“William, when did you become so vicious?” Vivian was not willing to show her weakness and argued.

William’s cold words made Vivian silent. “Do you know about me the first day?”

She was very angry. Every time, she couldn’t win him. Vivian knew that if she continued to talk about it, she would find fault. She simply put her head aside and made a silent protest.

William looked at her delicate appearance as a little angry frog. He showed a smile and soon it disappeared.

This time, Vivian did not dare to resist any more. She chose a normal skirt from the wardrobe and quickly went downstairs to get on the bus.

When they arrived at the reception, it was already in the evening.

However, the man next to her seemed not to care. Holding her waist, he walked in leisurely, and many people greeted him along the way.

William nodded and didn’t stop for a long time.

Usually, people with high identity and fame would attend such an elite party. Several familiar faces were only seen on TV or in the newspaper by Vivian. It was the first time she had seen them.

Just as she was looking around, William took her to the central gathering place, which was also the most crowded area.

“It’s not easy for our lawyer to show up after half of the party.”

A voice suddenly sounded with a hint of provocation.

Vivian felt that the big hand at her waist was tight. Someone even defied William in such an important occasion. She looked at the man who was talking curiously.

A rough man who was near one point eight meter was walking towards them, and several people beside all subconsciously gave way to him. It could be seen that the status of this man was not so low.

The most impressive thing was that there was a long scar from his brow bone to his jaw. When he laughed, that scar moved on his face like a ferocious centipede, which made people feel scared.

The man in front of her was obviously coming to William.

Vivian gave a worried look at the man beside him.

He seemed to feel nothing, his face was cold, and his voice was low. “Six-ears.”

“You still remembered my ears, so I didn’t know whether you still remembered my scar.” Six-ears said, reaching out, and gently touching the ugly scar on his face.

It was the biggest failure of him in his life and the only stain in his life.

Two years ago, he was defeated by an unknown lawyer.

Two years later, the scar on his face reminded him of his humiliation, and William became a hot celebrity in the city from an unknown lawyer.

He glanced at Vivian.

Vivian instinctively grasped William’s strong arms. When will William provoke such a violent man and the scar on his face… Is it because of William?

In this way, she thought, there was a cold sweat on her back.

William’s tall figure tilted, blocking Six-ears’ wanton eyes and responding in a simple tone, “I remember.”

“I don’t worry about your memory. I think we have many chances to have a good chat.” Six-ears wanted to reach out and pat William on the shoulder. He avoided it. Six-ears was not angry, but he laughed more meaningfully.

That fierce face in the collocation of this smile, let them feel a sense of chill.

It’s like being stared at by a hyena.

A thin man with a playful and smiling face casually put his hand on William’s shoulder and said to Six-ears with a smile, “Isn’t this six-ears? Why didn’t you tell me when he’s out? And I’d visit him.”

“James.” Six-ears stared at him. Even if everyone knew that he had been in prison, no one dared to say it in front of him. James even said it publicly to embarrass him.

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