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Chapter 180 Don’t Get Mad

After Rex came out of the sterile room, he sees Lily approaching, stilling carrying the diamond ring that he just gave her. It gleams under the light, and a sudden guilt surges in his heart. He quickly walks towards her, embracing her into in his arm.


Lily is dumbfounded by his sudden apology. She doesn’t want the atmosphere to be dignified, thus she smiles and pats his shoulder, “Why did you apologize suddenly?”

The man only hugs her tighter and says nothing.

He has done so many things sorry for her, sorry for her accepting his confession and then going through this with him, sorry for troubling her as a couple, and sorry that she is so simple and kind to have done so much for him.

The kind of sorry for her are really a lot.

For her, his responsibility for Marina’s family is not another pressure.

Lily listens to his apology and nods gently, stroking into the man’s shoulder softly, “It’s okay, I understand.”

Rex doesn’t feel much better, he even blames himself more, his voice is hoarse, “You shouldn’t bear this.”

“Since I’ve chosen to be with you, I must accept everything from you,” Lily comforts this fatigue man softly, “Maybe there are a lot of fantasies before I know this matter, I misunderstand a lot, but now I’ve known that this is your responsibility, I don’t mind and I’m proud that you have been so persistence for so long.”

Other ordinary men, or may just a kind man, he probably does no better than him.

In this case, she also can’t blame him. He also doesn’t want it, nobody wants it.

Rex stays silence and only embraces her for a long time. The negative aura is emanating from inside of his body and Lily feels it for the first time. It is kind of the negativity that she desperately wants to calm down.

For the whole afternoon, Rex is not in the mood. Marina’s condition is unstable, which makes him couldn’t leave. He stays outside the sterile room. The time slowly passes and it is finally dinner time. Lily wanders around the kitchen to check if there is anything to eat.

She opens the fridge, there are a lot of fresh fruits inside. As for the freezer, there are a lot of beef meat and crude seafood.

Due to the limited time, it is not efficient to make much trouble. Thus, Lily picks a box of imported shrimp and a few small rapeseed and eggs, in order to prepared a bowl of noodles.

She puts the ingredients on the counter and turns to find a knife, but glimpses a shadow at the door.

Lily is startled and takes a step back in amazement. The man is not very tall, about one meter seventy five with brush cut, his skin is tanned, his eyes are not big, and his lips are thin, which makes him look very fierce.

Her head wanders a lot of guessing, she has not impression at all, she has never met this person.

As if aware that she is taken back, the man stands still in the place. His vision lands on the ingredient on the counter, and finally says, “Hello, Lily. I’m Maxx, Rex’s bodyguard.”


Rex has several bodyguards, but she has never seen the one that follows him.

The man is extremely sensible and immediately aware of Lily’s suspicion, then explains, “Beside protecting Rex, I am also responsible for taking care of Marina.”

Only then, Lily learns about the situation, no wonder he appears in the villa.

Lily stands straight and slightly smile, “Sorry, I haven’t seen you before, I was just startled, I hope you don’t mind.”

Maxx quickly nods his head, “You think too much.”

The person has stood in front of her; thus, Lily tells him, “Let’s eat together later, I’m going to cook a noodle.”

Hearing it, Maxx is stunned for a while, then secretly looks at Lily. She is washing the vegetable. The woman has a very delicate and white skin. It has an aura that sparks out around her. At this moment, just by looking at her can make people feel warm.

No wonder Rex can like her, every man would like this kind of woman.

As for the dinner…

Maxx tactfully refuses, “I’m not hungry. Thank you, Lily. I don’t need it.”

More or less, Lily also knows the rule, and doesn’t force.

Washing vegetable, lightning pots and cooking the noodle, the simple procedure is extremely handy to operate. Lily deliberately peels all the skin before throwing them into the pot, it is more convenient to eat.

After finishing up, she pours the noodle in the bowl, then calls Rex, “Come and eat, it’s late.”

Ten minutes later, Rex and Karl enter the dining room together and look at the four bowls of noodles on the table, making Karl’s eyes slightly tremble but doesn’t say anything.

After working the whole afternoon, he checks on the report again, which makes him really hungry.

Lily merely sees the two of them and somewhat surprise, “Where is Sally?”

The movement of Karl taking the chopsticks pauses, and he answers indifferently, “She has left.”

“She has left? When did she leave, I didn’t know it?” She keeps on staying in the office to watch the footage and really has no idea. However, after recalling it, she indeed hasn’t met her for a while.

“There is something to handle in the hospital, I let her take care. There are several expert doctors coming tonight, you don’t have to worry.” Of course, Karl will not say that he drove her out. This kind of problem doesn’t need outsiders to be involved.

Lily doesn’t doubt him nor asks further.

After eating, Karl goes to the sterile room to check on Marina’s condition, leaving Rex and Lily in the dining table. When she just wants to pick up the bowl from him, he grabs her wrist, “Don’t do it, someone will get it later.”

“It’s okay, it’s easy anyway and I don’t have anything to do…”

Saying that she is going to get it again, the man strengthens his force. Lily is puckered slightly and looks at the man sitting on the chair in puzzlement.

Rex raises his wrist and glances at his watch. His tone is a little deep, “You can go back first, I will let the driver to pick you up.”

“I’ll be with you.”


“I said I will be with you.” Lily repeats again with a trembling instability in the tone. There is a sourness in her nose, and she quickly looks away, not wanting him to worry about her.

Rex shuts his eyes, his throat trembles, and slightly tighten he wrist, “It’s not that I didn’t want you to be here, I’m afraid that you’ll be tired, let Karl and me take care of it. You wait for me in the house, okay?”

Lily still wants to say something but he cuts in, “I know you won’t add another mess, but I will get distracted if you’re here, so go home and wait for me, okay?”

Lily bites her lips, hesitating. Thinking that he has just been discharged not long ago and should have taken more rest in these two days, but now this problem appears. This North Villa is also quite far, he has to go back and forth.

He gets distracted if she is here. She doesn’t help yet making him more tired.

After a while, Lily finally surrenders. Even though she is unwilling, she tries to be more understandable, “Then don’t be too late, come home earlier, I will wait for you before sleep.”

Rex chuckles, “Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

Half an hour later, the driver has arrived. Lily only realizes that he has contacted the driver before, or else, he can’t arrive just in half an hour.

She turns back to look at him madly. This man has known that she would promise him to go back.

Rex pats her head like caressing a pet, “Don’t get angry.”

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