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Chapter 179 Living Together

“Do you think you’re right?” Karl looks at her coldly, “You’re a surgeon, not a psychiatric. I don’t need you to communicate with the patient. If Marina collapsed because of your emotion just now, what are you going to do?”

“She will not collapse.”

“Nothing is impossible in this world.” Karl looks her unregretful manner, really disappointed, “You can go back first.”

After speaking, Karl turns and leaves to walk back to the sterilized room.

Sally pulls his elbow. After staying by his side for so long, this is the first time she dares to touch him, “Why should I go?”

Karl pauses his steps and looks at her stubborn little face very calmly yet cruelly, “We don’t need unprofessional doctor here.”


After almost half a year, this is his compliment for her.

Sally is working hard, it is not only to become Karl’s apprentice, but also wants the expert in this field to recognize her. However, just because of his word, she has completely torn apart.

Disappointed, frustrated, upset and also hopeless are mixed up in this unspeakable feeling.

Sally who has endured her feeling for so long, explodes in this moment. It is obviously not a big issue, but she feels very wronged, completely vexed.

What has she done wrong that she makes him called her unprofessional?

Karl’s eyes which have been calm yet almost cold finally see her gradually redden eyes, it finally trembles and his brows frown. Is she… crying?

He opens his mouth to say something, but Sally doesn’t give him the opportunity and runs away.

Looking at the back that gradually disappears from sight, Karl’s hand clenches into a fist. When he just steps on a step, he stops again.

He still needs to take care a lot of things, and he doesn’t have time to look after her.

Inside the ward, Marina looks at the man that is sitting on the bedside. After scolded by Sally, she is a little uneasy to start a conversation, afraid that he will not listen and backfires her.

Rex also doesn’t continue to blame her. However, Marina can sense that his vision is not the same as before. There is also some sourness and attentiveness. It is lack of some feeling.

“Don’t do it anymore next time.” His voice is deep that she clearly feels his resistance about this matter.

Marina secretly reliefs, but still looks at the same pitiful way, “I know, I’m sorry, Rex. I just feel sad and don’t know what to do. I live here every day. There were George and other doctors, and now I’m alone, which makes me think too much easily, and be more negative.”

“Marina, don’t take your body as a joke. Your parents in the heaven will not want to see this.” Rex takes the initiative to mention her parents. At this time, he takes the advantages to show how afraid he is deep inside.

“I know but I’m afraid that I won’t be able to control myself…” Marina’s vision shifts to him quietly, “Rex, I don’t know what happened to me. I will think a lot if no one is with me.”

Rex listens to it, there is no superfluous expression on his face. He listens to it very calmly, “I’ve called a psychologist to come here, I can also ask her to accompany you so that….”

“I don’t want it.” Marina refuses without thinking, her tone becomes a little more radical, “I don’t want a stranger to see me like a ghost!”

Since having this strange disease, she is no longer that dazzling Marina but a ghostly human!

“Marina…” Rex wants to persuade her.

Marina cuts him off, somewhat hard to speak out, “Rex, I have a request, I don’t know how to tell you. Actually, I don’t want to mention it, but now that my condition is gone worse. I don’t know whether I will lose control again next time, so….”

Rex doesn’t surprise that she has a request. All these years, fulfilling her wish has been a kind of habit to him, “Say it.”

“The Villa is very big anyway, I think you and Lily can move in here, it is more convenient so that we can be together every day, Lily should be less suspicious to me….”

“No way!” Rex refuses before she even finishes. The man furrows his eyebrows, showing a distressed look.

“I won’t disturb you. I just want someone to accompany me.” Marina’s tone is as if saying ‘can’t you just agree with my small matter’.

Lily who is in the surveillance room, couldn’t help but also frowns. This Marina is always full of tricks, there is one after the other one, living together? What is she thinking of, she is thirty years old. Don’t she think this is inappropriate?

Lily looks at Rex tensely, for fear that he will agree with it. But fortunately, he doesn’t.

“This is not a small deal. We moving in will not help you recover.”

Marina is rejected by him over and over again, her heart is already cold, but she refuses to give up easily. As long as she proposed it, she will have to fight, otherwise, she doesn’t know when the next time will come.

“But my current condition is not cooperating with the treatment at all…” She says it in a pitiful way, as though being abandoned by the whole world, “Even if I am cured, I have no family, so it is not necessary to cure me.”

“Marina!” Rex increases his tone. He is clueless with her current attitude. It is more like a kind of judgement, “You have changed a lot.”

Marina groans inside, afraid that he will find something out and quickly murmurs, “You are the same.”

The two of them are speechless for a while. Even the dust that is floating in the air seems to be heavy. It is not the power that presses it, but the tension that is unspeakable.

“This matter has to be considered for a long time. Now you just need to cooperate with the treatment. Don’t do this stupid of thing anymore. Lily doesn’t misunderstand and will not misunderstand.” He speaks clearly for her to understand, and be clear about her own position.

Marina will surely understand it. She still has a lot to say, but she is also clearly aware that Rex has built a line between them. It is harmful and unprofitable to talk about it further.

She compromises, “Okay, you can ask Lily about it. If you aren’t worried for me being alone here, just think that I haven’t said it.”

Rex stands up and closes his eyes, “Get some rest.”

Listening to the door closing sound, she knows that there is a surveillance camera in the room, thus she will not reveal her emotions. What she wants is not a quick chat, but for Rex to belong to her!

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