Chapter 178 Her Life Is in Danger

Lily feels his helpless and worries, then hugs tighter, “I know, just endure it, and everything will pass.”

These sentences are very hopeless and forbearing. It is barely a simple sentence, but Rex has endured it for many years, will it pass just by enduring it? It’s hard.

The two hug each other silently and could feel the other party’s mind without saying it. In a sterile room beside the wall, Marina is in a deep sleep under the effect of sedative. She could not see Rex’s struggle and sourness, but only be selfish and gets whatever she wants.

At half past five in the evening, Marina’s blood analysis and physical examination result are out. Karl prints two copies of the report, and gives one to Rex. “Her physical condition is not very good because of the excessive bleeding. The immune function has also declined. Her own blood systems don’t function normally. The number of platelets has also dropped. If it continues to fall, it will be more dangerous.”

Rex looks at the number above. He is familiar with several indexes, which makes him silence for a moment. Then he asks coldly, “Will her life be in danger?”

The room becomes quite out of the blue, even Lily is breathless. No one could answer this question, including Karl.

After a long silence, Karl puts the report on the table, “Whether it will be life-threatening or not, it depends on how the treatment goes. But now, it is really serious.”

Once the words fall, the room is hit with silence once gain. When Lily is about to get some fresh air, the reminder on the table rings.

Karl stands up in a breath, “She has woken up, go and see her.”

Lily subconsciously also stands up, but when she walks to the door, Karl stops her, “Lily, don’t go in first. She has just woken up, I’m afraid when she sees you, she will be irritated.”

She will be irritated when seeing her?

Lily twits her eyebrows. Even though she feels strange, she doesn’t insist, since her illness is quite serious.

Rex nods to her and turns to leave.

Fortunately, there is a surveillance camera in the office, she can see everything that happen in the ward.

Three of them put on their isolation suit and enters the room. Rex walks in the front, followed by Karl, then Sally. Seeing them coming inside, Marina’s face shows a fragile smile, she apologies, “Sorry.”

Karl glances at the number on the equipment besides, “Did you feel uncomfortable?”

“It hurts.” Marina’s voice is very soft, you can’t even hear it if you didn’t pay attention to it closely.

“Because of the excessive blood lost, your body function is out of balance and it will hurt. If you can’t bear it, tell me. I will give you a painkiller.” Karl patiently consoles her. As a doctor, he has to be sympathy with his patient.

Marina nods, her vision gradually swifts to Rex. When she looks at his sharp eyes, she feels uneasy, “Rex….”

Rex pulls on the chair beside the bedpost and sits down, looking less aggressive, “How did you hurt yourself?”

He questions her almost immediately, however, she has prepared it in advance and doesn’t panic. She looks at Karl and Sally and speaks weakly, “Blame me for all of this. That day since you had a quarrel with Lily, I haven’t received your call. I thought you guys fought because of me. I don’t want you to be sad because of me, you’ve made so many efforts. After spending all alone in this house for more than a week, the more I think about it, the more upset I am, and I feel really sorry for you.”

She says it just in time with her tears, as if she has received some grievance, “I didn’t want to cause so much trouble for everyone, I just feel so sad…”

Her words make people presented don’t know how to console her. Even Lily feels very uncomfortable by listening to it in the office. In a few words, as though it is her who caused all the scene.

Is she so guilty because of her sudden arrival and misunderstanding that she wants to commit suicide?

Lily doesn’t know whether this is real or fake, but she is willing to believe that it is true. After all, Rex did his best to help to treat her, and she will not live with such a sincere heart.

“Marina, your body didn’t allow you to make such a decision easily. Everything is in vain if you didn’t cautious. You have been in the states for five years, I don’t want to wait for another five years.” This is the first time Rex uses a serious tone to speak about her illness. He always does as she likes, but this matter has touched his bottom line.

Marina looks at him blankly. What did he mean just now, did he just threaten her?

“Rex, You, how can you speak like this…”

“I hope you can be more careful. Your body can hardly recover until this point. Do you want to go back at that time?” Rex looks at the person who is lying weakly on the bed, his pain and tense inside make him impatience.

Anyone will be impatient. They have been cooperating for all the time, but in the end, it is all in vain because of the patient.

Marina doesn’t want to understand, “I just didn’t want to trouble you, I…”

“If you don’t want to trouble Rex, you should treat your body better than this. Now that you are aware that Rex has paid so much effort for you, you should get well as soon as possible and become more independent, instead of mourning and self-pity and self-injury.” Sally’s clear voice suddenly rings in. She has barely seen Marina for a few times, and also has nothing to do with her, thus, she has more intuitive attitude towards her. She is indeed weak, but she has no desire to get well soon. Instead, standing as a patience every day, such a mental is even more unfavorable to recover.

Marina doesn’t expect that she will suddenly be interjected in such a straightforward way. It makes her speechless and only says lightly, “What do you know….”

“I didn’t understand your feeling, but as a doctor, if you didn’t want a treatment, you can give it up directly, don’t receive a treatment and hurt yourself at the same time. The impact is not only for you, but it is unfair for others.” Sally says out loudly, every single word hit Marina.

She is annoyed, the number in the equipment suddenly risen up. Karl frowns and pulls her out directly.

“What the hell are you doing?!” he rebukes her right in the face without any mercy, “Didn’t I told you before that we have to eliminate our personal emotion when facing a patient, what are you doing just now?”

Sally only feels suffocated, swallowing her usual style of work and refutes back, “I think I’m right!”

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