Chapter 177 Marina Has an Accident

Once the word falls, all the people at the scene slightly change their complexion, especially Lily. The harmonious atmosphere has disappeared and becomes a little more subtle.

Even though everyone doesn’t express it directly, Lily clearly feels that they are scrupling about her mind.

After a moment of silence, Rex stands up from the seat and reaches the coat behind the chair, then explains to Lily with the a worried complexion, “It’s an accident, I will check it and come back immediately, I’ll let the driver take you back.”

After it, he turns to Pehry and Orson again, “I think we can’t gather anymore. I will make an appointment next time. You can choose the place, my treat.”

The two have no problem and agree readily.

Seeing that he is leaving, Lily stands up and takes his arm. Her complexion is a little complicated, but she says firmly, “I’ll go with you.”

Now that she knows Marina’s existence, and understands their relationship, there is nothing to avoid, so it is not a big deal.

Rex stops and looks at her without speaking, as if thinking about something.

Lily drops her hand and takes a deep breath before saying, “It’s not that I didn’t believe you. I just want to follow and see if there is anything I can help. Even if I can’t help, I just want to be with you.”

As Karl said, for all these years, he has repaid his gratitude and paid so much effort on Marina. There is no reason to add more chaos to him at this time.

Now that you have chosen to accept it, don’t avoid it anymore.

Rex is stunned for a moment. Little did he expect that she will make such a request. However, besides surprised, he is more touched. She has already too kind, he has no reason to block it again, right?

The man nods and takes her hand, “Okay.”

Watching the two leave together, Pehry doesn’t move from his sit and glances at Orson, suddenly asks, “Orson, do you think Rex will marry Lily?”

Orson raises his pupil, “Why do you ask?”

Pehry chuckles, it is still that mischievous one, but the expression in his eyes are serious, he says every single word clearly, “Because I just thought that Rex won’t marry Lily, but now I think that Rex will only marry Lily and won’t accept other people.”


After the four people left the restaurant, Karl and Sally are in the same car, while Rex and Lily are in another. They rush towards the North Villa together.

When they come downstairs just now, Karl briefly talks about Marina’s condition. She is accidentally cut by a knife; the blood continues to flow.

No matter what kind of feeling Marina has, just thinking about it makes Lily worried. She couldn’t help but wonders what kind of disease that can make her get into this point.

Rex drives in concentration, no one speaks in the car. As if noticing the unusual atmosphere, the man leisurely glances at her and finds that she is staring nervously at the window, and takes her hand. His voice is calm and reassuring, “It’s okay.”

Lily’s hands are somewhat cold; she really hopes that nothing would happen.

The car drives quickly for almost an hour before finally arrive at the Villa. The doctors who are assigned have been rushed over, but they are not authoritative enough, they simply cleaned it up and bandaged it.

Karl rushes to the bedroom and immediately checks on the wound. Lily pauses as soon as she enters the door, her eyes widen in disbelief, looking at the trace of blood on the bed….

She has bled a lot, at least it looks like this.

Her footsteps seem to be nailed in place, Lily doesn’t continue to move forward, afraid that she can’t accept it, nor she will hinder things. Looking at Karl and Rex wandering around, she feels really anxious.

Never ever had an accident.

“Rex….” On the bed, as she watches Rex coming, a happy smile shows up on her face.

But the next second, when she sees Lily standing behind, her expression darkens, why is she here?

Marina lowers her eyelids to cover her anger in her eyes. This Lily indeed has a thick skin, only knows to be lingering with Rex, she still dares to come here!

“Don’t speak first.” Rex tries to stabilize her emotions, looking at the dark red blood, he is also panicked, “It’s alright, don’t worry.”

Marina knows that of course she will be alright. After all, she deliberately cuts it. It is to make him uncomfortable and unable to refuse her request. She makes an effort to raise her hand to Rex, “Rex, don’t go.”

Rex sees that her arm is shaking badly and takes her hand, “I don’t go, I will not go.”

He has promised Rex parents before they died, he will never eat his words.

Marina’s accident comes so suddenly. Fortunately, Rex has prepared all the medical equipment, which makes Karl easy to handle it. He did hemostasis first, but the result is not very good. He could only rely on hemostatic clips for physical therapy. It is still necessary to adjust the balance of the blood system in her body to get a full healing effect.

But it is not easy to do it in a short time. Marina has been transferred from the bedroom to a sterilized room. Thus, Karl has spent almost an afternoon to work on it. Finally, it stops bleeding.

“She has lost too much blood at once. It will cause imbalance for her blood system. We need to wait for the medical report to make a decision.” Karl has given Marina a sedative to make her sleep.

Sally’s face is a little pale, her forehead is full of sweat, “The wound is large, the position is on the left of her wrist. Judging by the shape of the cut, it should be hurt intentionally.”

“Intentionally?” Rex furrows his brow and slightly lowers it.

“Yes.” Karl adds in and looks at Marina who is sleeping at the sterilized room meaningfully, “It should be her own who did this.”

As soon as the words come out, even Lily is surprised. Did she doesn’t know her own body? She even regarded her life as sloppy.

“Don’t worry about it first. For specific reason, wait for her to wake up and ask.” Karl pats on Rex shoulder.

“How long will the medical report out?”

“One hour later.” He takes off the isolation suit and lifts the phone in his hand, “I’ll talk to George.”

After Karl left, Rex sits on the sofa outside the sterilized room. He has a poor complexion. Sally looks at them and leaves for giving them a space.

Lily looks at him who places his hand on the legs while lowering his head on it. She feels uneasy inside and walks up to him in a few steps. She stands, while he sits. She stretches her hand and hugs him. Her voice is very consoling, “It’s okay, Karl is here, everything will be fine.”

Rex supports his face with both hands, his handsome face is squeezed in his palm, “Lily, I’m so tired….”

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