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Chapter 176 Sudden Change

“It is rare for Rex to be this sweet, how can we miss it!” Pehry walks with his hand in his pocket, while smiling mischievously. Wondering because of the good atmosphere, the wicked face makes people feel happy after seeing it.

Karl glances at her, “Who’s ‘we’, it’s only you.”

“Hey, you’re too emotionless!” Pehry is shocked when he sees the banquet and ring in Lily’s hand, “Lovey-dovey…”

Orson stands aside and looks at them teasingly, “Congratulations.”

That expression is like they are married….

The only one that is normal is Sally. By looking at Lily’s happy expression, she is also happy inside, especially with the ring she wears on her hand, it is really nice to look at it.

Lily also understands it. It might because of giving her a surprise, and also thinking that only two of them are not formal. Thus, he gathers everyone together to witness it, which is to indicate how serious enough he is about this matter.

After greeting each other, they sit down. Rex sits in the main seat and Lily is next to him. They have been friends for many years, don’t care about the seating issue, you can sit where ever you like.

Soon, the waiter serves the meal. The French restaurant is exquisite. Even though the portion is small, there are many types. As the Michelin stars restaurant in the city, the taste is indeed very good, people will definitely enjoy it.

“We have discussed it before, who will be the first one to set his own life. At that time, I thought Orson will be the one, but who knows it will be Rex. Karl, you’re indeed accurate!” Pehry recalls that they have a bet before. After two years pass, he doesn’t expect that Rex will be the fastest.

After all in his eyes, in addition to being mature and steady like an older brother, he also has some unrelenting ruthlessness and indifference. Few girls can stand such men. Besides, he will not give others a chance.

Who know, only halfway and Lily has killed it. She can even control him.

Thinking of which, Pehry feels a little unpleasant, “Hey, I didn’t expect my big bro will be taken by someone….”

He sighs twice in a sentence, as if it is really a pity.

Rex glances at him, his vision is fierce.

After listening to it, Lily’s face is hot, thinking that everyone deliberately teases her. for a moment, she couldn’t resist and randomly finds an excuse to slip away, “I, I’ll go to the bathroom.”

She removes the napkin from the legs. When she has just stood up, Sally adds in, “Let’s go together.”

Rex looks at the back of the woman who left in hurry, and pulls his lips helplessly while looking at Pehry with a smile in his eyes, “Lily is thin-skinned, pay attention when you speak.”

“What did I say?” Pehry plasters an innocent face, he grabs Karl’s arm with exaggeration, “Look at Rex, he has attacked me before he got married, he doesn’t even let me make a joke!”

Karl draws back his arms and gives him an angry look, “Do you think that everyone is like you to have such a thick skin? When are you going to blush?”

“Hey hey, you guys!” Pehry looks at everyone that is attacking himself, sits down and stops talking.

Karl and Rex look at each other, while Orson suddenly interjects and asks, “But seriously, you did such a big scene, did you really plan to admit Lily?”

Rex says nothing, only holding the crystal cup on the table in one hand whiles the other on the leg. Even though he is only sitting, it is really elegant like a noble boy. The tenderness in his eyes has already explained everything.

It’s a diamond ring and also a confession. He must have thought about it.

Orson’s words are surprisingly endless, “When are you going to get married?”

Rex looks at him amusedly, “No rush, it’s still early.”

Even though he has determined Lily in his heart, things like being a married person is not their problem. His parents have a great prejudice against Lily. If he wants to change their mind, he has to make a long-term planning.

In the bathroom, after calming down her emotion, Lily stands in front of the sink and washes her hands. When she is half-washing it, she suddenly thinks of the ring in her hand. Afraid of getting dirty, she takes it off and puts it aside. After finished, she wears it again.

Sally looks at her behavior and only feels cute, “Diamond will not rust easily, you don’t have to take it off.”

Of course, Lily knows it, but it is her first day to wear it, which makes her cherish it and reluctant for it to touch anything else, “To make you laugh.”

Sally shakes her head while laughing, there is envy in her tone, “Rex is very kind to you.”

Such an arrogant man is willing to lower his head and does anything for her. Not to mention how rare it is, will absolutely envious for other women. This man leaves all the good things for her only.

Lily is embarrassed by her words and casually changes the topic, “Is the hospital busy recently?”

Speaking of work, there is bitterness in Sally’s face, “It’s still fine, but…”

She lowers her voice and moves closer, then says, “Karl is quite moody lately, he makes me distressed.”



“Impossible.” This word might suit Rex, but if it is for Karl, it is not suit.

In her heart, among Rex’s friends, Karl is the only one who is quite warmth.

“He often finds flaw in my work. Even if there isn’t any, he still finds one to blame me.” Sally looks helpless; it is a true mental breakdown.

Lily wonders, “I think Karl like you a lot.”

Otherwise, he will not bring Sally to their party.

Sally doesn’t quite understand too and sighs, “Hmm, maybe.”

With her bitter face, Lily doesn’t ask her anymore. The two return to the dining table. They all eat almost the same meal. The men are discussing what are they going to do in the afternoon, either bowling or golfing is the first choice.

At this time, Karl’s phone suddenly rings up.

He glances at the caller ID and quickly picks it up, “Hello, this is Karl… what?! Find out the yellow bottle and give her two [ills, I will be there!”

The sudden utterance makes everyone silence. After adding up for two more words, he hangs up and stands up all at once. His expression is a little tense. “Rex, we have to go to the North Villa now, Marina has an accident.”

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