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Chapter 175 Surprise Confession

Did he prepare it in advance? No wonder he clamored to eat out early in the morning and drove a sports car that is extremely premeditated.

Lily walks forward and after entering the restaurant door, a waiter gives her another small box. Inside, it is another crystal ball that has a different style. The arrow points to the left.

In this way, every time she walks, another waiter steps forwards to give her another crystal ball. From the hall to the first floor, from the first to the second floor, Lily becomes more nervous and excited as she moves closer and closer.

Finally, the crystal ball leads her to the rooftop of the restaurant. In front of the elegant and solid wood door, she dares not to push it for a long time. In addition of the thin layer of sweat in her hand, her heart is extremely nervous and also trembling.

“Huh…” after pondering for a while, Lily gathers up her courage and pushes the door open.

With a squeak, all the scenes behind the door are in front of her.

The rooftop is very large. It is not really open-aired, but there is a layer of transparent landscape glass above, which isolates the cold wind and also makes it cleaner.

The marble floor is covered with an off-white carpet. He is facing the doorway, with a small European lamp and pink rose petals in the middle. Looking down at it, there is a white shaman hanging from the top of the glass. A dark long table is filled with candlesticks and golden tableware decorated with white roses. Champagne-colored balloons are hanging around the top of the glass. A photo of her smiling is placed at the end of the string. She doesn’t even know when this person took it.

Lily is surprised and chokes till speechless. Never has she thought that he would do this for her, she scans around dumbly and even forgets to respond.

This is like a fairy tale world he gives her, so gentle and precious.

“Do you like it?” The man’s deep, magnetic voice comes from the side. She then sees the tall figure coming out of a corner.

Looking at Lily’s surprise eyes, Rex’s usual calm heart could not continue to remain indifferent. The left atrium is beating fiercely, making him feel fresh.

Thinking of what he is going to say, Rex’s throat is a little dry. While holding out the calmness of his face, he reaches out to her.

He is inviting her.

Lily eagerly takes his hand. The moment their finger touch, their hearts seem to be connected. It is clear that all intimate things have been done. At this time, just holding hand can be more than anything, making Rex more excited.

He slightly smiles at her and with all the tenderness and affection; he turns around and takes her forward. Lily follows step by step, completely led by him.

As they walk to the round table, he passes a banquet of flowers on the chair that has been prepared in advance. It is not very large nor glamorous. It is a white lilac flower with a pale yellowish color dotted on the four long green leaves, in the middle of the branches, it is wrapped in beige lace yarn, very delicate yet exudes a touch of elegance.

He releases Lily’s hand and hands over the banquet. At the same time, he pulls out a small square box from his pocket without any logo on it, only a velvet tie.

Snowflake styles with six drills claws; a one-carat diamond is placed in the middle. A set of secondary diamonds lie next to it. It is glowing very dazzlingly, making people unable to move their eyes.

The light reflects the sharp ring that makes her in a momentary trance, unable to tell whether it is real or just a fantasy, “You…”

“Don’t say it, listen to me.” The man interrupts her at the beginning; his tone is a little fast. It is not hard to see that he is also nervous.

“You always say that you have no sense of security, and always want to run away from the relationship. You don’t know how far we can go, I am quite possessive in this relationship. I have not given you any sense of security in the past, which is my negligence. We have been together only for half year, but this is a breakthrough for me from zero to one hundred. We have been through a lot, which also strengthened my beliefs. Lily, I love you. This ring is reserved for you. You can’t take it off when you put it on.” In his low voice, there is a slight tremor and a little rush. The black eyes reflect her speechless deepest look.

Lily looks at the man standing in front of him; his gesture is really elegant, his eyes are so focused, as if she is the only one in his eyes in this world, making her a kind of cherished feeling.

She doesn’t know when the last time she feels this way was. She has been too tired all over the years, mentally and physically. There is no high expectation for such romances and treatment, but she doesn’t expect he will do it.

Tears fall down, scratching her cheeks, leaving a trace of crystal wet marks. If he doesn’t wipe it for her, Lily doesn’t realize that she has cried.

How long has she been waiting for such scene?

She has been hoping that someone will do it for her, almost thought that she will never have it again in her life.

Rex looks at her affectionately crying, just like a weeping beauty. She looks pretty even when she is crying.

He lowers his head and takes the ring out of the box, then pulls the woman’s white left hand. Seeing that the ring is about to be put in, he pauses and raises up to ask her, “Are you willing to wear it?”

Lily nods without thinking, even her voice trembles because of the excitement, “Yes, I do!”

He laughs and finally pushes the round ring to the bottom of her finger. It is just right her size. Looking at the originally empty finger, there is different emotion in her heart, as if they will be the same forever.

Rex reaches out and pulls her into his arms, his thin lips fall on a soft kiss on the top of her head, “Then I will be ease up, you will not be able to run anymore.”

Lily bursts into tears and smiles, rubbing her tears in her expensive clothes. Her tone is very sweet, “When did you plan these…”

“When you came to see me in the hospital.” At that time, he thought that he will never see her again when he opened his eyes. Unexpectedly, she always stayed by his side, carefully caring him, forgiving his deception. All of this made Rex touch and make him feel sorry.

He has done too little for her. He dares not to face it before, but now that he has determined, there is nothing to hold back.

Lily couldn’t help but covers her mouth. It turns out that he has been preparing it earlier before, she doesn’t notice it at all.

When Lily recalls it carefully, the door behind them is opened. Steady footsteps are heard behind her. When she turns her head, Karl, Orson, Pehry and Sally are walking together.

“You, when did you guys…”

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