Chapter 174 The Unexpected Surprise

After a night of torture, Lily doesn’t wake up pleasantly the next morning. The kind of backaches and leg soreness strike her all over. She finally faces the reality again.

And thinking of which, she will inevitably think of the man who is sleeping soundly beside her.

The time indicates that it is half past nine in the morning, yet the person who usually wakes up on time at six in the morning is still asleep? However, thinking about last night, his fierce posture might have consumed a lot of his strength.

But… he tortured her so badly, and he is the one who sleeps comfortably!

Lily feels uneasy, looking at the handsome face that is even more handsome when he sleeps, she is very angry.

In the winter, her feet will be cold. An idea pops in her head; she lifts her feet and puts them on the man’s hard abs.

When the hot and cold intertwine, someone opens his eyes. His deep eyes are still a little lazy with kind of sexy laziness. He meets the cunning eyes and frowns, “What are you doing?”

The person is a bit upset; he wakes up with a gloomy face every morning. Lily usually waits for him to wash up before speaking, in order not to anger him.

At this time, seeing his disgruntled face, she is inexplicably rejoiced, ignoring his discomfort, and says arrogantly, “Do you know what time is it? The sun is drying your ass!”

Looking that he has woken up, her goal is achieved. Lily is about to move her cold little feet away from his body, but unexpectedly, he catches it by his big hand under the quilt.

She leans back without backing off and raises her eyes to focus on his gaze, feeling a little guilty and swallows, “What are you doing?”

Rex stares at her for a while, and only raises his brows to make people feel wicked. He says without opening his lips, “Is it not enough last night, huh? You seem to have a lot of energy to trouble me.”

“….” Speaking of last night, she is very angry. She recalls the bitter memories which are still vivid. She has begged him to let go of her, but he not only doesn’t let her go, even ignored her begging. He is too mischievous!

Rex feels the burning anger in her eyes and caresses her hair, “You just fainted away in the middle, I won’t be like that next time.”

Fainted away…

Lily’s face is heated up quickly. This person did it intentionally; he mentions the things that should not!

she couldn’t argue with him, nor can she fight with him. Lily wants to cry but has no tears and directly covers her head with the quilt, “Shut up!”

“I’m just admitting my mistake, okay?” As he says, he loosens the woman’s slender ankle and rubs it for her, “Are you really tired?”

Lily doesn’t want to discuss this topic with him. Seeing his attitude is still good, she doesn’t continue to blame him, “I haven’t gone to work again for several days, it is because of you. Kinsey will be disappointed again.”

“Isn’t your case done?”

“But I haven’t written the overall report yet. I should have submitted it last week. I’ve postponed it for a week, hmm…” Thinking of what she might face in the company, Lily sighs.

“The overall report is a piece of cake, it doesn’t matter.” Rex knows that she is serious about her work and has made a lot of progress during this time. Kinsey has a high expectation, and comforts her.

Lily can only think so.

The two lie on the bed until near lunch time. When Lily is about to go downstairs and tells Fanny to cook, Rex blocks her, “No need, let’s eat outside.”

“Hah?” Lily slightly glances at him, “Are your body okay?”

“It’s fine.” Rex sits up from the bed, moving the quilt softly and revealing the eight packs, “Let’s get ready.”

“Did you book a place?”

“Yes.” Rex sees her surprise face and smiles, “You just have to follow.”

Lily then blushes while walking into the cloakroom. Facing the three vertical cabinets and looking at the latest styles in each season, all of those are bought by Rex. Lily picks two of them up carefully and chooses a knitted dress. It is a V-neck dress but doesn’t expose too much, matching with a long white fur coat outside. She looks warm yet not too bloated.

After all are done, she goes out and stands in front of him, turning around, “Can I wear this?”

Rex is shaving; the man doesn’t like an electric razor and uses a blade to shave himself. Every time seeing him bent down like this, Lily’s heart jumps.

The man checks her out from top to bottom without compromising praises, “Beautiful.”

“Really?” Lily smiles widely and squints. Her action makes people want to kiss.

In fact, Rex does that exactly; he clasps her neck and leans in.

There is still white shaving foam left on his mouth, most of it is rubbed on her chin and face. Lily’s moves her head slightly, “You haven’t shaved yet….”

Rex looks at the complicated appearance of her. His heart softens up, and he really wants to carry her to the pool and kisses her fiercely; however, he still restrains it.

They still have to go out, in case he loses control, the plan may fail again.

The two are ready and go to the garage. Lily looks down at her phone while subconsciously walks to the Bentley. She walks to the front door and pulls it twice, it is locked. Lily turns to look at him, “Why didn’t you unlock it?”

Rex wears a dark gray casual suit with no buttons; it is a loose style, which is the D’s latest style this year. The straight woolen pants are just right at the ankle, giving a sense of his thin yet long leg.

He points at the Aston Martin beside him, “Get on this one.”

Lily looks at the metallic Aston Martin sports cars and feels a little surprised, “This one?”

“Yeah.” Rex walks over and pulls the door for her, “Please.”

Lily is shocked and almost doesn’t walk stably. After sitting in the car, she observes the neat interior and sighs, “What happens to you today?”

He seldom drives sport cars, most of them are always Bentley or SUV. It is really unexpectedly that he chooses a sports car in such a light color today.

Rex starts the car skillfully and looks sideways, “You don’t like it?”

“No, I like it.” Lily’s eyes look at him curiously. How can she not like it, everybody has an exaggerated heart, it is good to indulge occasionally.

The car drives out of the basement garage and roars which made Lily jump. She persuades Rex to open to hood, the latter obeys. The outside wind blows in and blows the hair on her forehead, making people couldn’t hold and touch it.

Half an hour later, the car stops in front of a very private French restaurant.

Rex stops the car and asks her to get off first then drives to the car into the parking lot.

Lily stands there for a while. After waiting for a while, she still doesn’t meet him. When she is about to call him, the waiter who is wearing a waistcoat suddenly approaches him and calls her respectfully, “Ms. Lily, your gift.”

A black square velvet gift box is placed in front of her, Lily points at herself, “Mine?”


She takes it in doubt. When the golden tie is opened, there is an exquisite yet small crystal ball with a small arrow in it, pointing in the direction directly ahead.

Lily looks at the direction. Her heart suddenly misses a beat. She realizes what is going on….

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