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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 173 Blame That Witch

On the other hand, in the North Villa, since Rex left with Lily, it is filled with a distressing depression.

Marina doesn’t aware that Rex is hospitalized, even Maxx doesn’t know that. Thus, since he and Lily left, Marina is disconnected from him for more than a week. He doesn’t event make a phone call. From anticipation to extravagance, Marina only feels cold at this moment.

For that Lily, now he doesn’t even have time to take care of her anymore. Did he forget his promises to her and her parents?

There is a fierce gleam in her eyes. When she thinks of Lily, she clenches her teeth tightly. Witch! Blame that witch!

Marina hasn’t been in the mood since she saw Lily herself that day. Compared with the photo she has taken before, Lily herself is more beautiful. The face is not as young as her; she has that moisturize face, the health that she has always dreamed of. By watching her being embraced by Rex, only God knows how jealous she is.

All of this should belong to her, not Lily.

In Marina’s heart, Lily is like an outsider in a nest, she wishes she could tear her apart.

In these days, Jade has always called her almost every day, so frequently that makes her fear. Finally, on another call, Marina couldn’t help but breaks out, “What’s wrong with you, if I don’t contact you, don’t contact me! Have you forgotten?”

“Marina, what the hell do you mean? I’ve helped you get things done and I got so many troubles, but you don’t care now. Do you know someone is asking about me, and…”

“Who said that I didn’t care?” Marina interrupts her impatiently, “Don’t I always make an idea with you!”

Jade laughs a little abnormally, “What’s your idea. Is it for me to hide in the countryside?”

Marina inhales deeply, trying to calm down. After all, Jade still has some benefits for her.

She eases her emotion and says, “This is a special period. If you don’t hide, you will be caught by police and everything you did will be vain!”

“Until when should I hide!” At this moment, Jade is standing alone on a ruined village, surrounded by half-meter-tall yellow bellflowers. She is alone, blown by the night breeze, and is like a lonely ghost in a barren mountain, “There must be a deadline. You can’t keep me waiting like this!”

“Don’t panic.” Marina feels she is getting excited, afraid that things will be exposed. Thus, she changes her attitude by talking slowly to her, “It won’t be long anymore. Now as long as you hide, everything is half-done, you will come out after the limelight.”

With the assurance that she gives, Jade lifts her hand to wrap on a thick coat on her body. Wondering how long she has been wearing it, there is a musty smell on it. She grits her teeth and says, “Okay, I will believe you again. After all, we are now tied by grasshoppers. I will talk bluntly to you, if one day you make me turn bad, I will never make you feel better!”

Hearing the word, Marina’s eyes flash a harsh color, but she follows her, “You can rest assure, I will not lift a stone and hit my own feet, wait for my news.”

After hanging up the phone, Marina turns off the phone directly, and puts it in the drawer and locks it. But unexpectedly, she sees Maxx standing still at the door.

There is a throb in her heart, she is shocked and pats her chest while blaming him in a shock, “What are you doing there?”

Maxx looks at her with a complicated expression and says nothing.

Marina secretly frowns, struggling to put the phone back and locks it, then walks over in front of him, “Did you hear all of it?”

Maxx’s expression slightly changes, “Why are you doing this?”

She likes Rex so much that almost everyone around her can see it. However, why did she do such a thing?

There is a disgust that flickers through her eyes. Even though it is only passing by, she is still being caught up, and immediately squeezes out a few tears, tearing pitifully, “I don’t want to do this either, I have no choice…”

“Why did you do this to hurt someone you like so much, just because you can’t get him and you also won’t let others to get him?” Speaking of which, Maxx still doesn’t understand it. After all, Marina hooking up with Jade is indeed a bit too much.

Sure enough, Marina hears his harsh words, tears fall out without saying a word, covers all her face instantly.

“I didn’t want to ruin him; I just don’t want him to lose everything just because a woman.” Marina says it without regret, as if she is the victim, “I think you understand me, I didn’t expect I am so indecent in your eyes…”

She cries so badly, “Will you blame me for everything that I did?”

Maxx feels bad then he sees her so sad. Actually, she isn’t doing anything wrong. She just falls in love with a man she shouldn’t love and the man doesn’t love her.

“Maxx, will you despise me, really despise me that I am working with Jade to hurt Lily?” Marina is like a drunken person, venting out all her sadness. Since it has started, it will be better to say it all.

Rather than letting him guest and being hated in the end, she will say it all herself, maybe it could change the way his mind.

Maxx still doesn’t understand why Marina did this. These things have made a huge impact on the other party; this is not a small issue.


Seeing her cry sadly, explaining while weeping, maybe this is not what she really wants to do, she is only blind and confuses by love.

He steps forward to Marina, “Rex is very kind to you and treats you like a family. I have never seen him very interested in anyone. Even if it is not love, isn’t it enough?”

Isn’t it good to change her identity, being with him in another way??

Marina listens to it and only wants to laugh. She resists the disdain in her heart and shakes her head mournfully, “You don’t understand. Once you fall in love with someone, it’s hard to get that love back.”

“But if Rex knows what you did, he will be sadder.”

Hearing it, Marina’s body stiffens and looks at him sadly. Her voice is very soft, it is so fragile like on the verge of picking dew, she asks, “Will you tell him?”

Maxx doesn’t answer immediately; there are some scruples in his heart.

Marina stares at him nervously, paying attention to every single expression of him. When she sees the hesitation flashing under his eyes, she reaches out and takes the initiative to grab his hand.

She doesn’t take the initiative to say anything, let alone beg for mercy. She lowers her head and let tear fall straight on the back of the man’s hand. When she sees his fingers are trembling, she slowly says, “I also wanted to find someone to rely on, I’ve been too painful to be alone all this time. Not that I want to do this, but I only have Rex in my heart. I can’t let him be taken away from me…”

Maxx’s hand seems to have been corroded by sulfuric acid. He has suffered so much since childhood, but his iron heart couldn’t help softening at this time. He really wants to hug the woman in front of him immediately, “You can trust me. If you are willing, you can rely on me.”

Marina endures the nausea inside and raises her head, pretending to be surprise, “Really?”

Her gaze is as if saying someone finally is willing to stand beside her.

Maxx looks at her crying face and nods, “Yes.”

“Then… will you promise me not to talk about it to others?” Her purpose is still to seal his mouth.

To Maxx, Rex is like his life-saver, just like Marina’s parents to Rex. He presses his lips and says, “As long as you don’t do anything that hurts Rex, I can promise you.”

Marina laughs, her tears are still hanging in the corner of her eyes, looking very touched. She secretly clenches her teeth and snuggles directly to his arms. She doesn’t hug him, only slightly touching him. Just like this, Maxx’s hard heart has softened.

However, in the sight he can’t see, Marina’s face is not weak at all, it is full of calculation. She smiles wickedly and says, “Thank you, Maxx.”

These extremely touching words fall into his ears; Maxx couldn’t see that this would be the beginning of all the misfortune. The day when he realizes it, it is too late.

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