Chapter 245 As you want

“James Grayson, let each other go,” Bella said softly.

James Grayson was upset, turned the car aside, and stopped. “It’s you who say you want to get married, and now you ask to let go of each other. What do you want?”

“You will do what I want?” Bella asked.

James Grayson was impatient and said firmly, “Yes, tell me what you want, I will do as you want. That’s it!”

“Let each other go.”

“Okay.” He said harshly, looked ahead and started the car.

Bella knew that what he said was true. But she didn’t regret it, because she has seen his frown. He didn’t really mean to marry her.

Let it be.

James Grayson took her to the railway station and watched her going away. His eyes were dim as if they were ink.

He took a cigarette out of the box, lit it, took a deep breath, and puffed out a cloud of thick smoke, which dazzled his resolute facial features.

Half an hour later, he called Lieutenant Colonel Walker, “Go to the Institute of psychology and issue an official document. I need a psychology expert to test the psychological quality of soldiers, mainly the details of the psychologically dark area of soldiers, go and point out that I want Bella.”

“Yes. I’ll go to the relevant departments to communicate the agreement immediately.”

James Grayson hung up the phone, left his cell phone on the passenger seat, drove and left the railway station.

After returning to the city, Bella wanted to have a good sleep in the hotel. At this time, Amelia William called, “Bella, how long have you been back? I miss you so much.”

Bella smiled. “I think our hearts are really connected. I just came back to the city and staying in a hotel.”

“It’s great. Let’s have dinner together at night. Do you remember that man I told you last time, he is not reliable? He dumped me. Do you think I can’t have a boyfriend? Why no one wants to be in contact with me?” Amelia William was sad.

“In the evening, I invite you to the restaurant where we used to visit to eat fish.”

“That restaurant has been closed for two years,” Amelia said.

“Oh, really?” Bella was sad to hear that.

Bella remembered that the restaurant was very good the boss was very friendly, and the food there was delicious.

“Yes, the takeaway comes to the mainstream in the past two years. Many people order food at home. I know a good hotel in the scenic spot. There is also a very famous 4A level women’s club. I wanted to go, but I want a good company and only you can accompany me. Hurry up, get ready, it’s my treat.” Amelia William explained.

“Women’s club at the scenic spot?” Bella remembered Anna Wilson’s incident, “The men there are not clean. Don’t go near to them.”

“Do you think I am stupid? I can spend money to find a man? It’s not that I don’t have much money to spend. It’s just I prefer to go to the spa or something with my money.”

“Well, that’s good. I live in the Sheraton hotel. Call me when you arrive.”

Half an hour later, Amelia William arrived.

Bella was surprised. “It will take an hour to come from the military area. You are too fast.”

“Ha ha, the tiger is not at home, so I have less work. Tomorrow is a holiday, I came out earlier today. When I called you, I was driving. Let’s go to eat something.” Amelia William said with a smile.

Bella sat on Amelia William’s car and fastened her seat belt.

“Tell me what kind of person is Paul Watson?” Amelia William asked.

“He is very charming. He likes a lot of women and a lot of women like him. He is a drifter. He had an unsuccessful marriage. He is estimated to be a bachelor at the age of 40. What’s wrong? Don’t tell me that you’re interested in him.” Bella looked at Amelia William worried.

“I’m not in a hurry to seek medical treatment. I am going to be three soon. I’m not in a hurry but my parents are in a hurry. Every time I go back, I have to hear the nagging. I’m tired of all this.” Amelia sighed.

“You are only twenty-seven this year, three years from thirty. Don’t worry too much.” Bella suggested.

“I didn’t worry about it at the start. I thought that I would find one and will keep this relationship with him for 2 years, then we will smoothly get married. However, according to the status and times of being dumped, I guess at 30 I will still be single. Tell me what kind of woman do men actually like now? I’m speechless.” Amelia William said impatiently.

“I like you so much. You are lively, happy and full of charm. You are also generous, filial, kind-hearted, good-looking, natural and beautiful. How can you have no boyfriend?” Bella was also curious.

“Right, I’m still financially independent. I don’t need men’s money. I can share the house money. Those men are blind.” Amelia William shrugged. “I’ll go to a blind date show. I really want to throw a net randomly and then focus on some good ones.”

“Let’s see. By the way, it seems that I have seen Luis Taylor last time at the place where we went for military region’s party for dating.” Bella mentioned.

“What he was doing there? Is he done outside that he has to come to the military to see new chicks there?” Amelia William was upset while mentioned him.

“Haven’t you been in touch since last time?” Bella asked casually.

“Contact with him? Young lady’s youth for the first time has been ruined in his hands. His fierce nature has taken half of my life. If I had not known that he was also drugged, I would not have let him go. If I still meet him, maybe I wouldn’t let him go.” Amelia William was annoyed, rushed up the speed and reached the hotel in the scenic area in more than half an hour.

When they arrived at the hotel, the dinner time was passed, and the hotel was closed.

“Bella, the hotel is close but there’s food in the women’s club, too.” Amelia William pulled Bella.

This women’s club was only accessible to members. Amelia William was trying to find a way and Bella went to the bathroom.

“Did you hear that Tony is dead, and his body has been cut into eight pieces? The murderer was very vicious. He cut off his dick, put it in his mouth and left him in the public toilet.” A woman said.

“It’s a pity. He was very good looking and has a good figure. I heard that his skills are also excellent. Only Diamond members can order him.” Another woman said.

“Do you know Paul Watson?”

Bella was going to leave. She heard Paul Watson’s name and looked at the woman.

“He said that the woman last night who ordered Tony can be Tony’s murderer. But before he could take the murderer to the police station, he was taken away by someone. When he was taken away, I was just there.”

Bella tightened her brow. “You mean Paul Watson, the psychologist?”

“Yes, the identity of Diamond members is very high. Moreover, Diamond members are hiding information. This time, I can’t see any positive signs for his life.”

Bella called James Grayson.

She understood the means of those people so well and Paul Watson has offended them.

James Grayson answered the phone in a strange voice. “You couldn’t stay away for such a short time?”

Bella, “…”

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