Chapter 244 Will you marry me or not

Bella’s eyes widened with surprise, and she stared at James Grayson. Her mind was blank for a second, but she soon calmed down.

“If you want to have a formal relationship because you worry that it is unfair to me, you don’t need to. I will feel more aggrieved to have a relationship with you.” Bella said politely, putting all the folded clothes in the trunk.

“What do you mean?” James Grayson frowned. “Do you think I’m not qualified to be your boyfriend?”

Bella didn’t even look at James Grayson. She packed her suitcase and looked at James Grayson seriously. “Before any formal relationship, there is a condition to like each other. Do you think we like each other?”

James Grayson tightly pursed his mouth. His face was livid, and he looked at her deeply.

The aura changed with his mood.

Bella walked towards the door with her suitcase.

James Grayson grabbed her arm and stared at her. “Yes, I think we like each other.”

Bella’s heart thumped, she looked at him. “I don’t want any relationship. If you really want, let’s get married directly. You know that Military marriages can’t be divorced easily. Do you dare?”

James Grayson was stunned.

Bella smiled, her eyes lifted a fraction in slightly mocking concern. She turned to James Grayson. “I don’t want to waste my youth anymore. It’s too dangerous to fall in love with the chief again. I don’t have any surety to go to the end.

However, if we get married, I’ll go with you all my life. You don’t have to answer me right now. I am giving you a month to think clearly and then decide. In this world, there is no regret medicine to take.”

She shook off his hand, opened the door, and went out. Her eyes were heavy, watery mist reflected the bright sunshine.

Bella was exhausted.

She can’t play any love games or bear any tragic ending. If ever, Sierra Walker and Oscar Grayson found their hidden relationship, she will surely die.

However, just by cutting off this relationship with James Grayson, she can live well. Or, if she became James Grayson’s wife directly. With the identity of the chief’s wife, Sierra Walker and Oscar Grayson won’t dare to hurt her.

In the deepest part of her heart, there was a hysterical love for James Grayson. She chose to compromise and give herself a last chance.

No matter whether he was responsible for her or for any other purpose, if he agreed to marry, she will spend her life as the longest confession.

However, she was still so aggrieved, scared and nervous.

She had a fear of getting mercilessly hurt without leaving any courage to live again, and also the fear that it can lead to mutual harm.

The memory of the past seemed to cut her heart like a sharp blade and James Grayson’s sentence “Scarlett Evan, I miss you so much” was more painful than killing herself.

She suddenly thought that if it remains the same after their marriage, then?

He will live with her, but he only loves Scarlett.

Can she live in that kind of marriage?

Her thoughts, her mind, and heart were so contradictory that she couldn’t figure it out. There was a chaotic state in her head.

She was really confused.

There was something very wrong.

She quickly took out the white plastic bottle from the bag, looked at the label, shook her hand and poured out a pill, and put it in her mouth. She dragged her suitcase and turned into the corridor, leaned against the wall, clenched her fist, and slowly calmed down her emotions.

One minute later, she opened her eyes, and her eyes gradually became clear.

People’s feelings have a degree, after being hurt, the heart ached, and the body produces a lot of toxic substances, eroding the nerves and cells.

The pain caused by this kind of feeling is not like the wound that can be healed. In fact, it is difficult to cure. When the pain reaches to a certain extent, it leads to mental disorder.

Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally. Schizophrenia may result in some combination of hallucinations, delusions, and extremely disordered thinking and behavior that impairs daily functioning and can be disabling.

Her mother was, schizophrenia, for a long time she has been facing depression, obsession, anxiety, insomnia, anorexia, phobia, autism, personality disorders, and dementia together.

She didn’t want to be schizophrenic like her mother. If so, she would rather die.

After long, Bella adjusted her mood and came out of the corridor.

Although the doctor can’t cure herself, she knows how to think about something happy, divert her attention, find new life fun, etc.

She stepped out of the elevator and saw James Grayson sitting on the sofa in the rest area. She went to check out.

James Grayson took her luggage from her hand. She looked at him. He walked ahead and put her luggage in his car.

Bella also walked out.

James Grayson opened the car’s door. “I’ll drop you to the railway station.”

“Ok.” Bella nodded and sat on the seat.

James Grayson drove and looked at the front and said, “I have found the murderer, but I can’t make a statement about it. I have to stay here to deal with the aftermath. The dead have already died, and the living has to live. I have to do a good job of secret compensation.”

“It is enough if you have a clear conscience.” Bella sighed, “I didn’t believe in fate before. I feel that the future is in my own hands. As long as I work hard, as long as I stick to it, as long as I move towards the goal, I will always get what I deserve. In fact, there is something in life, that must have to happen, and nothing can stop it.”

“You just said you had a clear conscience? If you hadn’t work hard, how can you have a clear conscience?” James Grayson said meaningfully and glanced at Bella’s delicate face.

Her character was not impetuous, she looked very beautiful, with a dignified aura and grace that just belonged to her and made her look more beautiful and more attractive.

“I read the news yesterday that a 19-year-old girl fell into the river because she was lovelorn.

A boy jumped in and saved her. She was saved. But the boy was drowned and died because of his lack of strength. Isn’t this fate?” Bella said sadly.

James Grayson held her hand and put it on his leg.

His palm was hot, and her hand was very cold.

“When I was helpless, I met David Wilson. He helped me find a job and took my mother out of the mental hospital. I thought my life would be better. Now I know that David Wilson and my meeting were just a plot designed by him.

You rescued me from the fire pit, and I thought I found happiness. For this happiness, I was willing to give up everything. Fate played a joke on me again, and you lost your memory.” Bella looked at James Grayson and tears roll down.

James Grayson held Bella’s hand, tightened his strength, and frowned. “Marry me. When I’m done, we’ll get married.”

Bella smiled, looked at him gently, and smoothed his brow with her thumb. “You always do this. For you, responsibility is everything. You feel that you owe me this because I have lost your memory, James I don’t need it.

You can live the life you want. Don’t be tired of responsibilities and memories. In fact, I can live a better life alone.”

“What do you mean by this?” James Grayson did not understand, “I am just asking, I want to marry you, tell me, will you marry me or not?”

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